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14 days in HUKM (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay. It takes me about two months to continue my story. Of course the delay was due to 12th General Electi0n, then i was very busy in work since then.

Day 3:
A tiring and painful night for me. The nurse came and measured the blood pressure and provided the pain killer on 11pm, then again on ~6am. Each day four (4) times without fail. At 7am, the fluorescent light in the ward switch on. Hey man, you got to wake up, it is breakfast time and get yourself ready for the doctors and future young doctors. You will become the white rabbit for them. Hey, i felt proud to be able became their white rabbit.

Few doctors then came at about 8am and reminded me to keep my leg straight till Monday. OMG, which mean i can't move my leg and had to sleep on the bed without leaving it for more than 72 hour.

Day 4:
Sunday, "no-doctors-day", only normal Medical Officer came and wrote some report. Actually my left knee is a bit bend and harden, i think out by 10 degree. Because if i kept it straight line, it is not comfortable to sleep. But i need to pay the price of not listening to the doctor......

For the past few days, i did not have enough sleep due to pain that i suffered and things that we can't see disturbing me.

Day 5:
Wake up early morning preaparing to go home. At 8am, all the doctors came including the surgeons and surrounded me. The nurse was called to open up the bandage. The wound was ok. But one thing was not ok, very not ok. My knee was infected with bacteria, i was the "lucky" fella, maybe less than 1/1000 possibility and i just got it! It is now became a complication case. Damn. Doctor gave me antibiotic and the powerful pain killer
"Arcocia" 120 mg. Now i need to stay at least one more week on this number 10 bed.

Swollen being observed at my left knee, very tension around the knee. The surgeon, Syed, suggested to open up the knee again and washed in order to remove the bacteria. Further discussion with the head was needed.

Today also started the real pain, the pain i called hell pain. Doctor lifted my ankle and place on top of a pillow. My bend knee now was force to become straight again and imagine the pain. After about 1.5 hour, the pain only gradually reduce. In the afternoon, the physiotherapist, Ms Tan, came and taught me four (4) techniques to strengthen the muscles, strecthing the muscles etc.

My parent reached KL today. While waiting for them, I slept in the afternoon and i was disturbed by the "good brother". While sleeping with my right hand placed below my head, i was shaken up by someone. Again at night about 9.20pm, i was waken up in my dream. In my dream, all the surrounding area was spinning and i felt so dizzy and cold. This incident not only happened to me but to my neighbour, the Pakcik opposite me and the Indian Muslim brother as well. The also experienced it, for example, Pakcik wife was "lebam" all over the body and the pakcik also heard someone walking through the walkway to toilet in 3-4am but no one is there. Our indian muslim brother felt dizzy, his wife being pushed by something while standing talking to her husband, etc. More ghost stories from the nurses after i was discharged from hospital. And you know what, the nurse told me that 3rd floor is left empty and the lift sometime will stop there and open the door. To scare you further, the bed i slept had patient that pass away...... And when i told the nurse my experience, she smile at me and replied: "hehe, katil awak ni tidur pernah ada patient mati".

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