Friday, February 27, 2009

Paying Higher PCB Secretly

The new PCB reduction effective since 1st Jan 2009. Compared to 2008 (old contribution table) and Feb 09, i am paying 23% more PCB tax to Government.

While at one side, they are asking Rakyat to spend more, reduce the OPR 3 time in 4 months, asking you to reduce EPF contribution, prolong repayment period for your loan by reducing monthly payment (end up you lose more money as interest to banks), reduce credit card charges, etc.

But the truth is government is taxing us more by reducing the EPF contribution, now even worst paying higher PCB tax even most of us contributing 11% EPF. For richest person in Malaysia, they are in fact paying 1% less.

So conclusion is, since majority of Malaysian don't bother about the "compulsory" reduction of EPF contribution that started since 1st Jan 09 that allow government to tax you more (in another way), government now tax you higher in PCB even though you are paying 11% EPF so you can't escape from it.

Bravo BN government! You succefully rob the poor for the rich again.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Toll Increase on 1st March

Five (5) tolls involved: WTF! Some of them are LPPL.

PLUS: Up 0.68 sen per km ~ 6.3%

Sprint: Up 50c to RM1.50

Ampang Elevated highway: Up 50c to RM2 (up 33%)

Besraya: Up 10c to RM1.40 (up 7.7%) (while yesterday announced abolish the Salak South' Toll)

NPE: Up 40c to RM2 (up 25%) (abolished one toll RM1.60 early this month)

Antarctic glaciers melting faster than thought

GENEVA, Feb 26 — Glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster and across a much wider area than previously thought, a development that threatens to raise sea levels worldwide and force millions of people to flee low-lying areas, scientists said yesterday.

Researchers once believed that the melting was limited to the Antarctic Peninsula, a narrow tongue of land pointing towards South America. But satellite data and automated weather stations now indicate it is more widespread.

The melting "also extends all the way down to what is called west Antarctica," said Colin Summerhayes, executive director of the Britain-based Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.

"That's unusual and unexpected," he told The Associated Press in an interview.

By the end of the century, the accelerated melting could cause sea levels to climb by 3 to 5 feet — levels substantially higher than predicted by a major scientific group just two years ago.

Making matters worse, scientists said, the ice shelves that hold the glaciers back from the sea are also weakening.

The report yesterday from Geneva was a broad summary of two years of research by scientists from 60 countries. Some of the findings were released in earlier reports.

In Washington, as part of an overall update on global warming, top researchers sounded a similar warning to the US Senate about rising temperatures in the Antarctic.

The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group set up by the United Nations, told lawmakers on the Environment and Public Works Committee that Earth has about six more years at current rates of carbon dioxide pollution before it is locked into a future of severe global warming.

For years, the continent at the bottom of the world seemed to be the only place on the planet not experiencing climate change. Previous research indicated that temperatures across much of Antarctica were staying the same or slightly cooling.

The report yesterday was compiled as part of the 2007-2008 International Polar Year, an effort by scientists to conduct intense Arctic and Antarctic research over the past two Antarctic summers.

The big surprise was exactly how much glaciers are melting in western Antarctica, a vast land mass on the Pacific Ocean side of the continent that is next to the South Pole and includes the Antarctic Peninsula.

The biggest of the western glaciers, the Pine Island Glacier, is moving 40 per cent faster than it was in the 1970s, discharging water and ice more rapidly into the ocean, said Summerhayes, a member of International Polar Year's steering committee.

The Smith Glacier, also in west Antarctica, is moving 83 per cent faster than in 1992, he said.

The glaciers are slipping into the sea faster because the floating ice shelf that would normally stop them — usually 650 to 980 feet thick — is melting. And the glaciers' discharge is making a significant contribution to increasing sea levels.

Some people "fear that this is the first signs of an incipient collapse of the west Antarctic ice sheet," Summerhayes said. "If the west Antarctica sheet collapses, then we're looking at a sea level rise of between 3 feet, 4 inches, to nearly 5 feet."

Together, all the glaciers in west Antarctica are losing a total of around 114 billion tons per year because the melting is much greater than the new snowfall, he said.

"That's equivalent to the current mass loss from the whole of the Greenland ice sheet," Summerhayes said.

Looked at another way, it's more weight than 312,000 Empire State Buildings.

"We didn't realise it was moving that fast," he said.

Summerhayes said sea levels will climb higher than predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,

A 2007 report by the IPCC predicted a sea level rise of 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century, which could flood low-lying areas and force millions of people to relocate.

The group said an additional 3.9- to 7.8-inch increase in sea levels was possible if the recent, surprising melting of polar ice sheets continues.

New research published this month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters found that melting glaciers will add at least 7 inches to the world's sea level — and that's if carbon dioxide pollution is quickly capped and then reduced.

Far more likely is an increase of at least 15 inches and probably more just from melting glaciers, the journal said.

Until recently, scientists debated whether Antarctica was warming.

But a January study in the journal Nature found that Antarctica's average annual temperature has increased by about 1 degree Fahrenheit since 1957, but is still 50 degrees below zero.

The report also determined that autumn temperatures in east Antarctica were cooling over the long term.

International Polar Year researchers found that the southern ocean around Antarctica has warmed about 0.36 degrees Fahrenheit in the past decade, double the average warming of the rest of the Earth's oceans over the past 30 years. — AP

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

所得税局公布新制 月入2401须缴税

二零零九年二月二十四日 晚上七时十四分

(槟城彭振威、林乡响24日讯)我国内陆税收局在全球经济市场萧条的时刻,公布的最新(2009年度)个人所得税制度,除了全年收入超过25万令吉者,获得减税1%外,当局并未减少收入低于25万令吉者的纳税率(tax rate),反之调整了国人的纳税资格,让低收入者雪上加霜。







为了鼓励资方提供更多的津贴及福利予员工,内陆税收局在雇员薪酬表(Borang EA)的G部份,作出多达17项修改,其中包括公司所提供的汽油津贴,若一年不超过6000令吉的话,则可免付税。








资方在4月杪前 须发出EA表

纵使税收局今年允许公司延迟一个月(至5月31日),呈报雇员缴税表(BORANG CP8D),但资方仍然必须在职工呈报个人所得税的4月30日截止期限前,向职工发出雇员薪酬表(BORANG EA)以让他们报税,否则逾期呈报的职工将会面对罚款。






购运动器材 唯一全新回扣项目



“纵使税收局增添了一项全新的回扣项目,但300令吉的回扣额似乎太少了。” 骆淞佑说,政府附加回扣购买运动器材项目,主要是鼓励人民多运动,以减低国内的肥胖人数,但,1年300令吉对一个经常运动的人士来说,是绝对不足够的。


OPR by 50 basis points to 2.00 percent

It means that BLR will further reduce from current 5.9% - 6.0% to 5.4% - 5.5% hopefully. But it is also a sad day for FD.

Ref No: 02/09/11

Embargo: Not for publication or broadcast before 1800 hours on Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Monetary Policy Statement
At the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting today, Bank Negara Malaysia decided to reduce the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 50 basis points to 2.00 percent. The ceiling and floor rates of the corridor for the OPR are correspondingly reduced to 2.25 percent and 1.75 percent respectively. The Statutory Reserve Requirement (SRR) is also adjusted downwards from 2 percent to 1 percent effective 1 March 2009 to reduce further the cost of intermediation.

The international economic and financial environment has deteriorated sharply in the recent quarter. The major advanced economies are experiencing a deepening economic contraction, while the regional economies are experiencing a rapid slowdown. The impact of the rapid decline in global demand on trade, production and investment activities in the Asian region has intensified. The turmoil in the international financial markets has also been protracted. While a number of economies have put in place stimulus measures to manage the downturn, their impact on the economy has yet to take effect. The downside risks to the global economic outlook have increased significantly.

The Malaysian economy has been adversely impacted by these global developments. Exports and industrial production have declined steeply, while private investment activities have slowed down in recent months as businesses scaled back their spending. Consumer sentiment has also been affected by the weakening conditions in the labour market. The domestic economic conditions are expected to continue to remain challenging in the coming quarters with the continued deterioration in the global economy. While this has raised the risk of an economic contraction in 2009, the prospects remain intact for an economic recovery once global conditions stabilise given that the economy is not overleveraged, the financial system remains sound, and the external position is healthy.

With inflation on a moderating trend, the task of macroeconomic policy is to support domestic demand until conditions in the global economy show signs of normalisation. Further measures will be introduced by the Bank to ensure continuous access to credit as well as to minimise the impact of the economic downturn on specific affected groups.

Bank Negara Malaysia
24 February 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Subsidising by Unknown Malaysian

Luckily the bullet train project proposed by Francis Yeoh never took off, or else Malaysian need to subsidy the YTL's subsidiary for life, generation after generation to cover thier "operating cost". If does not has the "big size head, please wear a smaller hat" lah next time.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 – Malaysians have been subsidising the Express Rail Link (ERL) service since last April, it was revealed in Parliament today

峇都丁宜海滨非法经营 80家业者限期搬迁

A dialogue is required to settle the problem. As i mentioned in my earlier blog, there was nothing 15-20 years ago, be it along the coastal road or along the beach. From time to time, more shops are being developed and most of it i believe is illegal. Actually i was very piss off when once the dump site for Kampung also being "occupied" and became a shop, which affected the kampung folks to throw the rubbishes. Due to that also, i wrote to MPPP to complaint the uncollected rubbish! It is time to "re-arrange" the shops to make it more organize! Hope this can improve the image as well as the business, to achieve a win-win situation.

二零零九年二月二十三日 晚上六时二十七分






























BESRAYA - Toll at Salak South Gone

More goodies coming from government. But when abolish the toll, government also should declare how much being compensate to toll operator to justify it. Are the goodies "beekadar langsung" with the by-election?


作者/本刊记者 Feb 24, 2009 03:37:13 pm
【本刊记者撰述】政府利多大放送,继新班底大道收费站拆除之后,工程部长莫哈末再因(Mohd Zin Mohamed)今日宣布将拆除吉隆坡新街场大道的沙叻再也(Salak Jaya)收费站,而且立即停止收费!





Monday, February 23, 2009

My 1st 33

Today i am celebrating my 33rd birthday. So, in summary:

1. I left kindergarden 27 years ago - Phor Tay Kindergarden, Penang
2. I left primary school 21 years ago - SRJK Phor Tay, Penang
3. I left secondary school 15 years ago - Chung Hwa, Penang
4. I left Form 6 13 years ago - Penang Free School, Penang
5. I left Penang for study & also married 12 years ago - Serdang Now
6. I left UPM undergraduate 9 years ago - UPM, Serdang
7. I left UPM Post-graduate 7 years ago - Also UPM, Serdang
8. I am married 5 years ago - Serdang
9. I got my 1st kid 3 years ago - KL
10. I will got my 2nd kid this year - KL

Looking for 2nd 33 & 3rd 33 ........

1. I hope to see the end of BN ruled government immediately if possible - 2009
2. I hope to have a dragon baby 3 years later (sudject to wife's agreement) - 2012
3. I am eagerly to see my kid goes to primary school in 4 years time - 2013
4. I hope to finish my current installment for house in 5 years time - 2014
5. I am eagerly to see my kid goes to secondary school in 10 years time - 2019
6. I am eagerly to see my kid finish his university in 20 years - 2029
7. And subsequently marry ......
8. And have kids ......
9. And become "datuk"
10. Enjoy life, hopefully

Friday, February 13, 2009

PLUS: Toll expecting to increase 5%

Damn, pirate on the street again, instead of 10%, they are expeting to get 5% increament by Government and the stupid contract requires BN Government to compensate PLUS either by CASH ot EXTENSION of concession period.

It is always win-win for PLUS and Government. As you know, the compensation in either way will return the "money" back to "government" since government GLC own 65% shares in PLUS and other 10% by EPF.

If this extension keep on prolong, maybe my grandchildren also need to pay the PLUS toll.

End of stupid contract please.

New Interest Rate for Credit Card

Banks reduce the interest rate and late penalty charges, but still is no 20 days interest free if you are not make full payment, LPPL.

二零零九年二月十三日 凌晨十二时四十五分







From The Star:

Cardholders who pay at least the minimum amount promptly over 12 consecutive months (Tier-1) will pay 13.5% in annual interest from March 31, from the present 15%.

For those who pay promptly for at least 10 consecutive months (Tier-II), the interest rate will be 16%, down from 17%.

For those who do not fall into both these categories (Tier-III), the interest rate will be 17.5%, a minimal 0.5% reduction from 18%.

The present minimum late payment fee of RM10, or 1% of the total outstanding balance will also be reduced to RM5, and the RM100 maximum fee cut to RM75.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Star Wars" above Siberia

This can be happened, two satellites of Russia and USA collides in space above Siberia. One is non-fuctioning Russia 1993 satellite, one is Iridium Satellite lauched in 1997.

Now question is: Who going to clear the "rubbish" in the space?

AB Blood Group Not "Selfish"

All the while people has this perception that AB blood group people are "selfish" as they only donate thier blood to AB group. Unlike O group where they are the most "generous", giving to all A, B, O and AB group.

As one of the 5% population in this Malaysia, i need to clarify to all people that AB blood group in fact are very "generous" as well.

Type O negative blood is called the "universal blood type" because it can be transfused to people of all blood types. Type O positive can be given to anyone with a positive Rh factor.

Type AB plasma has been considered as the universal Blood plasma type, and therefore AB plasma is given to patients with any Blood type as AB Plasma does not have both anti-A antibody & anti B antibody.

Plasma is use for transfusion or manufactured into medicines. AB Plasma that is use for transfusion is prepared into small aliquots an dgiven to neonates who require multiple plasma transfusion. Besides, many medicines are manufacture from plasma such as Coagulation Factor Concentrated VIII & IX, IgG, 20% Albumin, etc.

Plasma can be donated through the process called Ahperesis and every 2 weeks up tp 25X a year, each time 600cc. Compared to whole blood donor, they are only able to donate 4X a year each time 450cc.

So, donate more to help when you are able to do so!

外国学生一针见血道出旅游业弱点 槟缺安全感



四川学生:担心财务 无法愉快旅行




上海学生:污染严重 关注环保问题


中国学生:宣传不足 应拥主题品牌


他也说, 作为一个旅游城市应该拥有一个主题品牌,比如新加坡有个鱼尾狮,美国有个自由女神像,槟州也应该有个标识物。















Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Le Tour de Langkawi 2009

Surprisingly not much of campaigne and ads for this event and i really not aware of it until news report on radio broadcasted it this morning.

Check the website, very disappointed with this 2009 event. Only 7 stages covering Putrajaya, KL, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Selangor and little bit of Pahang. I believe the 2009 event will be the least "area covered" as compared to previous events.

Clearly from the states involve, you can see all PR states are excluded except Selangor which the organizer has no choice but to do it as Putrajaya and KL are located in Selangor. This year even also only has one stage of Climbing to Genting Highland (Category Hors), unlike previous tours which had normally few climbing stages (Category 1-3 plus a Hors). Total distance still about the same 1,000 km.

Anyway, i will still watch it live if possible especially the Climbing stage to Genting Highland! Go teams from Malaysia and win at least one stage, give a fight to the pro-teams!

Friday, February 06, 2009

China is Leading in CDM projects

Last week, China finally over take India in term of number of registered CDM project activity. Anyhow, all the while since 2-3 years back, China has the highest number of estimated CERs as China has project activities with > 10 mil CERs per project. Ever wonder why China has the most CERs and number of Projects? Answer is simple, China is the 2nd most polluted country after USA. But lucky for China is, they are caterogorise under Non-Annex 1 country (or developing country). So no commitment to reduce emmisions but can carry out voluntary.

As per today (6th Feb 2009), China has 404 registered projects, India has 392 projects.

How about Malaysia? We are currently ranked no. 5 with 37 registered project activities and FYI, i have one project registered!

How about the smallest CDM Project? It is also from Malaysia with only 173 CERs per annum.

For those who need to understand what is CDM, click here.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


(4:45pm) PM Datuk Seri Abdullah has told Pakatan Rakyat to accept Barisan's rule in Perak. "They should accept it just as we had accepted results of the general election," he said. Abdullah also expressed his appreciation to the Perak Sultan for not dissolving the state assembly.

It is the same results? One is through normal voting process by Perakians, the democracy way, one is through back door. You judge yourself, words from someone that leaving the office soon.

Hopeless Malaysia

BN is in power again through back door. Sultan Perak reject PR's wish to dissolve the DUN. Indeed a sad news for Malaysia's history. History will record this event, the victory of rakyat being robbed away from back door.

We voted for changed after 51 years in darkness. At last after 308, we can see the light at the end of tunnel. But the light was shut off just like this. 54% of Perakians who voted PR in 308 have been denied the right to choose their government! And the betrayal must pay for it.

Let the ballot box to speak again, in coming GE. May UMNO and BN are totally wipe out from the Malaysia political radar.

Time will tell. Till one day, The Jedi Will Return!

PR, the fights and struggles will goes on.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A New Hope Please ......

Too bad for these frogs, jumping around and caused instability to the Perak Government. End of the day, the Perakians who suffer the most! If BN really able to form the "new government" soon, what will happen to the new policy that PR had announced, such as Free Hold title for New Villages, lands for Chinese private school to self-sustains, and etc. Furthermore, the "new government" only have 2 non-bumis Adun, can they representing the Perakians that having almost 55% of non-bumis?

Sad to see DAP's
Hee defection. As she sound so firm that she will not defect. Seem like it was all a big time kaw-kaw sandiwara. But, can you see her face during the Najib's PC, look so tense & sad. Not even a word i guess. Anyway, she is buying time for Najib. She won't appeared if not Lim Guan Eng warned her that day. Such a lame excuse given. Then these 2 missing-in-action EXCO PKR suddenly appeared in Najib office and giving a lame excuse of sick. Therefore can't be contacted by the whole world even thier family members. But Najib able to contact these 2 guys. Amazing! Of course, the main joker of the whole incident is Bota Adun, it seem like "now you got me, now you don't". I was wonder whether this Bota Adun was a bait sent by Najib to Anwar. I wonder how these frogs would face the Rakyat who voted them?

I have to salute PAS as they are very firm on thier stand! After a by-election was held in PAS ruled Kelantan during 2004 - 2008 where the existing PAS seat was lost to UMNO and PAS only had
one seat different in DUN, they did not defect too no matter how bad the situation. Unlike DAP and PKR or PBS, many frogs were there and continue to have from time to time. That is why DAP is very much hoping for the Anti-Hoping Law. That is why also BN never want to push for it, as history tells us that they were benefited all the while.

Then come to this
EC pulak, another joker of the day. They decide not to call a by-election, an act of unconstitutional. For me, EC is helping Najib to buy time, at least to drag after Silver Jubilee of Sultan Perak on 3rd Feb 2009.

I do hope Sultan Perak will let the Perakians to decide again who should lead the government through the ballot box, not by jumping frogs. As the "boss" of the state, they should have the right to choose.

And finally, if the wish to have a fresh state election is granted, i hope all these frogs will disappear from the political arena forever. With this election also, once for all i hope Najib and UMNO will lost in coming GE.


Once For All, Dissolve It

Seem like PR of Government Perak has no other choice but to dissolve it to have a new mandate from Perakian. Too many stupid things happen since day one of 1st lunar month in OX.

With more & more rumours that DAP's Hee also quited the party (rumour still), how well the government is able to function and fight the economic crisis instead of this political crisis?

Conduct a new state election and once for all shut them (UMNO especially) off!!

God bless Perakian!