Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not A Cheap Flight!

Based on the news from TheStar, Malaysia Government (aka We) paid another RM 39.11 for the Angkasawan space programme. The first phase of the Angkasawan programme was not totally free of charge for the Government. So the total paid out was RM 114.91 mil. If this money can spend on more realistic way, we can train more doctors to service the country rather than perfomed few experiments (only) in the space. Idiot!

Some one even proposed himself for Mars expedition! Hey, superpower country like China also aims for Moon only even though they produce their own rocket!
Be realistic!

Quote from The Star:

Maximus said that of the RM39.11mil paid, RM16.8mil was born by the ministry and RM22.28mil by government-linked agencies.

He added that the Russian Government funded RM75.8mil for the programme as part of a deal when the Malaysian Government purchased Sukhoi SU30MKM fighter jets from the Russian Government.

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