Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Suppose to have dinner with her during our wedding aniversary, but suddenly she is not feeling weel, so kena postpone loh.....

So finally had the dinner on 23rd October 2005 with sister, group of colleagues, leng lui & leng chai. This is the picture taken during my wife's pregnancy of 21 weeks. Pretty mah. For your information, she is now toward 27 weeks of pregnancy. Getting tension also me, but i am very happy about it, no pain no gain mah..hahaha

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Please be informed that there will be a Mamak Tea Break propose on 17 Dec 2005 at Serdang, Selangor.
For those who are able to attend, living some where around in klang valley, from the north, from the south, from East Malaysia, what so ever, or you feel like wanna to have a chat after some time never chat, since my wedding, Ally's wedding, and Chia Sean's wedding, come and join the MaMaK TeA BrEaK !!!!

For your info, Yang Ping is coming back on the 1st week of Dec. Chee How is in Malaysia now, NOW !!!

For further details, kindly contact BK 016-5319230 or me 012-4081896....


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Woke up in the early morning Saturday, me and my wife saw this, quickly i took the picture. It is like living on top of Genting Highland. Recently, the weather is good to sleep la, no need air-cond. There was heavy and long hour rain on that night, therefore mist is there la. You can't even see the sun ler, hide behind the mist.

This is the second time i experienced it. The first time was last year September, when i was just move in before my wedding day.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Le Tour de Langkawi

Le Tour de Langkawi Takes Off Again From Feb 3-12 2006

Time to prepare another Blue Ride next year, won't miss it this time, like this year, where we (me, TBK & Patrick) joined Penang International 12 hr walking competition and miss the Blue Ride. But till now, the official web site no even a single news on the event, very lousy.

Need to polish my bike la, dusty and front wheel sudah bocoh angin, need to change inner tube. TBK, find a day, we go and cycling la, around S.K. area, i do cycle, but alone, sian one and no motivation to push beyond limit, not like last time.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Just when i want to call him through phone, his happy family (sister, sis bf and TBK) talked to PL, sitting next to us, having dinner near his house.

For the past 4 month, maybe more than that, we try to meet each other, by either side, cannot make it. Having mamak tea break at nite prior to 1st day Hari Raya, he can't make it, balik kampung konon-nya. Thinking the next mamak stall tea break will be somewhere Dec 1st week la, when our YP come back from Swiss....... to do some big "thing". Then we can have all night long party at my house, after mamak stall tea break.

Still, NCL is not availabl, got to wait till next year ler.

ehhh.... according to TBK, he saw Chee How in Selangor.... Why ? Why ? aren't he suppose in UK ? ..... KJ, find out more, please..........

Friday, November 11, 2005

Sunset at Bukit Belimbing, Balakong
(Landscape mode, Olympus Camedia C-370)

This photo was taken around 7 pm, but you cannot see the sun because the sun is at opposite side of this tower (i am facing to the East), it is just the reflection of the light to the cloud.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maybe the economic is too good? always have staffs resign looking for better offer or it is because too tension working nowaday, among colleagues, boss what so ever, have to find some way out to release the pressure.
To Mas (5th from left), May the Force be with you, Always.........
(taken using Olympus Camedia C-370, Night Scene Mode, time 7.30 pm, Shah Alam Seksyen 27)

Recently the sky always display nice sunset, according to my wife, it is due to hot weather.... is it link?? I dunno.