Friday, November 11, 2011

No wonder lah...

Now you know why Harvest Court price up from 8.5c in 13 Oct 2011 to 1.50 (highest) 09 Nov 2011. Though get UMA from Bursa on 17 Oct and 4 Nov 2011, the price continue to shoot up....... Mohd Nazifuddin Bin Dato' Sri Najib been appointed as Director on 28/10/2011 as per announcement in BURSA.

Annoucement from Bursa:
Datuk Raymond Chan Boon Siew and Mohd Nazifuddin Bin Dato' Sri Najib, the directors and shareholders of HCIB with 15.41% and 1.59% shareholding in HCIB respectively, is also the director and shareholder of Sagajuta (Sabah) Sdn Bhd.

Some other news:


Need to wait for another 100 years for this 11.11.11. Not a special day but special in number only. With 11:11 am, then it will become 11.11.11 1111. Maybe this number is special too for our Najib, especially his 1Malaysia slogan :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

读经考试 year 2011

All of us attended the exam for 读经 at Taman Bukit Jalil. I took 礼运大同篇 and 大学, my son KH jr took 礼运大同篇 and 三字经, FPL took 礼运大同篇. Except 礼运大同篇, the other two not able to completely memorised by me and my son. Need to continue to take the exam next year.

Here some of the photos taken during the day.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Donating blood during Ramadan

Need more support for the blood donation especially during bulan Ramadan when our malay brothers and sisters going for puasa, not advisable to donate blood.

I did my plasma donation for 86th times yesterday at PDN, for the first time in my life of donating blood/plasma, i was interviewed by Harion Metro reporters while they paid a visit to PDN.

If you happen to be freed this Saturday, you may come to South City at Seri Kembangan also for whole blood donation, from 10am - 5pm. The mobile team from PDN will be there... At least try for the first time, the feeling of giving away your blood :)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Tony Wedding, Penang

Primary school buddy from Phor Tay, Penang wedding dinner. Actually we went to same secondary school also. Not too sure if we were from the same class in kindergarden.

Here some of the photos (more photos click here):

Tuesday, December 21, 2010