Monday, May 05, 2008

14 days in HUKM (Final)

Day 10 (Saturday):
A boring as well, nothing much to do besides physiotheraphy of my knee. Of course, Saturday also waiting for PL to send the foods, you know la the standard of foods in hospital.

Day 11 (Sunday):
Having my 1st bath since 4th January 2008 with the help of my wife, not the nurse! 10 days without bath....... just imagine!

Day 12 (Monday):
A day that been waiting for...... the lab test result of the liquid sample aspirated from my knee. But waited till cow come home, result still not coming, knn. Later in the afternoon, Ms Tan came and asked me to lift my leg to strengthen the hamstring. From a leg that totally lost of power, i able to lift it within 1 hr and started to walk around with crutches, without much problem. Toi toilet, to watch TV, to bath myself......

Day 13 (Tuesday):
Still waiting for the lab result and yet no result till end of the day. Today also came another final year student (physiohterapist)Ms Heah and assisted me on the exercise. New exercises introduced to me.

Today, student of Prof Sam, Ms Tiong was being assigned by Prof Sam to handle me. Asking all sort of questions related to my injury, operation etc. Helping final year medical student. I am the white rabbit.

Day 14 (Wednesday):
Finally obtained the lab result and it was negative. Quickly asked for discharge. Dr Syed came and all the doctors, inspected and gave the approval to go home.

Now i am going to miss all the nurses, medical students, future to be physiotherapists and "neighbours". Hope to meet again, outside the hospital.

I must thanks all my colleagues, ex-colleagues, boss, friends, medical staffs, of course my wife and my family members for visiting me, taking care of me and the help during my 14 days stays in hospital. 14 days is the longest time i was away from home!

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aruri said...

Raja Petra up to something? Well,I hope it'll be worth it..