Friday, April 28, 2006

Yonex Thomas & Uber Cup Japan 2006

It is the show time again.. Malaysia Team has the best chance to capture the cup. Give them the moral support.... But is there any live telecast or not?

Malaysia Team in action and my Guessing of the Result:
28 April 2006 - Malaysia vs USA (5:0)

30 April 2006 - Malaysia vs England (5:0)

Quarter Final 4 (as i believe Malaysia will top of the Group - D1):
3 May 2006 - Malaysia vs B2 (again my Guess Korea) or A3 (Germany)

Semi Final 2 (if Malaysia win aganst Korea):
5 May 2006 - Malaysia vs Denmark (my guess again) - Oh Malaysia Lost 3-2

Final: If Malaysia win aganst Denmark
7 May 2006 - Malaysia vs China or Indonesia - So is Denmark Vs China (0:3)

Here is the schedule 1 and 2.
Official Website
Updated: Live Score Results of Thomas & Uber Cup, Click Here

BLR increase to 6.75%

Oh, BLR increase again, Mayban announced today Effectively 28 April 2006, BLR is 6.75%. Burden increase again...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


woi, all my chinese friends in Penang, island or mainland, those who marry, faster a bit, work harder, day and night, produce your next generation. For those who is still single, also move faster, find your ideal partner, kahwin cepat-cepat, beranak cepat-cepat too.... Penang Chinese population is now left 43.4%, DROP 1.4% in 4 years. Malays 41.1%, Indians 10.1%, Non-Malaysians 5%, Others 0.4%.






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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What is WRONG with the 100 Olds Hindu Temple?

What is the problem now is our society? What is the problem of the Hindu Temple that exist more than 100 years? Do you call this a caring society? This is how you create social harmony?

Sad day for Hindus, Sad day for Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam, Sad day for All Malaysians.

For your information, the temple in Shah Alam, Section 11, will be demolished at 7.00am tomorrow, 26 April 2006.

This is the Letter they sent to Prime Minister

针对华小拨款欠理想投诉 教长:已较往年多

Oh, what the heck is that? Talk like that meh you Menteri Pendidikan....

以华总、董总、教总、七大乡团协调委员会、校友联总、留台联总及南大校友会等组织的国内主要华团,在周六的一项闭门交流会议之后,发表文告指出,对於半津贴学校只获得政府拨予小学48亿款项中的1亿令吉,感到不满意,认为有关的数目太少了。 部长坦言,他不会太在意这些非政府组织的看法,因为他认为这些非政府组织的目光往往只是关心那些他们所关心的。


then he said this some more:

教育部长拿督斯里希山慕丁今日指出,虽然政府不会立即关闭国内的微型学校,不过为了节省资源,政府将会停止对微型学校的资援,全心专注於区域学校的发展。这也意味着,教育部将任由微型学校在国家发展下自行被淘汰。 不过,他也强调,政府将不会立即关闭这些微型学校,家长也可以继续将孩子送往这些学校去求学,不过他们却不得投诉这些学校的设备不足、有缺完善等等。

Too much la this time you, for what ever political reasons, they are still anak Malaysia, bukan Anak Indonesia. You rather open up Sekolah Indonesia in Sabah and not willing to assist Sek (J) Kebangsaan in Malaysia, which in fact they are our future leader for Malaysia ... You yourself short sighted !!! Not the NGOs.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Malaysia Population

For your information:

Malaysia, Population 26,500,699

Penang, Population 1,378,933

and my place Batu Ferringhi (under Tanjung Bungah), the population is only 16,549.

While the breakdown of Ethnic groups in Malaysia:
Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, Indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, others 7.8% (2004 est.)

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Sarawak state assembly dissolved

Aiyah, time to vote again for Sarawakian, the 9th State Election. Please vote wisely!!! Kwang Hui, Kenny and Kok Hong, its all depend on you guys now, hope something miracle can happen la... If you want some change, now is the time to do it. SHOOT TO THE AIR !!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wind of Resign (Part II) - A

Another round of Wind of Resign started ...... and the wind will keep on blowing for some time. He is always a gentleman to new colleague in this company especially young lady with nice looking face. Gentleman = Playboy?

The Tribe has spoken, and this fella is out (Middle with 003(7) Look). He is the 5th person "voted" out till now in year 2006. Who will be the next one? I believe you all got the answer.... the "Game" is becoming more challenging.....

Who will be the sole survivor in this challenging condition? Time is the factor ... To be continued.......

Thursday, April 20, 2006

ASM Unit Trust - 1 Billion units

A RM1bil Amanah Saham Malaysia unit trust will be available for sale to all Malaysians from Monday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Thursday.

ok, time to grab the unit if you wish to place your money there, it is always a hot cake especially only a limited allocation of units for non-bumi. FYI, the interest is MUCH MUCH higher compared to FD. Last year they gave 7% ++, i cannot remember the actual %....

The RM1bil Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) shares opened to all Malaysians sold like hot pisang goreng when it was put up for sale from 10am yesterday. They were all was snapped up in a record time of one hour and 45 minutes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tired !!! But happy !!!

Recently both of us are very tired... very lazy to wake up in the morning although PL sleep very early (for me as usual, around 12 pm), feel like want to ponteng kerja, anyway we cannot, or else no nen-nen and pampers money. Almost a week since PL start working, wake up 6 am now, settle everything, we go to baby sitter house at 6.50 am. Drop Henn Henn there and go to work, in two cars now... cost increase !!! So, me now sometime car pool with colleague, one to cut cost, second to save the fuel so that we will have longer period of petroleum supply. haha.

As for my hobby, photographing, gym and cycling, even plasma donation, have to cut down, some even totally stop!!! No more cycling, hiking for this year untill Henn Henn is grow up later. As for gym, still ok, will resume back soon. Photographing, as usual carry on. Plasma donation will resume back either tomorow or Thursday (after almost 4 months stop the donation).

During this one year time, i will also rest my knee and do some treatment. Who can advice me on this matter? Should i refer to UH? Or just take Glucosamine? Therapy? Or all of them? Quadricep training to strengthen the muscle? hai, terrible knee accident!!!!

One year, a long period of time, but also a short period of time, depending on what you refer it too.... Henn Henn now is 2.5 months old, is it fast or slow, again depending on what you refer too... For me, time pass very fast....... What do you think ???

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Khang Henn not feeling well

aiyah, tension this few days, he cry, keep on crying, from 8.00 pm till 10.00 pm - peak hour, then cry off and on during day and nite. Tension.

1st, he cannot pang sai, friday till tuesday, then colic happen, then cannot drink milk, then cry cry cry... Friday no shit, saturday got a bit hard hard shit after we "induce" it by lot of mmmmmmmm mmmmm sound, imagine need me, PL and my sister mann chyun to help him pang sai. Sunday no shit again, monday shit greenish shit, . finally see doctor at serdang perdana, check check, a bit fewer, but then we check at home, takde pula, nevermind, take 1 ml of fever syrup. Drink colic added into milk....tuesday he cry the most, beh tahan we drove to kl mother in law house, at nite go to hospital A&E see doc. Doc gave something like "lau sai" medicine, cucuk at bottom, pump the liquid in, seconds later, he pang sai. Wednesday, still cry cry... colic i think and no pang sai, then come today, thursday, bring him to see doctor again, doc said the milk powder might not suitable to him anymore, need to change to dunno what novalac IT, then afternoon, pergi tanya "ang kong". The "ang kong" said, he is very "small air" one, cannot said something infront him, he is cry baby, always cry one, will cry for 100 days, tension, and he like travelling one, maybe because we bring him travel from south to north, north to south, then kl to balakong, always....

Hello baby, how are you today? haha...