Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NIKON - Image Sensor Cleaning

25 January 2010

Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to inform you that Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will be charging image sensor cleaning services for all its Digital SLR camera range, with effect from 1st of February 2010. If the Digital cameras are still within its warranty duration and presented with the warranty card issued by Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, a fee of RM20 will be charged for this service.

Whereas for Digital cameras beyond the warranty duration; the charges are list as below:

*1). Pro-series – Price of service is RM80.00 per set.

Models includes :-
D1, D1x, D1H, D2x, D2xs, D2H, D2Hs, D3, D3x, D700.

*2). Medium series – Price of service is RM60.00 per set.

Models includes :-
D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D5000, D3000.

a) The above said list is not exhaustive.
b) Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to amend anytime the prices and camera models without any notification.

Thank you for your earnest support.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Anna, KH jr and KQ

Went to Ai Wah house during CNY day 2. See her cute girl...

Penang Hill’s funicular trains into history

Bye bye old Penang Hill’s funicular trains.... a new trains will be installed and operated in 10 mth time. I am gonna miss it as i actually plan to bring my family up the hill on Day 2 or Day 3 of CNY, but due to fact that too crowded and bringing 2 children was really tough. So we are going to take the train when it the upgrading works is completed later.













Lim pays tribute to Federal Govt for the RM63mil rail service upgrade

GEORGE TOWN: Penangites pass-ed on catching a last glimpse of Penang Hill’s funicular trains as the four iconic red coaches made their last runs to the hilltop.

The funicular runway that was completed in 1923 will cease operations today for at least seven months to make way for a RM63mil upgraded system.

A check by The Star at the ticket counter in the lower station showed that no more than the normal number of visitors had decided to ride the funicular trains yesterday, with the counter clocking in about 1,000 visitors at 2pm.

Even though there was no last- minute rush to the hill, a large number of visitors were still seen at the state’s most popular attraction throughout the day, the majority of them being foreigners or other local tourists.

“We just arrived in Penang 24 hours ago and we had seen on the Internet that this would be the last day to experience the funicular train,” said communications consultant Judith Sullivan, 64, an American.

Husband Steve Staton, also 64, said they had done their research before arriving in the country and were looking forward to seeing the monkeys, hiking trails and other attractions on the hill.

Retired rubber tapper Lim Poh Lai, 73, was seen making her second trip up the hill after 55 years.

“My first trip was when I was 18 years old. I came with three friends on a visit to the state,” said Lim, who hails from Johor.

She said being back in Penang at the time the funicular train was making its last run was purely a lucky coincidence.

“I just happened to be in the state for a holiday. I feel very lucky to be able to make one last trip on the train before it ceases operation,” she said.

Meanwhile, a check at the middle station revealed that work has already begun to clear a wider space for the new track.

Funicular train officers on the scene said the work, which has so far been done manually, started about three months ago.

In the upgrading project undertaken by the Tourism Ministry, visitors will no longer need to get off at the middle station as the new, spacious and air-conditioned coaches will take passengers non-stop to the hilltop.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng who boarded the last train ride at 8.30pm last night together with state executive councillors, oversaw a closing ceremony of the present train which ran for 87 consecutive years.

He paid tribute to the Federal Government for allocating RM63mil to upgrade the Penang Hill rail service, saying this injection of funds would spark a revival of the hill as the state’s premier tourist attraction.

The new train system’s commuting time is only between five and 10 minutes, compared to the 30 minutes via the old service.

Lim also said that the contractor would preserve historic elements of the present track such as the tunnel and bridge, while the train could carry up to 18,000 passengers daily.

He added that the state would embark on a major cleanliness campaign atop the landmark before the new train service commences.

Lim also spoke on the need to conserve as many heritage buildings as possible on the hill, considering that Penang is enjoying an international heritage status as proclaimed by Unesco

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I think this is the hottest CNY i ever had in Penang. Not a single cloud spotted in the sky for 6 days. Only the blue blue sky and hot air blowing from the sea. The infra red was burning my skin, my hair and everything on the Penang soil.

Going back to Penang of 28th day of last lunar month of OX. No jam, very good. Surprisingly no jam as well in Penang Island. Very good!!! A lot of foreigners in Bt Ferringhi, a lot of outstation tourists as well especially malays (i think from KL lah). So, my mom as usual, business-as-usual on 1st day of lunar month, busy like heck lah, worked till midnight still got tourists asking for food. FYI, my mom char koay teow & fried oyster price remain the same......

This year also we celebrated my HH birthday in PG, his chinese birthday. But the cake forgot to take candles, so only cut the cake without blowing the candles. He asked his mom, why this cake no candles one? can meh like that? Anyway, he was happy to blow 3rd cakes in 2 weeks.

Here you can find some of pictures taken in PG.....

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

2PERAK - NIZAR lost 0 - 5

Federal Court, as expected, ruled Zambry is the rightful MB for Perak, no big surprise. Zambry take 5 - 0 against Nizar.

The balck day continue and we shall come back with greater margin to win back Perak and Malaysia in GE13. Let's wait and see, coward!!!!

Time To Change!!!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Malay in Penang - Discriminated?

Two (2) stories. One from PAS, one from UMNO-related groups.

Let the people make the final judgement. The Good will always Win!!! If the presiden Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang can't understand statistic, he may ask someone with higher knowledge to help him interpret.

1. The BAD story:

Demonstrasi: Patung Guan Eng dibakar

Aktivis Islam dari pelbagai NGO mengadakan demonstrasi di sebuah masjid di Jalan Macalister, Georgetown sebelum dan selepas solat Jumaat hari ini kerana membantah layanan kerajaan negeri terhadap orang Melayu-Islam Pulau Pinang.

Demonstrasi selama hampir 45 minit di luar masjid yang terletak kira-kira 100 meter dari Komtar itu, adalah anjuran Sedaq - gabungan kira-kira 50 NGO Melayu-Islam.

Ia diadakan sebagai membantah dakwaan berlakunya diskriminasi dan peminggiran orang Melayu-Islam di Pulau Pinang oleh kerajaan negeri pimpinan Ketua Menteri, Lim Guan Eng.

Sambil memakai ikat kepala sambil meluangkan 'Sedaq' dan laungan 'Hidup Melayu', mereka mengecam kerajaan negeri kerana didakwa tidak memperduli dan menghiraukan nasib orang Melayu-Islam Pulau Pinang.

Kain rentang anti-kerajaan negeri turut dibawa oleh mereka yang menyertai demonstrasi tersebut.

Enam pemimpin Sedaq, termasuk presiden Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang, Rizal Faris Mohideen dan presiden Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semananjung (GPMS), Jais Karim (kanan), menyampai ucapan mengecam pentadbiran Guan Eng, sambil dipantau oleh pihak polis.

Demonstrasi tersebut diadakan selepas mendapat permit polis yang dikeluarkan oleh pemangku ketua polis daerah Timur Laut, Gan Kong Meng.

Bagaimanapun, para pegawai polis mahu menghenti ucapan mereka daripada diteruskan selepas didakwa "melampau hadnya".

Mereka kemudiannya berucap dalam nada yang agak lebih lembut.

Selepas solat Jumaat, kira-kira 300 orang berarak ke Komtar untuk menyerahkan memorandum bantahan kepada Guan Eng.

Mereka juga bertindak membakar patung Guan Eng di luar bangunan Komtar, dan anggota bomba kemudian memadamkannya.

Sebelum itu, kerajaan negeri telah menaikkan kain rentang yang memaparkan data bantuan yang diberi kepada golongan miskin pelbagai bangsa.

Ia menjelaskan bahawa tindakan mengusir penjaja tanpa lesen di negeri itu oleh Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang adalah dibuat secara saksama.

2. The GOOD Story:

PAS pertahan k'jaan Pakatan Pulau Pinang

Peruntukan untuk hal-ehwal Islam yang disediakan oleh kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang bagi tahun ini adalah yang tertinggi pernah dinikmati oleh institusi Islam di negeri itu selama ini, kata ketua penerangan PAS, Idris Ahmad.

Menurutnya, pada 2008, peruntukan untuk hal-ehwal Islam oleh Kerajaan BN hanya RM12.5 juta.

“Namun dalam pembentangan belanjawan tahun 2008 kerajaan Pakatan telah menambahnya kepada RM20.5 juta untuk peruntukan 2009.

“Pada pembentangan belanjawan 2009, peruntukan meningkat lagi kepada RM24.3 juta untuk 2010.

“Jumlah ini adalah peruntukan tertinggi yang pernah dinikmati oleh intistusi Islam di Pulau Pinang selama ini,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini yang bertajuk 'Pulau Pinang Maju, umat Islam dan Melayu terbela di bawah Pakatan'.

Di samping itu, katanya, kerajaan Pakatan juga memberi pengiktirafan kepada para huffaz dengan memberikan peruntukan RM1.5 juta setiap tahun kepada sekolah-sekolah agama rakyat.

Sehubungan itu, katanya, PAS mengucapkan tahniah kepada kerajaan Pakatan Pulau Pinang kerana berjaya menunjukan prestasi yang begitu membanggakan selepas mentadbir negeri pulau mutiara itu sejak dua tahun yang lalu.

Idris mendakwa, walaupun BN cuba menggambarkan bahawa Pakatan tidak mampu mentadbir negeri itu dengan baik, namun rakyat dapat melihat sendiri cekapnya pemerintahan di bawah Pakatan.

“Pada 2007, kerajaan BN mensasarkan belanjawan 2008 mengalami defisit RM35 juta tetapi sebaik sahaja kerajaan bertukar kepada Pakatan, belanjawan itu mengalami lebihan RM88 juta, iaitu lebihan paling tinggi dalam sejarah Pulau Pinang.

“Bagi belanjawan 2009 pula, anggaran defisit dibuat sebanyak RM40 juta tetapi pemerintahan Pakatan sekali lagi memberikan hasil dengan lebihan RM77 juta,” tambahnya.

Kontraktor Melayu tak diabaikan

Menurut Idris lagi, sepanjang pemerintahan kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat, kontraktor Melayu juga tidak diabaikan

“Dakwaan Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang yang dikuasai Umno bahawa Melayu dipinggirkan dalam agihan projek dinegeri itu adalah tidak benar.

“Pada 2008, (seramai) 78 Kontraktor Melayu, berbanding 35 kontraktor bukan Melayu, telah menerima projek melalui sebut harga.

“Satu kontraktor Melayu dan satu kontraktor bukan Melayu masing-masing telah menerima projek melalui tender terbuka.

“Pada 2009, 89 kontraktor Melayu diterima untuk projek melalui sebut harga dan bilangan kontraktor bukan Melayu yang diterima berkurangan kepada 19 syarikat sahaja,” kata Idris.

Pada tahun yang sama, tambahnya, projek yang diberi kepada kontraktor Melayu melalui tender terbuka bertambah kepada 45 syarikat dan bukan Melayu 6 Syarikat.

Menurutnya, peningkatan yang ketara ini membuktikan kerajaan Pakatan masih menghormati hak kaum Melayu dan tidak menafikan hak kaum lain.

“Keutamaan pemberian projek adalah bergantung kepada kelayakan, kemampuan dan kesungguhan yang ditunjukan oleh pemohon tanpa mengira kaum mereka.

“Inilah bukti kesungguhan, dan iltizam pembangunan yang dilaksanakan hasil dari kepercayaan rakyat dalam pilihanraya lalu,” tambahnya.

Idris berkata, Pakatan sesekali tidak akan mensia-siakan harapan dan amanah rakyat apabila mentadbir mana-mana negeri.

“PAS berharap akan kejayaan ini dapat diteruskan dan rakyat di negeri berkenaan dapat memberikan keyakinan serta mandat yang berterusan kepada Pakatan untuk penggal yang akan datang,” tambahnya.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

培才小学校地见曙光 待割名办妥呈图测明年建新校舍

News from Kwong Wah:






“在全新的建筑图测下,原有的户外篮球场将因校地有限的问题被迫 ‘让路’ 给新校舍。” 沈龙福也是建校委员会主席。培才小学目前只有6间课室,校内建设简陋,去年在民联政府的制度化拨款下,获得4万5000令吉,充作修复厕所及食堂费用。


向中央申请拨款 争取成中元联合会筹款对象






■ 峇都丁宜培才小学4层楼新校舍图测外观。

Monday, February 01, 2010

SKH jr Birthday

SKH jr is 4 years old kid .... now Naruto, Ultraman, Ben10...

Malays in Penang not marginalised!!!!

Malays winning majority of Penang open tender jobs

PENANG, Jan 31 – Some 70 per cent of two state firm’s open tenders have been won by Malay contractors, showing the community to be as competitive as others, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (pic) said today

He said Malay contractors won 16 out of 23 tender awards, or 70 per cent, from the Penang Development Corporation(PDC) and 44 out of 66 or 67 per cent of contracts issued by the Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang(PBAPP) in open tenders since Pakatan Rakyat took over Penang in March 2008.

“The performance by Malay contractors in an open tender system with non-Malays proves that Malay contractors can compete with others and win tender awards on their own merit,” Lim said in a statement today.

The DAP secretary-general has been advocating open tenders under his “Competency, Accountability and Transparency” (CAT) programme since becoming chief minister although Umno and Malay rights groups accuse him of sidelining the community.

“Clearly it is not the race that is an issue but failed policies that encourage dependency especially when it helps Barisan Nasional maintain the status quo and its grip on power,” he added, referring to the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government.

Lim accused the BN of instituting policies that “stifles initiative, creativity, hard work, drive and productivity which benefited only the few BN cronies at the expense of entire country”.

“For instance, a 30 per cent quota of publicly listed shares were reserved for Malays but only a few benefited as many ordinary Malays never received shares from the Federal government,” he added.

But the chief minister expressed regret that there were allies within PR Penang “is aligned with BN in opposing efforts to implement an open tender system and CAT governance”, referring to Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who had criticised his administration.

“We must remain steadfast as we are backed by results. The Penang state government has been able to turn a projected deficit of RM35 million in 2008 budget to a record surplus of RM88 million.

“A projected deficit of RM40 million in 2009 Budget has been turned around to record a surplus of RM77 million.

“In fact, the 2009 budget surplus would have been a record RM92 million were it not for the payment of RM14.7 million as a result of the Tang Hak Ju land scam of the previous administration,” he said.




















PKR again...

PKR really need to screen thier candidates for coming GE. A lot of rubbish and scum in the party, giving an impression to Rakyat that PKR is an opportunist party, with leaders especially from ex-UMNO.

Whether PR can with the federal government is now really depends on PKR's "cleaning programme", the fastewr the better.