Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better Than Ah Long

Our banks are actually better than Ah Long, they get more money compared to them, legally!

I have a simple Test:

1. If i used RM 3,365.99 for last statement date (28 Dec 08).
2. I paid RM 1,600.00 on 5th Jan 09
3. I paid RM1,410.00 on 15th Jan 09
4. I paid RM360.00 on 21st Jan 09
5. My statement due date was 17th Jan 09.

What is the amount that logically and supposed to be charged for finance charges (or interest)?

The ANSWER is RM3,365.99 starting from 28 Dec 08 till 21st Jan 09, a TOTAL of 24 days!!!!! Eventhough i cleared all my RM3,365.99, just because i paid the last RM360 4 days after the due date, i will be charged for 24 days interest based on RM3,365.99. Such a fair system imposed by our
BNM. They never appreciate early payment, but they penalty you all the way back to Statement Date if you paid 1 cent less! As i have the habbit of not paying the few cents, no wonder i always kena "extraordinary" interest some time!

Please read carefully what has written at the back of the statement you received every month. It says that interest will only be calculated based on the balance that is not paid after the due date and will calculated from the PAYMENT DUE DATE until FULL SETTLEMENT.

So, in your next statement, please see and read carefully, if you are not fully paid the transaction by Due Date! Anyway, i will officially write an email to the bank and CC to MP to voice my dissatisfaction eventhough the poor customer lady told me she will convey the complaint to the bank. By then, this will be my 3rd official complaint letter to the same bank!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Same Fate

Both projects involved Sime Darby. One was between Sime & AirAsia, the other one between Sime & IJN.

Same hope (Labu & IJN) and also same fate (Labu & IJN) end of the day. Both projects involved the interference from external forces. One from ex-premier et al., one from Rakyat.

AmBank reduces BLR by 55 bps

Funny bank with slightly higher BLR compared to other major banks.

KUALA LUMPUR: AmInvestment Bank Group has reduced its Base Lending Rate (BLR) by 55 basis points (bps) to 6% per annum, from the current 6.55% per annum.

It said on Friday the revised BLR would take effect from Feb 10.

It added the revision was in view of Bank Negara’s reduction in the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 75bps, reducing the Statutory Reserve Requirement from 3.5% to 2% and term deposit rates by 50bps last week.

HH The Birthday Boy

He is 3 now and is getting naughtier nowaday. Of course, he was the happiest boy on that day as he received his presents - all the power rangers, Ultraman, remote control car and etc ...... and FYI also, he will become big brother after July 09.

Some Snap Shots CNY 2009

Some flowers photos, big joss stick, our dog (one of), clear blue sky and the sugarcane leave.

Family Gathering CNY 2009

Time to gather and talk and eat and drink! Went to one of my father's brother house that he just moved in weeks ago. Identify the triplet in one of the photo. No prize for that guess.

Views from Tg. Tokong

G. Jerai at far

High rise buildings at Tg. Tokong, Gurney Drive. Can you see KOMTAR

Georgetown & Jetty

Pearl Hill, Tg Bungah

Tanjung Tokong

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fireflyz to Penang for CNY 2009

For this OX chinese new year, i went back to Penang alone and took Fireflyz's brand new ATR flight. As this is a small plane, therefore i also experenced the 1st-in-my-life's air turbulence. The plane's sudden drop-lift-drop-lift during take off scared most of the passengers of that flight especially children. And the young pretty girl who sit next to me even "freeze" on her chair and hold tight to the handle both hand.

The flight took only 1 hour. So if you include waiting time of minimum 30 min prior departure time, you only required 1.5 hr. Plus travelling time of 30 min from home to Subang airport, total time is 2hr only. Compared to driving home from KL, i think you need 7 hr during this CNY. If you were giving me the choice of Airasia and Fireflyz, i rather choose the later as it is nearer to KL, cheaper fare (depend on your luck) and in fact the air stewardes "not bad". Ah ha, they also provide FREE muffin and orange juice. The most important thing is Fireflyz flight schedule is on time, so far i only took 2 flight and is accurately took off and landed on time.

They even upgrading the existing Subang airport, you can enjoy your Coffee Bean's kopi before check-in, CIMB and Maybank for you and some shops selling dunno what thing (i did not check). You also can find the controversial EUROCOPTER base in Subang Airport.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Chai to all of you who celebrate Chinese New Year. May you have a happy, prosperous, joyous, healthy and wealthy lunar new year 2009.

Perak PR 32 : BN 27

UMNO Bota assemblyperson Nasarudin Hashim has quit Umno to join PKR. He is the 1st BN elected representative to cross over to PR. With this event, PR now has 32 seats vs 27 seats from BN.

A new wave has just begun. At least he knows the dark side of BN especially UMNO.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maybank cuts BLR 0.55%

After BNM cuts OPR 0.75%, Maybank today announced to cut the BLR 0.55% to 5.95%. What about other banks?

KUALA LUMPUR: Malayan Banking Bhd is reducing its base lending rate (BLR) by 55 basis points (bps) from 6.5% to 5.95%, effective from Feb 3 after Bank Negara reduced the floor rate for fixed deposits and cut borrowing costs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A way to treat the Rakyat?

This is how the way Federal Government treat the Rakyat who supporting the Pakatan Rakyat State Government. Please see yourself clearly how naive the federal ministers behave. Like a kid fighting with another kid because he is loosing something to the other party. What a third class mentality.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had said on Tuesday that the ban was to cut off the state-elected Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) from access to federal agencies.

In this scenario, Rakyat has no choice but to vote BN out from federal government in the 13th GE. To teach them how to become a good "servant" to the Boss of Rakyat who choose them and pay them to work!

Time to Change!!!

OPR Drop Further

That also means that BLR & FD will drop, good news and bad news. But good news is more than bad news anyway.

Statement from BNM:

Monetary Policy Statement

At the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting today, Bank Negara Malaysia decided to reduce the Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by 75 basis points to 2.50 percent. The ceiling and floor rates of the corridor for the OPR are correspondingly reduced to 2.75 percent and 2.25 percent respectively. The Statutory Reserve Requirement (SRR) is also reduced from 3.5 percent to 2 percent, effective from 1 February 2009. With the heightened downside risks to growth, the magnitude of the reductions in the OPR and the SRR are aimed to be pre-emptive in providing a more supportive monetary environment for the domestic economy.

The international economic and financial conditions have deteriorated much more significantly in the recent period. The major industrial economies are now experiencing a recession and this has significantly increased the risks to global growth. The contraction in global demand and trade, combined with the reduction in global commodity prices, has affected the export earnings of many of the regional economies, including Malaysia. These contractionary factors have been exacerbated by the protracted turmoil in the international financial markets.

The sharper deterioration of the global economy is expected to have a greater impact on the Malaysian economy. The large decline in external demand has already led to a contraction in exports and a moderation in the pace of private investment activity. In addition, these developments have also affected labour market conditions. Under these circumstances, the urgent implementation of policy measures will be key towards ensuring that the Malaysian economy continues to experience positive growth in 2009.

In an environment of moderating growth and the significantly lower commodity prices, inflation has continued to decelerate to 4.4 percent in December 2008. This deceleration is expected to continue with the weaker demand conditions and lower imported inflation.

Given that the Malaysian banking system remains fundamentally sound, the Bank's efforts will continue to be directed towards ensuring access to credit to all sectors of the economy, and that the reduction in interest rates would be reflected in lower borrowing costs.

Bank Negara Malaysia
21 January 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Victory for PAS

PAS won KT by-election by majority 2,631 votes. However, not much different in term of support from Chinese compared to 308 GE. PAS needs to clarify their stands on certain issues that seem to "affect" the mood of chinese, if PR is serious of taking over Federal Government.

Time to deliver!

Parliament now, 83 PR : 139 BN. One more seat coming soon for by-election from state of Sabah pending for appeal. Actually 2 more seats from SAPP, supposed to categorised as Independent and one seat in Kelantan as well. So the score should be PR 82 : BN : 137 : Independent 3.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

D-Day for KT Buy - Election

Time to end B-eNd especially UMNO's hegemony in today buy-election. Time to tell UMNO and BN not to insult rakyat's intelligence by dumping tonnes of money when only close to any election.

May PAS win it all out! Continue the winds of change!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Case Dropped!

Penang PR government has appointed 10 lawyers for the case that supposed to be heard on Friday. At the same time, GGMM has drop the case, according to their lawyer, no funding. What ever reason it is, what is the issue of this multi-language signbord? huh?


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

1 Year since 04 Jan 2008

1 year gone and yet my left knee not fully recover yet, what a setback. Been progressing well in term of flexibility but not on the muscle strength. Few reasons, but the main one is to blame myself of laziness. Tend to find a lot of excuses of not doing the exercise at home.

Padam muka hang ni.

Anyway, this is life, the journey started, you got to move forward. Ok, will go to hotel gym room that operate 24 hr for "cycling" later. Must push the muscle, make them work!

I still can't run properly (still limping at the speed of 7km / hr) though cycling is not an issue now. I am able to cycle 6.5 km in 15 min in gym room. Though not very fast, but mainly due to warming up of few minutes that average out my speed.

Therefore, guys becareful when sport, don't involve in sports accident! Eventhough you may think cycling is "safe". Thanks to Melaka Trithlon 2003!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Bursa Down Again

Down again, forbidden to trade (or to key in your order). 3rd time now since it happen on 18 Dec 08. Damn. And one of my order got "stucked" in between the "cyberspace's twilightzone".

Thursday, January 01, 2009

0.00 01, 01 01 2009

A new day, new year begins...... A new hope, new dream and new target as well. Wellcome to the OX year.