Wednesday, August 30, 2006

49th Merdeka Malaysia


49th years of independence since 1957. Is our nation unite? Or the relationship between all the races become weaker? Click here and here to find out more.

This is my comment in Jeff Ooi's Blog:

We are more unite last time compared to now. We are unite when we out from Malaysia and we call ourself Malaysian, but when back to Malaysia, it totally different scenario. We will call ourself Chinese, Malays, Indian, etc.... But i think the root cause is still man-made policies by Government thru out the years even before Merdeka. hai...

Happy Merdeka, Malaysian...

Wind of Change continues...

It have been quite some time that i am not updating the story. This "season" until May, a total of 8 persons "voted" out!!!! Since then, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th already "voted" out. They are Ms A, Ms C, Mr T, Mr G. And today, we have the 13th person "voted" out, Ms TL.

Soon, next month there will have another 2 persons "voted" out, that is Ms E and Me!!!

此处不留人, 必有留人处.

From Left To Right: Chandru, Andy, Evelyn, Sim, Thresa, Teo

At Last.....

I heard the plan of expanding Sri Petaling Star LRT to Puchong quite some time ago, maybe more than 2 years during the time i were searching for house. And one of the developer show the "future" plan of Star LRT. Late is better than nothing. But how soon the Link will completed? Any open tender? RM 10b, that is a lot, do not misuse it or else Rakyat will be very angry.

“The low percentage of city folks using public transport is one of the contributing factors to traffic congestion,” the Deputy Prime Minister said, adding that the Government wanted to increase the percentage of public transport passengers from 11% to 40% to be in line with big cities worldwide.

FYI, i will also taking Commuter and Putra LRT next month onward when i start my new job near KLCC. So, there will be lot of saving on fuel and time as well, hehe.

Merdeka's Gift - "Piratization"

Five concessionaires who are scheduled to increase their toll rates next year according to Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

“The Cabinet will decide whether the scheduled toll increases will be allowed,” Samy Vellu told reporters.

Why cabinet decide the issue? Why not we, Rakyat, decide the issue? Who pay the toll more compared to we, Rakyat? Who choose the Government for the next 5 years? Again, we, Rakyat! Who FIXED the contract with all these PIRATES? Government and the Cronies!! Why as Road Tax Payers, we need to pay more for JAM instead of free flowing traffic? Why until i get old and even retire at age 55, PLUS still collecting toll at the current contract that last till July 31, 2038 with every 3 years increase 10% of toll rate?

The Government was initially paying RM45mil as compensation, which has now increased to RM65mil annually, to ensure that the people were not burdened with higher toll charges,” he said.

Why if Government not allow the toll rates to be increase, Government (actually we, Rakyat) need to compensate those cronies?

Do you think we, Rakyat, the one who stupid enough to blindly continue vote for BN to continue rob our money for their cronies? Or the Government who dumb enough especially Samy who run the show and a bunch of monkeys in the cabinet to decide our fate, our children and even our grandchildren's fate? Who ever is it, we the one to be blamed. We as boss, who choose our "employees" every 5 years, fail in the 1st place. The "employees" simply promise something, we as Boss, simply listen only. So, blame ourself for our stupidity!!!

Time to Change!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Buy Camera Online From UK

Very Cheap, very cheap. Click this link: MobiTeh Inc

Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT Digital SLR Camera Kit w/ 18-55mm Lens - Black, around RM 1730.00 only (~RM 3600)

Nikon D50 SLR w/ 18-55mm F/3.5-4.5G Lens, around RM 1500.00 only !!! (~ RM 3100)

Nikon D70s SLR Kit w/ 18-70mm Lens, around RM 1950.00 only !!!!!!! (~ RM 3700)

Nikon D200 SLR - Body Only, around RM 3600.00 only compared to RM 5.9k

This link appeared in my blog, but it is really cheap compared to Malaysia. But how true the thing is, is up to you.

What's next?

3rd: Let Penang Umno Youth go ahead with the proposal of bumiputra consortium to work with Sime Darby Group to develop the Northern Corridor

I think Privatize the Penang (Penang Government) is the ultimate objectibe by this UMNO!!! So that they fully control Her. What the HECK!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

It Is Him Again...

He always want to deny 1st, then admitted later. Not one (also here, here & here) but two. He admitted it was a "friendly" SMS. Why yesterday want to deny?

Fail-bulouse Kuala Lumpur City

Rather spending RM 94 k for table manners to 31 DBKL officers, i think it is better to dump the money into "Drain" to clear all the dirt, rubbish, sediment etc in order to avoid flash flood that cause me 3hr and 15 minutes to reach KL Stadium Negara from Kelana Jaya instead of 25 minutes normally.

The storm caused several areas in the city to be flooded. Some of the worst affected were Taman Maluri, Taman Miharja, Pudu, Sungai Besi, Jalan Chan Sow Lin and Jalan Peel in Cheras.

More news here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Release - Nikon D80

Fusion of Past, Present and Future

Nikon D80 -- Outstanding performance, ease of operation, versatile personal control and exciting in-camera effects make digital SLR photography more rewarding for all.

The Main Features
The D80 features a new 10.2 effective megapixel DX Format CCD image sensor, bringing a new level of high resolution and sharp detail to the class while also providing plenty of freedom to crop creatively and print impressive enlargements. Nikon's DX Format sensor and Nikon F bayonet lens mount design assure unprecedented compatibility across the comprehensive assortment of AF Nikkor lenses and DX Nikkor lenses designed exclusively for Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Technical Specifications

This is my choice of Comparison among the Nikon Cameras. Click Here. The Shutter Speed is 1/4000 only compared to D200 of 1/8000. But i don't think i have the chance to shoot even at 1/4000, so 1/8000 only in dream. I like 10.2 mp, powerful unlike D70s and D50, only 6.1 mp. That is why i want to own D200 which also won many awards, but the price is killing me, now D80 come out, hopefully the price is cheaper, much cheaper. FYI, D200 body sell at RM5.8 k.

As i can't afford to buy D200, so i think this is the only choice i left. But the price not yet announce. Need to wait.

Two CM for Penang?

Recently a lot of huha on Penang CM rotation system which was totally failed after fews years of "testing" in Sabah that proposed by then PM DR M. The system failed to work because it created a lot of uncertainties and disruptions in the leadership.

But now the Dr Hilmi Yahaya (MP of Balik Pulau) even suggested Penang should be devided into Two (2). One for Penang island, one for Seberang Prai. Of course i believe his wish is to put a non-chinese CM at Sebeang Prai. It is seem like we should have Two PM too since we have East and West Malaysia.

When this "new" suggestion come out, for sure Dr Koh beh song lor. He said, "避免槟威分裂,不赞同管制权分二"。 许首长表示,槟州原本就是一个完整的州属,因此他并不认同有人提出把槟州的管制权划分为槟岛及威省,因为一旦划分,最终将造成更严重的分裂,同时也对槟州形成一个不健全的趋势。I am also beh song lar, simple cut into two, you think this is an apple ah? So easy to cut?

And more people opposed to the here in mandarine. I can't the news in English paper yet.

Close One Eye Saga

Read here from NST.

A senior Customs Department officer received an SMS yesterday, which he considers to be intimidating in nature, from a handphone bearing the same number as that of the MP for Jasin, Datuk Mohd Said Yusof.

But Mohd Said, when contacted, denied he had sent the SMS. The handphone number, however, belonged to him.

Ehhh....funny!!! You denied but the handphone number is yours. Tak kan some one from customs department steal your handphone and send the SMS meh? 自打嘴巴.

The content of the SMS:

(Assalamualaikum Haji. Kau nak ajak berjumpa, si Romainor di Melaka tak habis-habis mencari pasal dengan company (syarikat) aku. Kalau ini berterusan, jangan marah kalau aku bangkitkan hal-hal Kastam lagi. Terima kasih).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Steel Can - Recyclable?

I went to recycle my Steel Can used containers into Orange Bin that provided by Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan. At the Orange Bin, i was thinking hard should i throw the steel can into the bin since the bin only stated Aluminium Can. It is not logic that steel can cannot be recycled. So just apply the attitude Tak Apa, hentam saja la.

But after go through the website, under Orange Bin, All types of aluminium and steel cans like drink cans and food cans are recyclable. Why at the bin never stated such information. shit!!!

Surprisingly, these items cannot be recycle:

What can be recycled at Home?

What can be recycled at Office?

Discharged !!!!

How much you guess? RM 9.00 for 3 days stay at Ward Class 3. RM 50.00 for removing her appendix. Plus 10 tablets of Pain Killer and some "hidden cost" that will post to my house few weeks later (lab report, blood test, urine test etc.).

I can't believe it. Thinking may burn my pocket up to RM 500.00. Imagine if you go to private hospital, easily more than RM 2000.00. But of course the service not that good la, no serving for you. They will expect you do it yourself. Give you a pack of 3 in 1 milo and expect you do it your self.

Anyway, i am going to face the same song soon, as my knee checking appointment is schedule at 13 October 2006 at HUKM. But now at least i know how much should i prepare for it.

She was given 13 days of MC till 1 September 2006. Thanks for those friends and relatives who visit and concern about her.......

Monday, August 21, 2006

Parliament Meeting

Persidangan Parlimen
Mesyuarat Ketiga, Penggal Ketiga, Parlimen Kesebelas

From 21 August till 13 September 2006.

more update here:

Forum Perdana - TV1

Yesterday got live telecast Forum Perdana, it is a weekly debate on current issues in Malaysia, on-air from 9.30 pm till 10.30 pm. Normally they will invite rulling party member, opposition either PAS or DAP and non-politician guest, 4 guests. Normally i won't miss the show except certain things that i need to stay away from TV.

But from the debate, you can always discovered how immature of the rulling party candidates. The way they anwer, they way they argue an issue... They will simply and always carry with them one phrase: "Pihak Pembankang selalu ini, selalu itu".

Yesterday one of the guest is from Kinabatangan, Sabah. The MP is well known for his Barbarian way of speaking... YB Bung Mokhtar. Again and again, his answer is not convined enough for me. I am not sided DAP guest. But at least he gave the good points, from my points of view la... Then i saw some "monkey" at the seat there "jumping" around when YB Bung condemed Opposition with his Barbarian voice.... the same phrase again appeared: "Pihak Pembankang...."

Anyway, it is a good platform to discuss, to debate certain issues for better tommorow. Malaysia Boleh !!!!!


Still remembered on 15 August 2006 we were talking about BK's appendix being removed and rest in Ipoh. The same incident happended yesterday.... Now is PL turns.

The story began at 4 am Sunday. She complained her abdomen pain... taught was gastric or what ever stomach ache... drank hot water, vomited, then about 6am, drank hot milo, also vomited... Then finally cannot tahan anymore, pain like hell... muka pun pucat now... hand leg cold... Baby still sleeping, i guess he was dreaming at that moment too, home sweet home... back to the story, finally i decided tosend her to clinic... but so early, mana ada buka???? Tension, no choice, asked my sister to take care Henn Henn, i rushed PL to Hospital Serdang, few minutes away from my house. We reached A & E at 8.25am, registered, checked the blood pressure, heart beat (extremly low, scared me too, Pulse 53, pressure 83/48), paid RM 1.00, and waited for her turn to see Doctor... waiting for 5 minutes for normal human is short, but for PL is like 2 hours... suddenly the Prihatin Staff pushed a wheel chair to carry her to Treatment Section (i think they considered her case TENAT). Withdrew blood and urine sample, discovered abnormal high of WBC, suspected stupid appendix, warded, and waiting for operation to remove that "suspended cacing".

the whole episod end at around 6.30 pm.... Baby send to KL MIL's house. Fee? tak tau lagi, but i guess quite cheap kuah? anyway can claim from GE. haha, now PL is further reduce her weight from 41.70 kg to maybe 41.69 kg.....

Friday, August 18, 2006

1st Fall ..........

Yesterday night while sleeping, Henn Henn suddenly cry... He fell from the bed and landed on the floor. Facing toward the floor like turtle.... !!!! Alamak.... lack of precaution, ini lah akibatnya... luckily he is man enough, stop crying after few minutes... instead PL cry half an hour i guess. Since he know how to move around, turn here turn there, we already take some precaution steps to prevent him from having such incident.... but it is still happended yesterday. so more precaution steps are needed in the future....

Few days ago, while sleeping also... PL accidentally "wrestling" on his face... again... he cry... few seconds. Actually it was time for him to have his milk milk... so start making noise and PL kan cheong and hit him, not so hard but enough to make him cry lorrr....

Imagine if i were to work in Miri for a week maybe 2, can PL handle all this......... that is my worries....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sunset at Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Yesterday took this picture at Puchong, Bandar Puteri. Recently the weather is so damn hot, so the sun also look extra red. And it is always look bigger too when sunset. The photo not so clear as i snap it at Digital Zoom (my optical zoom not big enough).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


West? from UK - CL, East? from Malaysia la - KH, PL, JR (change from KJ, since KJ become nama "shui"), Kam Meng (Dark skin uncle) and Ai Ling (dark skin ah yee).

Just before CL go back to UK to continue his "works", they decided to have a dinner at Curry Fish Head initially, but hard for me and PL la. susah to go out nowaday some more now is Ghost Month, not one but two months. So finally come to my house and had dinner. Some home cook, some bought from Liang Yah (actual spelling not sure).

You can see there are 2 dark skin man and woman (not me of course), no doubt they are NOT together la, as you know, positive and positive will push each other (same goes to -ve to -ve charge), so cannot. There is one example, me and PL, i am dark, PL is fair, i am tall, PL is short. It is always opposite, so we are always "BIND" together. Physic theory correct, betul kah?

And this CL, his jangut and misai plus "NOSE HAIR", you can't even differentiate which part is which part the hair come from. Woi, shave it la...

ok... go home now... more than 6pm.

PS: FYI, BK got his appendix cut off few days ago... now rest in IPOH.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Yum Yum

My finger and his hand

very kan cheong want to eat... cant even stop for 2 seconds

yum yum ...good taste for him, but when i taste it.....erkk...conclusion, baby less complaint

Dirty nose...

Friday, August 11, 2006


Went to KL to collect something, on the way back, snap this KLCC photos... not the best but just to share... People might think i am coming from outstation..."sua phah kaw", never see KLCC like that... But tak apa la, just snap la, for syok syok only...

Fresh Flower with Cow Dung

Went to Johor yesterday to do some observation of the Oil Palm Trees. Found this dung, good in shape. So i decided to put a flower on top of the dung to create this Picture. Enjoy !!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



赛胡先阿里是在上周五于八打灵再也的一项课程上这么表示。这项由青年动力(Youth For Change)主办的《民间版种族关系》课程,吸引了约50名参与者,其中不乏来自各公民社会组织的成员,包括隆雪华青团长陈松林、《当今大马》专栏作家唐南发,以及来自董总、白小保校工委会、政党、媒体和各大专的学生。



for more information, please go to Malaysia Kini

Monday, August 07, 2006


Accoding today The star , Police reports will be a form of control against bloggers who post seditious, malicious and defamatory articles on the Internet.

Apart from the police reports, Dr Lim said that the Government, through the MCMC and Mimos, had been monitoring certain websites to ensure that they did not cross the line.

He advised people not to abuse the Government’s decision to leave the Internet uncensored.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi warned that those spreading untruths and slander on the Internet would face the law.

In Kuala Lumpur Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said some bloggers should be more sensitive of the items they post on websites.

He said there should be some self-censorship of articles so as not to offend any group or religion or cause disharmony.

In the case of blogger Jeff Ooi whom he said had misreported him, Fu said Ooi should get his facts right in his website.

He said Malaysiakini was another example of a website which had misreported the spraying incident involving Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Kota Baru.

oh what is that? must careful in the future... but as long as i do not publich any sensitive issues, as long as i post those issues related to the public interest, i dont see i post any threat to the "important people" out there... if the "important people" think that blogger can post threat to their "stability" in their current position, their home sweet home, then better prepare yourselve not to betray to the Rakyat!!! or else, what the heck for i pay my tax money to support those loss-money-GLC, corrupted official, "close-one-eye", what ever so called Development Projects ...


My Henn Henn start taking porride now. One day twice, each time half bowl at 11 am and 5 pm. Just after taking the porridge, he still cry for Milk... oh, sure or not you? Eat so much meh? So another 180 ml of diluted milk (4 scoops of powder instead of 6). But yesterday, he betul betul naughty. Cry here, cry there, dunno what happend as i don't understand what he was trying to say, tension only....