Thursday, May 28, 2009

1Q GDP -6.2%

Kaw-kaw now, minus 6.2% and expected similar % in 2Q.
Find more and spend more to help the economy, can we?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009



As like chinese private school is not a school, not a place to produce high quality student and smart Malaysian, as like students and leaders produced from here are all working abroad and not contribute to Malaysia's economi.


This is the best part and best "explanation" from DPM:

号称“独立”就不能获资助 他指出,既然华文独立中学号称“独立”,因此就无法获得政府的拨款资助。这名巫统署理主席连续以国语与英文,强调独中的“独立”字眼。“我告诉华团代表,由于它们要独立(merdeka),它们要独立(independent),所以我们不能帮助它们。”

For building of new schools and relocated, government still hope for some millionaire to donate land in order to build and relocate the schools....... We need more IOI-type of boss.


What Else We Can't Do?

Rally on street 2007 - cannot
Rally and Wear Yellow in 2007 - also cannot
Wear Black - cannot, too black
Sing birthday song with black shirt - also cannot, pantang kot?

Now, dunwan to eat, also CANNOT!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 year in new company

Time flies, i have work in the current company for 1 year and 3 days now. Though it is very busy compared to previous company, yet my exposure to this CDM industry has increased very much. From previously only handled biogas project from palm oil industry in Malaysia, i am now involves in biogas project from palm oil industry, starch industry, composting project , solids separation cum composting project, biomass to heat project....... and soon project in animal waste to biogas.

Life in CDM always try to meet the dateline and the expiry date of the methodology, never ending of new methodologies and revised version, new guidelines and tools from EB that alway makes this industry becoming tougher and tougher yet the CERs that expected to get is becoming lesser & lesser. Will this industry come to the end after 2012? Nobody knows.

And finally my burden reduced end of this month with more project almost completed for 1st stage of validation. Really need to pray hard it will eventually registered in UNFCCC without request for review, really need to pai ang kong.

Last few day just welcome my colleague from Guatemala, a young lady, speak spanish and english. Have the chance to learn spanish now. Not going to update anything here untill next month. She was here for some exposure, i wonder why i don't have the chance to be exposed too in the foreign land? It must be very great right?

Anyway, i am committed to stay in Malaysia especially KL for next month and July. Wife is expecting to deliver anytime......Don't play-play ler......


Badawism represents an illusion of change. Important announcements, followed by spin, followed by the realization that the more things changed the more they remained the same.

Yes, Master

Recently our police personnel have nothing to do but busy cracking down the public and opposition with the arest of more than 140 people so far since the black day of 507! Their action became worst when they raid the HQ of DAP without warrant!

The police seem like a "good good boy" for BN, listen to the master and obey without objection. The democracy has dead..... They spent their energy on the wrong area, instead of stopping the crimes exspecially snatch thieves that caused death to the pragnant women, but they arrest those people that will not cause problem to the society!

Time to punish the master BN, time to make a serious change, time to remove them from the office, THE BOSSES MUST ACT NOW!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amazing tool in Sarawak DUN

Now Sarawak DUN becomes another mirror of Perak DUN, not because PR grab the power from BN but the way BN "utilise" the Privileges Committee and State Assembly procedure. A procedure that meant to punish those "noisy boy". Anyway, people are not blind, prepare for the worst result in your coming state election!

作者/砂拉越·杨煦 May 20, 2009 11:35:16 am

















Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today in History

after 4o years ...... still we can't really know the actual facts! Look forward and don't let BN scared us away after 40 years.

40 years ...... not long nor short period.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pay more from 1st Sept 09

Those driving will need to pay more on the road when the month of August end, after Malaysian celebrate the 52th Merdeka. Effectively on 1st of September 2009, RON97 will cost 20c more, which means RM2/liter with the introduction of RON95, replacing RON92.

With current world price of petroleum that still cost less than USD60 per barrel, does it cost so much for Malaysian?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nizar is MB still

Seem like BN cum Najib's gang can't have the sweet dream yet not to say to have discussion with PR for coorporation in Perak DUN. The court today declared Nizar is the MB, still!

At last, thing seem to become more positive......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spanish F1

Again, Button finished in P1 together with team mate P2. His 4th P1 in 5 races, what a amazing performance from Brawn. Where is the Ferrari & McLaren? Massa had to slow down in last 4 laps in order to save the fuel and he dropped from 4th place to 6th. His car can't even drove back to the pit after the race. What the heck of the team management and strategy, not to talk about the car reliablility and performance.

Happy Wesak Day

May the world in "1Peace" and "1Piece"!!!! HAPPY WESAK DAY.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Damage Control - Release of ISA detainee

To salvage some value and image of BN, today KDN announced of releasing the ISA detainees that include 3 HINDRAF leaders. Few days back, Hisham just said it clearly that he will not bow to threats and will not release Manoharan! But the damage of BN's image is too severe, a damage control mode has been activated and must activate fast!

At last, freedom for them!

Can Hee tear the RM Note?

Can she? Is it also meant not respect to Ruler? I remember last time people used to write (or conteng) on the note, then it was later banned by law.

A positive sign?

Read here. Seem so, but don't trust it 100%, once bitten, twice shy.




Thursday, May 07, 2009

Democracy is DEAD!!

It is hopeless and in fact it is comfirmed that democracy is DEAD, if you do follow the development of PERAK's crisis.

Things like Speaker being drag out, fighting in assemble hall like those in Taiwan, maki-memaki, never ending court cases, 2 Speakers and a lot more.

The way the BN conducted the DUN is farking makes me sick! I hope this bunch of so-called elected representatives will lost their seats next election. Really make my blood boils! They are day time robbers, which we as Rakyat will punish them as snatch thieves!

It is now become a police state! 1MALAYSIA? Ask Najib then.......

TIME TO CHANGE!!!!! and i hate BN.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


公正党峇都丁宜支部开幕 再林:为人民效劳为要务 蓝眼月亮不争补选

二零零九年五月四日 晚上八时二十三分