Friday, October 30, 2009

Port Klang ADUN finally quit

Port Klang Adun finally quit. Thanks God, the negative asset of PR finally gone. So i guess this is the lesson PKR must learn starting from Perak, Kedah and now Selangor, choose carefully their candidates in the next election. Don't simply hamtam only....

So, another frog being created. If UMNO really so hunger for more ADUN, they are welcome to take him in. As a ADUN being elected by the people of Port Klang, hope the same gropu of rakyat will send him home in the next election, should BN want him to contest again, but i am doubt!

Another Boleh in BolehLand.

Monday, October 26, 2009

poverty line for the urban poor

This is really true for those living in big city like KL. To survive in KL with RM3000 per family per month is really impossible! Housing loan, children daily need, Insurance for whole family, vehicles maintenance, car loan, etc.... I will say RM5k is minimum to live in a no-worries-condition.

“If you have three children and your household income is RM3,000 or below, you’re almost at the poverty line,” he said, adding that many lower income families had more than four children and still needed to pay for their cars, houses and other mortgage payments.


Since after 308 GE, Penang started with CAT system and Open tender, to make the administration more transparent, and also to cut the cost to avoid wastage. It seems like it is showing the benefit now...... as compared to A-G 2008 report.

So, who else is still aganist the open tender? UMNO Penang? Even Johor with UMNO nominated government also practising Open Tender...... Wake up Malaysian....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Budget 2010

Download PDF file:

Highlight of Budget 2010: - that interested to me...

1. Individual tax relief on broadband subscription fee up to RM500 a year from 2010 to 2012.
but not for 2009....arh.

2. RM1.5bil fund to promote green technology by providing soft loans to to companies that supply and use green technology

3. Rewards for students who excel in studies:
- 30 National Scholarships to the creme de la creme of students stictly based on merit
- Convert PTPTN loans to scholarships for students who graduate with 1st class honours degree, beginning from 2010,
- Offer a netbook package, including free broadband service, to university students for RM50 per month for 2 years.

4. Insurance industry to be improved to meet market demand.

5. To ensure that fuel subsidies only benefit targeted groups, Govt will implement a fuel subsidy management system in early 2010, which will utilise the MyKad........but only 2010...

6. RM30 billion allocated for primary and secondary education, among others, for student assistance and scholarships and to build 80 new national and primary secondary schools, government-aided religious schools, national-type Chinese and Tamil schools and mission schools....but how many % really goes to chinese and tamil schools?

7. Personal relief for EPF and life insurance schemes to be increased to RM7,000.

8. Personal relief increase from 8k to 9k

9. personal tax reduce from 27 to 26%. but that means only the rich guy become richer, not the general public.... What the heck?

1. To promote prudent spending, a service charge of RM50 a year to be imposed on each principal credit card and charge card; and RM25 a year on each supplementary card, effective from Jan 1, 2010.

2. To promote house ownership, Govt will launch a scheme that enables EPF contributors to utilise current and future savings in Account 2.....idea of using future saving is not good. Again, my stand on EPF, it is meant for future retirement, not for current use. So current Acc2 is ok for draw out, not future saving

Tian Chua 6 mth jail RM3k fine

Tian Chua is guilty of bitting the policeman though no video showed that he did that! But the judge believe what the police told to the court, because he believe what the police told was true.....

Huh? What is that? He think by believing the police, then it was meant that Tian Chua did bite that police? I think no doubt that out quality of judges is dropping......


指蔡添强一昧否认没公信力推事莫哈末法兹(Mohd Fauzi Che Abu)说,由于蔡添强(左图)的抗辩陈词,仅是一昧做出否认,因此他发现蔡添强不是一名有公信力的证人。录影没显示但推事相信警员“就算是辩方提呈的录影片段,也显示他抗拒逮捕。”“虽然录影没有显示咬人事件的发生,但是我相信它的确发生,因为有关的警员已经证实他曾经殴打被告,而蔡添强则以咬人的方式反击。”

...High Court ruled today that legislative proceedings cannot be challenged in court, in a decision which appears to go against an earlier Federal Court ruling....

so how about Perak case? At least the high court judge has the right mind to think unlike the Federal Court in April 09.

The decision by the High Court today relies on a generally accepted principle of Separation of Powers but contradicts a Federal Court ruling in April which said it was allowed to inquire into legislative proceedings.

MCA EGM & the Jokers

What a joke and the sandiwara-kaw-kaw EGM plus schenes behind the stage, now Chua and OTK come to peace with the advice of Najib!

Liow took the 2nd man MCA post, so what is left for Chua? A normal MCA member? The drama won't stop here as Chua is still waiting for the final result from ROS. Shall ROS says Chua is still the Dep President, will there be another fight for the post.

After all, 3rd force is the one who is going to piss off. What is the point of having EGM and then both declined to step down! No eyes see.......

However, according to Malaysiakini, the peaceful unity is achieved in order to "clear-the-worms" in MCA itself. Soon, more heads will roll in MCA especially those who force OTK to quit in the last 2 weeks. Wait and see....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where is our money gone?

This 2 days a lot of news on the "leakage" of money from the 2008 Auditor General Report. And you will wonder will all these farkers that siphoned the money will be in vestigated by MACC?

This is kind of routine report, published yearly. But why these farker offcials still dare to do that, a normal computer notebook that may cost RM4000 became RM40,000??? So amazing huh?

Time to clean the house, sack and send them to jail!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Malaysia Day - 16 Sept

Finally 16 Sept is the Malaysia Day. The day we formed Malaysia - Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. A day a lot of people think more appropriate to celebrate Merdeka!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Minihydro Power project

Has a chance to handle minihydro power project in Selangor and travelling deep into the jungle near Kuala Kubu Baru, exact place not going to disclose here.

It took me about 1hr to drive through the thick jungle, 14km off road, crossing the river to reach the water intake place. In fact it is a nice place for mountain biking, just that..... there are wild fierce animals always wondering in that jungle, including things that we can't see...... The re-channel of the water to the power house able to generate 2MW generator, thus reducing the fossil fuel powered grid electricity. Won't this kind of project is good for mankind?

Enjoy some of the photos. Peaceful place, no mobile phone signal, cooler and fresher air, no sound pollution except water flowing sound, crystal clear water.......

SKQ - 3 month

My KQ at 3 month old.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

靠联邦经援财政仰人鼻息 槟州需检讨各项福利政策

然而,随着巴生港口,柔佛港口和丹绒柏勒巴斯港口(Tanjung Pelepas)的崛起,并在近年来表现不断提高之际,槟城港口却相形见拙,港口货柜吞吐量每况愈下。根据槟城首席部长林冠英在9月23日发表的谈话,呼吁联邦政府认真看待槟城港口目前的困境,并要求财政部注资协助该港口脱困,显示出槟城港口已经到了必须联邦政府出手援助的地步。





虽然在前首相,也是槟城子民的阿都拉执政时期,槟城曾有一度获得重生的机会,不过,最后却因为阿都拉的下台,以及槟城政权易手,落入民联手中,而再度打回原型。在阿都拉执政时代,由他一手推动的五大经济特区走廊计划中,槟城被纳入北马经济特区走廊(Northern Corridor Economic Region)的重点发展区。

许多大型发展计划如槟城外环公路(Penang Outer Ring Road)、槟城单轨电动火车(Penang Monorail)、槟城全球城中心计划(Penang Global City Centre)、以及槟城第二大桥(Penang Second Bridge)在阿都拉的批准下准备启动。这原本估计将可以为槟城带来庞大的经济乘数效应,创造无数的商业契机与就业机会。然而,随着308政治大海啸后,槟城在一夜之间落入在野党联盟——民联的手中,再加上阿都拉下台,几乎所有的大型发展计划立即紧急刹车,或被取消,或被无限期展延,仅有槟城第二大桥获得批准。

















Wednesday, October 14, 2009

30年来过度依赖制造业 槟城在经济危机中脆弱


【本刊梁志华撰述】槟城坐落在马来亚半岛西北沿海地带,濒临马六甲海峡。槟城的大都市区(metropolitan area)除了涵盖槟岛(Penang Island)与北海(Seberang Prai),甚至延伸至双溪大年的居林(Kulim)以及周遭邻近地区。

从人口来看,这个大都市区排名仅次于巴生谷流域。根据2000年的国家人口调查报告显示,槟城大都市区的人口总数为160万人,比较巴生谷流域的490万人和新山的150万人。目前,这个大都市区的人口已经增至近200万人。根据第九马来西亚计划(9th Malaysia Plan),槟城本身在2005年的人口就达到150万人,估计2010年可达到160万人。

虽然土地面积上,她是马来西亚第二小的州属,不过在经济发展上,却是继巴生谷流域后的第二级城市地区,无论是经济成长或人均收入,皆属于发达州属(developed state)档次,是北马地区的经贸重镇。

第九马来西亚计划的数据显示,槟城在2005年的综合发展指数(Development Composite Index)上取得105.7点,在社会经济发展方面名列全国第二,是继吉隆坡后的第二发达州属。个别指数方面,槟城在经济指数与社会指数分别取得109.0点和102.4点,全国排名第二与第四。

在经济成长方面,槟城在第八马来西亚计划(8th Malaysia Plan)期间,也就是2001至2005年,取得平均每年5%的经济成长表现,排名仅次于雪州(5.2%)与柔佛州(5.1%),而且这个成长率比马来西亚在同一时候,平均每年4.5%的成长率还来得高。







其中,以制造业的地位最重要,为槟城经济作出近45%的贡献。也正因为槟城的经济结构与就业市场,在很大程度上依赖制造业(尤其是电子业),这导致槟城经济对全球化转变与外围突发因素(External Shocks)显得非常敏感。

三十多年前,槟城最引以为傲的,是成为全球最大的电脑晶片供应地之一。当时被尊称为东方矽谷的槟城,吸引了许多国际著名的电子公司前来槟城设厂。大批大批印上“马来西亚制造”(Made in Malaysia)的电脑晶片,就是从槟城出口到世界各地。







这一次全球经济危机,导致美国陷入衰退,槟城就首当其冲面对严重冲击,不仅工厂订单锐减50%,1万5000名员工还面对可能被裁员的威胁。根据《星报》(The Star)在今年4月4日引述投资槟城执行委员会主席李家全的报道指出,2008年槟城有3251人被裁,其中1766人来自北海的58家公司,而1485人则来自槟岛的71家公司。此外,在2009年1月,有791名槟城人和522名外国人在槟城被裁退。


这场经济危机也突引发出另一个问题,那就是槟城的就业市场结构依然与制造业关系密切。根据槟城州政府智囊——社会经济与环境研究院(SERI),在09年6月份发表的一份月度报告——《槟城:从过去走向未来》(Penang: Transiting From The Past And Into The Future)中的资料显示,虽然槟城就业人口的教育水平,从马来西亚独立前至今,出现显著的改变。比方说,小学教育程度的劳工,从1921年占槟城劳工市场总数的46%比重,降至1980年代的14%,反观中学教育程度的劳工比例;则在同一时期,从占槟城总就业人口的11%,大幅增至1980年的34%。




28 Oct DUN Perak

Another fight in Perak Dun? Maybe PR Perak should spend more time to serve the people, show to them PR can make a change in Perak. What i afraid is people might get piss off with the never-ending power struggle in Perak, when we all know that all agencies are helping BN to toppled the PR government. I guess by this way, they can at least gain the trust from the people and win back the state in the next election with more seats.

But i do agree to always maintain the "temperature", to a point at least the people still angry with the power grabing by BN. But not until the DUN meeting not able to proceed as people will see it as disrupting the development of the state economy. People still think that feeding the family (short term) is more important than the 2 groups of politicians fighting (long term) here and there.

Mean while can this
Ganesan shut his mouth up!!!!

屋业发展忽略自然界定律 峇都丁宜或地陷

When the proposed housing area was started back in 1990-93 (some time this year), one of the block we all knew is situated on the reclaim river (Sungai Mas). Therefore, locals were always worried that the water will still find its way to "utilize" the "old" river instead of the new man made by-pass river. It seems that the worries we have during that is true!!! And luckily due to that worry, my parent bought the other block solely built on the solid ground.











Thursday, October 01, 2009

Isa is "Good Guilt"

According to Hisham, Isa is good guilt. Meaning guilty in a good way - which is vote buying, involved money, or in our laymen term - Money Politic.

At the same time, UMNO and BN is comparing Tan Sri Isa's guilty with other PR leader's guilty such as Penang CM Lim Guan Eng. They claimed CM Lim was guilty as well, but people still support him, then why not this time Tan Sri Isa also. To make it clear and maybe they are forgetful, that LGE was guilty of defending the malay girl, he was guilty because he fighted for justice and not money politic.

That is the different!