Wednesday, October 29, 2008

multi-lingual road signs

Since Penang DAP-lead state government proposed to install multi-lingual road signs at Georgetown, Utusan Melayu and BN politicians start to against the idea claiming it against the social contract, against the spirit of constitution.

Then we should ask Utusan Melayu and BN politicians especially those from Sarawak to check their own Bn-controlled-state, why they installed bi-language sign board in major city?
Any problem of installing more than one language? Then ask them to check KLIA airport!

Nothing else to "goreng" now Utusan Melayu, time to boycott the papers!

Morning Jet

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin

Sharir Samad said before if the crude oil drop below USD72 per barrel, Malaysia petrol price will back to RM1.92. Now he said petrol price will not drop more than 15c end of this month. Reason is such a drop of that amount will cause sudden losses, especially for the petrol station operators nationwide. The price of crude oil is USD 64.60 per barrel now, the price should even lower than RM1.92 now.

What happened when the fuel price up 78c suddenly, during that time petrol station operators were laughing to bank.......

Cakap tak serupa bikin. Time to change!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


When is your last time to see a bank put an advertisement in the TV asking people to put their money into Saving Account? If i remember correctly, the last time that adsvertised non-stop and continuouosly is MBF and soon after that the bank went into deep shit and took over by Arab-Malaysian.

Somehow someone just told me the story on yesterday morning and at night i noticed that advertisement!

Hmmm.......fishy and worry now.

Crude Oil Drop Further

The world market for crude oil drop below USD 68 per barrel. Is that means we can enjoy lower petrol price of RM1.92?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tax Money Gone

News from MalaysiaKini. This is why KL should be "returned" to Pakatan Rakyat since PR control 10/11 MP seats in KL. Or else this Mayor et. al. will spend the money like no body business. Time to Change!!!!

KL mayor the 'frequent flyer'

Rahmah Ghazali and Fauwaz Abdul Aziz Oct 21, 08 7:42pm

Kuala Lumpur mayor Abdul Hakim Borhan has gone on overseas trips amounting to RM1.329 million - all paid for by Malaysian taxpayers.

KL mayor the 'frequent flyer'

Kuala Lumpur mayor Abdul Hakim Borhan is sure to be among the airlines' top 'frequent flyers' for his official trips overseas.

In a written reply to Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai, the Federal Territories Ministry said Abdul Hakim has gone on 11 trips overseas - almost one trip every two months - since taking over the post of mayor in late 2006.

Of these, the transportation costs of only two trips were borne by foreign governments - the rest, amounting to RM1.329 million were paid for by Malaysian taxpayers.

The allowances, meanwhile, provided to Abdul Hakim and the handful of officials who usually accompanied him on the trips - mostly to destinations in Asia - came up to RM133,490.

"The trip that was most criticised by my constituents was the one taken by Abdul Hakim and four other Kuala Lumpur City Hall officials to Canada, UK and Germany.

"Though the trip took only five days, it cost slightly more than RM390,000 in transportation costs and allowances," Tan told reporters at the Parliament today.


李伟伦 10月21日 傍晚6点27分












他表示,由于阿都哈金在上任后的短短21个月,已出国公干11次,因此被下属和市政局官员在背后戏称为“频密的旅行者”(frequent traveller)。











另一方面,市政局日前把著名美食天堂阿罗街(Jalan Alor)改名为克佐拉路(Jalan Kejora)一事,今天也在国会发酵。







Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nuclear Energy Soon

Time for a nuclear energy in order to fight Global Warming as no GHG is being released. However safety is the main concern as well as how to treat and disposal the nuclear wastes.

PUTRAJAYA: The paper on nuclear energy as an alternative source of power generation by 2020 will be tabled for Cabinet consideration by the end of this year.

Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Fadillah Yusof said the paper, which was worked on by both his ministry staff and those from the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry, would also identify the criteria and sites suitable for the location of nuclear plants in the country.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Break 900 points

Seem like the market still waiting for the rescue plan soon to be anounced by Najib. Today market below 900 points. Maybe they are surprise by the way Najib got "surprise" of MCA election results.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kuching International Airport

Transit from Miri Airport to KLIA. First time to Kuching, but only limited to her airport and 30 minutes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Blog for Penang Tourism

Penang Government is introducing new blog to promote state tourism industry.

Besides manufacturing, tourism is 2nd important income for Penang, especially for my family as their livelihood are depending on tourism industry since before i was born. The place where we stay (even though i am only stay few days in a year),
Batu Ferringhi, is one of the hot spot for tourists with hotels situated along the coastal starting from Rasa Sayang to going-to-open-soon Hard Rock Hotel (used to be Casuarina Resort) and Bayview.

Life not just stop when sunset, its continue with
night market. I still remember, it was the idea of getting extra income for villagers from tourists as they have nothing much to do after sunset. A quiet small pekan now have some night life out of no where. Soon it developed into a night market where you can get what ever things you want. Of course, please bargain ........

Parent of my freind from town used to prevent their children of going to Shnua Teng (Batu Ferringhi) (means top of the hill). And people like me who live in "shnua teng" used to tell my parent that i will "lok po" (go down the hill, means town area). That is what i don't understand why parent from town so afraid of Batu Ferringhi, as i used to travel everyday to school since primary school. I think kampung boy like me, parent used to be more "pang sim" kuah....

We do have a waterfall at Batu Ferringhi, the entrance is on the left (from Bt. Ferringhi toward Teluk Bahang) after Bayview Hotel. Drive in slowly on laterite road then you can park your car after crossing the bridge. Becareful when raining, water current is very strong, not advisable to jump into the river...... lots of death cases happened before. The place is quite nice which a temple Tua Pek Kong at the bottom. You can hike up and explore yourself (not when rain please).

Batu Ferringhi also has a Reservoir. Actually you can walk or jogging up the hill. It is just opposite Holiday Inn. The road take about 2km from the coastal road till guard house. From guard house you can walk up till water treatment area (used to be allowed to go up, it is under care of PBAPP). From the treatment area, you can further jog for 3-4 km (my best guess based on the time i ran when i was Form 4). From there, you can enjoy the view of Batu Ferringhi beach stretch from Rasa Sayang till Bayview. I guese not many Penangite or villagers from Bt. Ferringhi itself climb up to the level, it is almost half the height of the hill. In fact, you can see the "drainage" system (white in colour) at the middle of the hill while you driving on the coastal road. You can see how they collect the water from the streams, hill etc and channel to a "drainage" system where this water will carry to the treatment area and most of it will further channel through a man-made tunnel till Tg Bungah reservoir. I was learnt that 30-40 years ago, my kampung neighbours used to sampan through the tunnel till Tg Bungah Reservior!!!

Swimming is part of the leisure thing we did during weekend, either at the beach or river near the Reservoir. This is the place where i learn my free-style, in the river! and till now i still prefer to swim in the river, few spots to choose from, from shallow to deep.

However, things changes a lot since 20 years ago, more concrete buildings now, high rise towers. More bungalows, Semi-D and terrace houses now which cost hundred of thousands to millions. Lesser trees as to compared last time, river not that clean anymore.....

Maybe i should bring my son and wife to walk up to treatment area this time around if allow to do so when i am going back to hometown. Got to let my son feel it, the kampung-boy-style. Got to let my wife relax from the tense of KL life. Got to release myself as well from hell-of-work!

Time to back to work.......

Thursday, October 16, 2008

CPO RM1600

Plantation stocks plunge again due to new low of CPO price. IOICORP at RM3.00 lowest, SIME, KLK all drop a lot.

Crude Oil at ~ USD 73 Now

According to Shahrir Samad, 2 factors that will decide whether Rakyat can enjoy RM1.92/liter petrol. First, if crude oil at around USD 72/barrel and second is exchange rate.

With yesterday closing, world crude oil is near to USD73 now, with MYR/USD at 3.51, are we expecting more drop of petrol retail price end of this month, at least close to RM2/liter?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sarawak Bakong & Batu Niah

Some blue skies photos to share with you all. Taken from the deep-inside-oil-palm-estate! Also some photos taken on Niah Cave from few km away. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Domino Effect

The world market crashed and still crashing ....... Will today Bursa drop below 900 points? Dow Jones now below 10,000 points. What else can Bank Negara does?

Bursa open its market with 13 points down at 984 now.... at 9.00 am.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hyper Active Mode

My son HH recently getting more active than ever. He will keeps on disturbing his mom (80%)and myself (20%), all sort of actions, some how like playing Olympic-type-of-wrestling. Using his body, legs, arms, trying to push, step, sit on you.

I believe our local selling milk powder do not contain Melamine, but somehow a lot of children who consume this so-called high DHA, SA, bla bla bla milk powder seem to have the same behavior - HYPER ACTIVE!

I have to ask friend of mine regarding this matter since we are having the about the same age of children.......

Can't even rest on a single minute as HH don't even fell tired! POWERFUL Milk!!!

CPO and Crude Oil

Today CPO drop below RM1900/mt and Crude oil once dropped below USD 90/barrel. Again, Bursa Plantation stocks lead the dropping list and further drag the CI below 1,000 points (lowest today is 995 at this time of writing, 3rd time hit below 1,000 points). Since Crude Oil price drop, Gold price also drop as well, also drop is CER price.

When will the market hit the bottom? Thunderstorm is still there, unpredictable!