Monday, June 29, 2009

Back into Action!!!

I am back to cycle, on the road, not on the gym room, with my mountain bike, finally.

Not really fast, dare not push too far and too much, but averagely about 20-25 km/hr in the slightly hilly road in the Country Height (not the place i stay, but the place i work). Will gradually increase the distance and speed, hope to achieve at least 80% of the stamina and the day we (myself, TBK, Patrick, etc. Basically OX member) were in the peak performance.

But even before i took a ride with my bike, my bike was met in the an accident and "bathed" with human blood from my colleague who tried to "tame" this bike which i own for more than 16 years! This is the first time my bike involved in accident and "see the blood" as well. My poor bike......and the poor victim.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

A(H1N1) or Swine Flu?

Only idiot will suggest to use the later as W.H.O. has given clear guideline to use A(H1N1) since this flu is not transmitting from swine to human, it is a combination of bird flu, human flu and swine flu.

Even the Health Ministry Director-General insisted of using the A(H1N1). What an idiot comments from Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture. Our so-called PhD minister from oversea.

MJ 1958 - 2009

No more “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” or “Man in the Mirror”....... the most favourite songs in 90's.

Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”
died Thursday. He was 50. So, i believe all the scandals should also come to the end. Rest in Peace.

London Tour? Just keep the tickets.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RM65m and The Consultant

Why need to appoint consultant for this airport tax that owe by AirAsia to MAHB? Is this money supposed to pay to MAHB after certain time or days (terms)? Why AA want to delay payment till it is balooned to RM65m until MP bring it up in Paliarment?

WTF is all this? Cronies' game lah.

Monday, June 22, 2009

No Unity Government

That is the final answer to PR supporters and to rival UMNO.


F1 and PAS Malaysia

Both are very different in the operation and characteristics.

One is automobile, glamour, rich & famous sport, speed is the matter.
Another one is a Islamic political party, only available in Malaysia, especially West Malaysia, power is the matter.

But both have the same fate, that is "split-into-two", soon to be, if no real action is taken. But it seem like F1 gonna split 1st, as FOTA has agreed to form a new series next season to fight current F1 series. and FIA is tough on their decision as well.

Will PAS split into 2 as well? Ask Hadi then!

By the way, Red Bull finished 1-2 in the British Grand Prix. Superb performance....... Where is rich & famous teams? Eat the dust again.....

Terrorists in Klang?

Trucks by trucks of Police and FRU with M16 machine guns went into the center of Klang. Not because of Mat Selamat-those-type-of-terrorists around there or hiding there, it was just a fund raising DAP dinner held near the Klang MP's service center.

WTF is happening now? Malaysia's police are very free now, nothing else to do? Our crime rate is very low? no snatch thieves? Or because need "live" training for our police forces? Maybe the tear gas is almost expired, wasted if not using it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Unity Government?

When we decide to change in 308 GE, we have concluded that we discarded BN especially UMNO. What the heck is that when PAS (not all the leaders) is proposing (and in fact secretly met UMNO leaders in the past) to form the unity government? Are they (again, not all the leaders) can't wait for another 3-4 years to become miniters or even PM in the government? Gila kuasa?

These jokers of UMNO-friendly PAS leaders should in fact quit PAS and join UMNO, they can carry away thier MP seats to UMNO, i believe PR won't even feel sad to lose 2/3 majority as long as these cancerous cells/organs is remove from the body. At least the body and soul can still survive, loosing out part of the organs is nothing much to concern as long as you can live longer and continue the spirit by producing younger generation ......

I hope this is clear enough for those jokers from PAS.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Again, dead in lock-up

It happened again to our indian friend...... Dead while under police lock-up. Though we are not know what is the causes, but it never stop from happening.......

Somehow somewhere, there is something wrong inside of it. IPCMC? What is that again, Mr IGP? huh?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy & Important Month

This month i am very busy for work and also for home.

Work: never ending of
PDD-ing due to various projects i am currently handling with.....
Home: my wife expected to deliver anytime from now on......

So, don't expect any outstation this month please....

Friday, June 12, 2009

A(H1N1) Level Six

Maximum level now, even went to hospital yesterday in KL also need to declare health status before allow to enter.......

Accocrding to WHO, Phase 6 doesn’t mean anything concerning severity, it is concerning geographic spread... Pandemic means global, but it doesn’t have any connotation of severity or mildness...... hope this is true enough....

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

No motion in Bonn

same old story...... Developed country asking developing country to commit some emission reduction while developing country ask the rich country to do so...... Road to Copenhagen, seem not so easy huh?
"The developing countries are frustrated, as the developed countries are not ready to commit themselves to exact emission reductions at the present UN climate talks in Bonn, states Troels Dam Christensen, a spokesperson for 22 NGOs."

Nuclear industry looks to poorer countries for future growth

From COP 15 - Copenhagen:

The nuclear industry is hoping that current climate change talks in Bonn will overturn eight years of exclusion under the Kyoto Protocol.

Michael von Bülow
08/06/2009 12:15

The nuclear industry is hoping that UN-led climate talks in Bonn, now going into their second and final week, will overturn eight years of exclusion from schemes meant to help poorer countries develop low-carbon technologies.

The draft text currently under discussion in the 182-countries forum in Bonn, includes an option to make nuclear plants eligible for funding from 2012 under two schemes: the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation.

Nuclear power was excluded from these schemes under the Kyoto Protocol in 2001, after opposition from European and developing countries.

While the nuclear industry is optimistic, environmentalists are concerned.

“It’s a survival strategy for the nuclear industry, not the planet,” says Shaun Burnie, a nuclear energy consultant and former Greenpeace campaigner.

Monday, June 08, 2009


Watch this movie, 93 minutes. A film by YANN ARTHUS - BERTRAND. Click the link here to go to the homepage: Time to act!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

alternate energy

Besides biomass, biogas, solar, wind, ocean, hydro that give us renewable energy, seem like it is time for carbon emissions-free nuclear power? Problem is how to handle the residue wastes.......