Friday, September 28, 2007

It's 3rd Jan 2008

Booked the date, is 3rd January 2008, Thursday. So now i need to work hard for that date, i need to strengthen my muscle before i walk like a man into HUKM and walk out like a man as well later.

But i need to settle the bill 1st on 21 December 2007 which cost me RM 2,150.00 for Three (3) items.

1. Bio-Interference Screw (1 pc) - RM 700
2. Retrobutton - RM 1200
3. Gel Wrap - RM 250

This is the price i will pay for Single Bundle Technique. If i want to have Double Bundle Technique, then it will cost me more than RM 5K. Of course, Double Bundle is much better, you can play rough sport like soccer, etc. FYI, the above price is not include fees for Consultancy, Wad, surgery cost, knee brace, stretches, physiotheraphy, etc. Die hard man.

Right after surgery, i need to "live" in HUKM for 3 - 5 days. Then return to HUKM for physiotheraphy. Then after six (6) months i can start light training for jogging and cycling. Only after 12 months then i can fully into sports.

Still have no idea what i am talking about here? I booking a date for my LEFT KNEE to be OPERATED la. I am having ACL problem.

Surgeon will take out 1/3 of my healthy ligament from my leg, left 2/3 there. The 1/3 will be used to replace my partially torn ACL. Long way to go man .......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Malaysia's Space Flight Participant

The Expedition 16 crew members pose for a portrait at the Johnson Space Center. From the left (front row) are Russia's Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, flight engineer and Soyuz commander; astronaut Peggy Whitson, commander; and Malaysian spaceflight participant Sheikh Muzhaphar Shukor. From the left (back row) are European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Léopold Eyharts, astronaut Garrett Reisman and astronaut Dan Tani, all flight engineers.

According to Wikipedia, with the rise of space tourism, NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency agreed to use the term "spaceflight participant" to distinguish those space travelers from astronauts on missions coordinated by those two agencies.

We, as Rakyat, paid million of Ringgit just to send Space Flight Participant to the space? My God. Some more, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said if We, Rakyat of Malaysia, if willing to send snother "Space Flight Participant" to the space, he will seek approval from Cabinet - HOW MUCH?

US$30mil (RM102mil)

Quoted from The Star:

On Kapt Dr Faiz, the secondary candidate, the minister said it would be interesting to get feedback from the public, adding if their views were positive, it was possible that he too would get the opportunity to go to space in a future mission.
"If Malaysians want him to be sent to space too, I will raise the matter up with the Cabinet. He is after all, ready and able.

He added that the cost of sending the second Malaysian astronaut was estimated to be US$30mil (RM102mil).

Have you notice that other than Malaysian Dr Sheikh, the other Cosmonaut & Astronaut have their personal Biography. Really hope our Space Flight Participant really can carry out the planned Experiments on the space ......

3rd Anniversary

Which day is anniversary?

1. 18 February, or
2. 23 September, or
3. 28 September, or
4. 10th of Eight Lunar month, or
5. 15th of Eight Lunar month

Any date that i listed above can be our anniversary. My wife asked me yesterday (24 Sept 07), did you know what day is yesterday (23 Sept 07)?

My replies: "Oh ya, i did remember but ........".

So today is still our anniversary, Mid-Autumn Festival, luckily.

Happy 3rd Anniversary My Dear

Happy Mooncake Festival 中秋节

Today is 15th of Eighth Lunar month in Chinese calender a.k.a. 中秋节. As usual, i am not going to celebrate it with my parent & relatives in Penang, since very long time ago ...... I should make a phone call to home today!

Wishing all of you
Happy Mooncake Festival.

If you wanna know more story on Mooncake and Lantern, click

Maybe you want to make your own mooncake next year, here is the

Thursday, September 20, 2007

As Rotten Continues (2) - CJ

As more and more rotten stuffs being disclosed, you will wonder how far this country can go forward.

As what our friend mentioned in his blog, that we do not need additional national level's Directors, actors & actress to inform us, that living on this Bolehland, is just like a movie.

More News here:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Vivian Lee's Wedding

More story click here.

Tired Like Heck

Just came back from Malacca yesterday afternnon attending wedding dinner of a friend of mine, Vivian Lee.

Damn tired as i was just came back from Johor on Thursday driving whole day from 7am till 10.20pm. Only 4 hours off the road, more than 11 hours driving. Rest on Friday, but drove again on Saturday rushing up & down.

Just came back from Putrajaya this morning for another presentation at NRE, no big issues this time as one of the NGO left the meeting earlier, but still have some questions being asked.

Supposed i need to travel againt o Paloh, Johor this Thursday and come back on Friday afternoon for another presentation, luckily i took leave for another wedding function, also kaw-kaw one. Then another wedding dinner on this Saturday.

Never ever has the time to rest, same goes to my wallet.

Time to sleep well tonight, but CAN I?

There are tonnes of things need to do ......

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can i ? Can ah ? Can ?

Having discussion on a Kopitiam some day in this week, out of no where there came a man wearing blue collar shirt with the word "First" something, say Hi to us.

No one know him and everyone thought either one of us know him. It is alright if some one greet you. But the problem is this guy ......

The conversation:

"What you guys doing ah? shares ah? got any tips ah?", Blue Shirt Guy asked. "No, it is our own thing. We are having discussion here.", replied one of us. That blue Shirt Guy keep on kacau us tak berhenti-henti. "You all do direct sales ah? Maybe i can join, can i join ah? can i? we can together invest.", Blue Shirt Guy said. Then many of us replied him and asked him to leave us alone here. Finally my turn to answer. "It is private. If you don't mind, please ......", said by me with TL voice a bit.

You know what, the best part of the story was, after i asked him to get off, he replied this. "I will go once i finish reading what you write." Nia mah, something wrong with this guy kot?

Lastly, my friend just telling him to F**k off and that guy walk to other part of kopitiam to kacau the makcik who goreng vege and later to the boss.

I think he made a loss big time in share market kot?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

As Rotten Continues ......

More rotten eggs (more smelly eggs here, here, here, here, here) are being dug out by Auditor-General from the rot-to-core BN-Lead Government.

Where is the hard earn tax money from the Rakyat that work-for-country a.k.a. Patriotic Malaysian gone to?


A Day To Remember

Today is 911, the painful day for most of the American.

Today, 911, also is the day that i joined this company exactly 1 year ago.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cleaning The Beach of Batu Ferringhi

250 pay to clean up beach - The Sun paper

PENANG: Some 250 participants, including 115 who made the trip in three buses from the Klang Valley, sacrificed their time and money to clean up the shoreline at Batu Ferringhi yesterday.

On top of that, they paid RM10 each to take part in the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) project to show others their commitment to make a difference.

Armed with garbage bags, they spent more than an hour on the beach picking up trash and debris, which included plastic bottles, bags, cigarette butts and filters, food wrappers, containers and glass bottles.

The event has been sponsored by The Body Shop with the support of The Coca-Cola Company since 2005.

The Body Shop managing director Datin Mina Cheah-Foong said it has been held in various parts of the country for the past 12 years.

“Last year, in Malaysia alone, volunteers removed 1,530kg of trash and debris from a 8km shoreline and 46 volunteers took part in underwater cleanups removing 251kg of debris from 3.21km of riverbed and sea floor,” she said.

“Worldwide, the cleanup last year was participated by 358,617 volunteers from 68 countries who removed 1,500 metric tonnes of debris from oceans, rivers, lakes and waterways.

“Since 1986, over 6.6 million volunteers have removed a cumulative total of 53,000 metric tonnes of debris from the world’s beaches and waterways, including some 339,000km of shoreline in 127 nations.”

Cheah-Foong said the International Coastal Cleanup project was not just about picking up trash and debris as the volunteers also collect information about the items they find and pass it on to The Ocean Conservancy for analysis.

“The collected data provides an insight into the causes and sources of marina debris and serves as a means to educate and identified the source of the debris and initiated better manufacturing practices.”

She said while it was gratifying to see an increasing awareness among Malaysians to take better care of the environment, it was also disappointing to see more rubbish on the beaches each year.

Cheah-Foong said that at each of the places in Malaysia where the ICC has been held in the past, a core group is formed to carry out the ICC initiative to ensure the beaches remain clean and litter-free.

Budget 2008: My View

How i see the budget 2008:

Basically not for average income family like me.

Other things that i do not agree:
Drawing EPF Account 2 for Housing Loan installment.

EPF is meant for retirement, that is against the objective of the EPF. Secondly, only 30% of you income plus employer's contribution go to Account 2. Let say you are earning 4k a month, you contribute 11% and employer contribute 12%, total 23%. 4K X 23% = RM 920. RM 920 X 30% (acc. 2) = RM 276.00. Is it possible for you to keep on withdrawing money from Account 2 to pay your housing loan?

2. Minimum brokerage charge of RM 40.00

If i to buy share that cost me RM 1000.00 in this year, i need to pay RM 12 plus commission of 0.4% and RM 1 stamp duty. Total RM 13.40. If i sell at same value RM 1k, i lost RM 26.80.

That's means i need to sell RM 1030 in order for me to gain money.

Note: For stock price below 2k, you need to pay RM 12. For stock value more than 2k, times 0.6% brokerage fee. Stamp duty charge is based on the stock value you buy, exp: RM 999 is RM 1 stamp duty, if RM 1,999 is RM 2 stamp.

In year 2008, If i buy share cost of RM 1000.00, i need to pay RM 40 plus RM 0.30 (0.3% commission) plus RM1, total RM 41.30. If i sell at same value RM 1k, i loss RM 82.60.

That's means, i need to sell RM 1090 then only i gain few RM. How to invest then......

Which mean in year 2008, i need to buy RM 6,666.67 of share or else i need to pay "Extra" for brokerage fee.

This is not friendly for small investor like me.

One thing good on fighting Global Warming is Tax exemption for CER.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I believe the website's Requirement has been changed, however the Application Form does not has the Box for you to state your Race, WHY?















Finally i did my presentation to 42 person coming from all level, from Datuk, Directors of companies, representative from Government departments (JAS, MPOB), General Manager, Mill Managers, plantations managers, ketua-ketua Penghulu from different kampung, penduduk-penduduk kampung, staffs from plantation as well from the mill - in Bahasa Malaysia.

Another presentation next week, this time is in English, to NGOs, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, MPOB, and many more government departments' officials.

Will get tonnes of Question from them. But mostly and up 95% are from NGOs, i found out that government officials very shy to ask questions in open discussion, forum, etc. Maybe i was wrong.

Budget 2008 by DAP

Wanna make a comparison between Budget 2008 propose by DAP, PKR and BN?

For chinese version 2008 Budget: Download Budget 2008 Complete (C)

For english version 2008 Budget: Download Budget 2008 Complete (E)

Nikon Pro dSLR - D3 & D300

Another 2 new Nikon Camera on the street now - D3 & D300.


Incorporating the large CMOS image sensor developed by Nikon, the D3 features 12.1 effective megapixels and a sensitivity range from ISO 200 to 6,400 at normal setting. The image sensor of the D3 is a CMOS sensor developed by Nikon with a sensing area of 36 x 23.9 mm that is compliant with what is known as “35-mm full size”. Nikon will use the term “FX format” for the image format of Nikon 35-mm full-size digital SLRs.

The D3 enables continuous shooting at approximately 9 frames per second for 12.1 megapixel images. In addition, when [DX format (24 x 16)] (5.1 megapixels) is selected, approximately 11 frames per second is made possible. With these advanced features in picture quality, sensitivity and speed, the D3 meets the many diverse requirements and demands of customers, including professionals.

Click here for Specification.

Combining innovative Nikon technologies with advanced new features and precision engineering, the D300 delivers the ultimate blend of DX-format performance.

The sheer imaging power of a new 12.3 effective-megapixel DX Format CMOS image sensor with integrated A/D converter; the precision processing and astounding speed of Nikon's original EXPEED digital image processing concept; the unprecedented focusing speed and precision of a new 51-point AF system; Nikon's innovative new Scene Recognition System for optimal autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance performance; the composition and focusing ease of a large new pentaprism viewfinder that provides full 100% frame coverage; an expansive 920,000-dot, high-resolution 3-inch LCD monitor with wide viewing angle; near-instant power-up and immediate response; all with the advantages of Nikon DX-format agility and system expandability.

Click here for Specification.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Going To Setiawan

I am going to the north for a presentation to local stakeholder. My 2nd presentation in this company. More to come ........

Will go NCL's hometown, then to Teluk Intan and stay a night in Setiawan.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Life of Pigs

(Photo taken from MerdekaReview)

Not easy to become a pig nowaday especially in Melaka. Any time can infected with all sort of diseases, if tak kena diseases also will finally end up in human stomach. But worst scenario is kena tembak and bury while still healthy.

Latest update is must reduce the number of pigs to below 60,000 by 21 Sept 2007.

More News at Malaysiakini.

Monday, September 03, 2007

My New Spectacle

This is my new spectacle from TOOiNCH and it cost me RM 290.00. The one Jordan Chan wear. Ready in less than hour, super fast. Come with sun glasses lens.

My previous spec gone case after my son pull it. The unbreakable frame was broken!!! Even the shop owner surprise how can it broke!!! Thanks to my son, i got new spectacle.