Monday, March 22, 2010

MCA Election 328

Now, MCA has 3 candidates for top post from current president OTK, previous president OKT and current Dep president CSL.

One is straight forward, don't really care what's other people think. One is a bit soft, not much results during his day as president. One is full of scandal in video tape which a lot of woman i think still hate.

Among the three, all are not my choice. Either one of them become president, the party will not settle in peace also.

Deputy President position. Kong and Liow expected the straight fight. Liow, soft guy, can't even convince the UMNO, only can become the yes-master type of MCA leader. Disaster if one day he becomes the president. It is good if he lost in this dep president fight. Kong in the other hand, does not really see him has any good result. Someone that seldom make to the papers i guess. not so famous.

What ever the outcome is it, people will treat this election as a sandiwara, a joke to watch, the best live-show ever telecast in Malaysia. Anyway, MCA is not relevant anymore in Malaysia politic as far as i concern.

Watch the show!

Equality in Sports

everybody talks about equality nowadays. But still you will notice that the prize money for man and woman are alway different with man always get higher prize money especially in badminton. But after CIMB KL squash open last Saturday, surprisingly the prize money for woman were higher than man....No idea why opposite but just wonder why don't just make it the same amount since both woman and man are playing the same number of games and matches, same points system to win the throphy.

Anyway, congrat to Nicol David to win the CIMB KL squash open last Saturday, again.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cut down emissions

It is the time for you to act to cut down the emissions of CO2 by at least changing your light bulb to energy efficiency bulb. More expensive to buy but last your choice lah...

anyway, you don't have choice anymore beginning of 2014. Bye bye old fashion bulb.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New route by Rapid PG - Airport - Teluk Bahang

It will become easier for people like me who stay in Batu Ferringhi to go home in the future... one bus straight to home, if i took the flight lah...

槟快捷通推介新路线 国际机场直通直落巴巷仅5令吉



这项新路线开幕仪式是在槟城国际机场举行,出席者包括槟城快捷通首席执行员阿查哈、马来西亚机场有限公司(槟城机场)高级经理阿都华合及硬石咖啡厅(Hard Rock Cafe)经理乌斯曼莫哈末达益。











若有任何疑问,乘客可以浏览槟城快捷通网站 或拨电 04-2381313 分线 223,216及203询问。

Friday, March 05, 2010

OPR increase 0.25%, March 2010

OPR increased meaning loan interest also increase, so to FD interest rate. So, since most of us serving the loan more than having FD or saving in banks, therefore prepare to pay more interest. Just hope that inflation will come down, but for Malaysia, once the price of goods went up, it will never come down!

At the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting today, Bank Negara Malaysia decided to raise the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) to 2.25 percent. The floor and ceiling rates of the corridor for the OPR are correspondingly raised to 2 percent and 2.50 percent respectively.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Butterflies inside the jungle, Selangor

Took some photos just now in the jungle near Pekan Kerling. I remembered last time when we hiked the Mount Tahan in 2002, while we took a rest near the river before continue the journey to Bloody Hill, a group of butterflies appeared around our bags and shoes.

Misc Photo of CNY 2010

Various photos takem during CNY. From PL's friend house gathering, my house with Thresa holding my daugther, YB Serdang and YB Seri Kembangan chinese gathering to celebrate Tiger Lunar Year 2010.