Friday, August 29, 2008

Like father like son

Long time never update his photo. Measured last week with 94cm in height, weigh about 13kg.

He seem like love to take photograph as well. Snap here and there at night with flash on using point & shoot camera. These were his achievement so far, my picture and the plant.

Casio Couple Watches

Couple watches from Casio Edifice series to celebrate our 4 years anniversary. It is white in colour, yellowish was due to lightning while took the photograph.


Interesting Parts:

1. Enhancing Health Services
- Excise duty specific on cigarettes increased by three sen from 15 sen per stick to 18 sen per stick. With this, the duty for a 20-stick pack of cigarettes is now increased by 60 sen.

2. Eradicating Poverty
- RM580mil and RM420mil allocated for Sabah and Sarawak respectively to increase income and enhance quality of life of Malaysians there by improving basic amenities, such as electricity, water and rural roads.

- Households which incur monthly electricity bills of RM20 or less, will not have to pay for electricity, for the period from 1 October 2008 to end of 2009.

- The current tax rebate of RM350 per person be increased to RM400 for those with taxable income of RM35,000 and below.

- All interest income from savings for individuals be tax exempt.

- Full import duty exemption on several food items, which currently attract import duties of between 2% and 20%. These include vermicelli, biscuits, fruit juices and canned sweet corn

3. Enhancing The Welfare Of Employees
- Mobile phones, as well as telephone and internet bills paid by the employer;

4. Improving Public Transportation
- The existing LRT system in the Klang Valley will be extended by 30km, that is 15km respectively, for Kelana Jaya and Ampang lines. Upon completion in 2011, the extensions are expected to benefit 2.6 million residents in the Subang Jaya-USJ and Kinrara-Puchong areas, compared with 1.9 million currently.

- A new LRT line will be built along a 42km route from Kota Damansara to Cheras; to be completed in 2014.

5. Improving Public Amenities
- Allocation of RM3bil to intensify efforts to further develop Sabah and Sarawak for infrastructure projects, including 266 km of federal and rural roads, benefiting more than 550,000 residents.

- An allocation of RM3.3bil is provided for Sarawak to implement various projects, including the construction of 230 km of federal and rural roads, benefiting more than 350,000 residents.

6. Second Strategy: Developing Quality Human Capital
- To meet the need for new schools and replace dilapidated schools, 110 primary and 181 secondary schools will be built. In addition, to ensure that existing schools are well maintained, an allocation of RM615mil is provided.

- The highest marginal tax rate for individuals be reduced from 28% to 27%, effective the year of assessment 2009. In addition, the marginal tax rate of 13% will also be reduced to 12%, which will benefit the middle income group.

7. Promoting Tourism
- RM50mil for conservation works of heritage sites in Malacca and Penang to support activities undertaken by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and private sector.

8. Promoting Venture Capital Companies
- Venture capital companies that invest at least 30% of their funds in start-up, early stage financing or seed capital be eligible for a 5-year tax exemption.

9. National Energy Plan
- Exemption of import duty and sales tax on solar photovoltaic system equipment, import duty and sales tax on intermediate goods such as High Efficiency Motors and insulation materials; sales tax on locally manufactured solar heating system equipment; sales tax on locally manufactured energy efficient consumers goods such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, lightings, fans and televisions; and 100% import duty and 50% excise duty on new hybrid CBU cars, with engine capacity below 2,000 cc, be given to franchise importers. This exemption is given for a period of two years to prepare for the local assembly of such cars.

10. Ensuring Public Safety
- RM5.4bil is allocated in the 2009 Budget to enhance the capacity of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM). Of this, RM4.8bil is for Operating Expenditure and RM600mil for Development Expenditure.

- RM220mil is allocated in 2009 for the construction of police headquarters and stations nationwide.

- For the period 2008 to 2010, a total of 22,800 constables and 3,000 inspectors will be recruited. In addition, the special incentive allowance for PDRM personnel will be increased from RM100 to RM200 monthly, effective Jan 1 2009.

11. Civil Service
- A bonus of one-month salary, subject to a minimum of RM1,000 for 2008. The bonus will be paid in two instalments, namely in September and December 2008.

每人每天省水100公升 槟30年无须增建水坝






Development of Sabah

Do not think that this is oil palm estate's road, this is what we called highway (or state federal road) in Lahad Datu, Sabah. The name of the road is Jalan Jeroco. Imagine this is the developement in Sabah. I thought this type of road only happen in 3rd world country!

The road is uneven, mainly made of laterite and crusher stone, and it will become very dangerous and not accesible by 4W drive and lorries if rain. Just imagine how fast you can drive with 4W drive for 27km? It took about an hour to do so.......

Sabah, Sabah...... time to change! The government is too corrupted! Where is all the money gone? Can't even build a tar road? A state that full of natural resources and has the most planted hectarage of oil palm (note: state government inposes Windfall Tax on oil palm).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Congrat Ai Wah

She delivered her baby girl, Annabelle on 26th August 2008, same day Anwar won the by-election, i think almost 20 days earlier than the predicted delivery date.

Congratulation to her and Alex....... Welcome to papa/mama world.

The Return of Jedi

Who is burried who now? Talked BIG la son-in-law, now you know how relevant UMNO still is...... Welcome back to Parliament, Anwar!

The journey just begun.......

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

By-election and 51th Independence Day

Have you ever notice that this year independence celebration lack of something, those feel-good feeling is not available, no flags on the streets, no flags on the bikes and cars, seldom heard also Sulaiman's song on Merdeka..... All the BN leaders are busy lobbying for votes, providing sweets, it seem like independence day is being celebrated in Permatang Pauh only instead of whole nation.

Well, Merdeka Malaysia!


Today people of Permatang Pauh will cast thier vote to decide who should win the buy-election. Stay in front of TV tonite a or around 9 - 10pm, if thee is no result or announcement after this time, means Anwar is win. This is the normal behaviour of BN-control-mass-media.

Hope the result of the buy-election will shut the full-of-racist-remarks' party up! Malaysia is now at the cross-road, pick for better future.......Let's start from Penang.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fuel Price Drop 15c

Effectively tomorrow, fuel price drop 15c, out of market analyst predicted of RM2.48/liter. But the liar PM is lying again to the whole nation, promised will not decrease the price during by-election and insisted will only decrease it on 1st September 2008. Maybe because they know BN will lost the by-election, too desperate until they wanna buy-the-election.

Retail petrol price of RON97 has been reduced by 15 sen to RM2.55 per litre while retail diesel price is reduced by eight sen to RM2.50 per litre effective tomorrow, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced in Putrajaya today.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Double World Champion & Records

He smashed the 100m sprint world record to 9.69s last week Saturday. And again he smashed the 12 years record of Michael Johnson in 200m sprint to 19.30s, 0.02s faster. He is like flying, no one even able to close to him, at least 10m behind.

He started the starting block slowered than other since he is a tall guy, and since then no turning back all the way to finishing line! A good birthday gift for him to celebrate today.

In this 2008 Olympic, all the sprint events be it woman or man, are now control by Jamaican...... USA no longer in the picture......

Johnson called him: Superman 2

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic: 10km Swimming Marathon

10km in less than 2 hour.....just can't imagine how tough is that!

BEIXIAOYING TOWN, China (AP): Larisa Ilchenko of Russia has won a gold medal in women's 10-kilometer open water swimming, an event making its Olympic debut.

Ilchenko sprinted from behind in the closing meters and finished the grueling race in 1 hour, 59 minutes, 27.7 seconds Wednesday in the shallow, calm water at Shunyi Rowing-Canoeing Park.

Russia's Larisa Ilchenko waves to supporters after winning the women's swimming marathon during the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing. - AP

Keri-Anne Payne of Britain took the silver in 1:59.40.7. Her teammate, Cassandra Patten, earned the bronze in 1:59.42.3.

Natalie du Toit of South Africa, an amputee who removed her carbon-fiber prosthetic left leg before diving in, finished 16th.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei

We have sport woman Datuk Nicol David as world champion in squash, now we have Datuk Lee Chong Wei for world no. 2 badminton. Both from Penang!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

57th Blood Donation

Just started back my blood donation after atopped for 7.5 months due to surgery. Not because i did not want to donate after the surgery but because the rules said so, i must wait at least 6 months. Donated my Whole Blood last Saturday and i need to wait for another 3 months before i can start back my Plasma Donation. 3 months, very long for me, i wish to start next week if i can! Anyway, the nurse told me actually i can start donate after 2 months, but better stick to 3 months..... I do not want to waste my time coming to PDN and lated rejects by doctor!

Even after 7.5 months of "no" torturing to my vein, i did not feel the pain when the nurse inserted the big-blood-sucking-needle into my right hand without the anesthetic. Just love the warm-bloody-liquid following out from my body......Welcome back to blood-donation world!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Increase & Decrease

When Pak Lah announced the price increase for fossil fuel (USD 125/barrel), it will immediately took effect after another few hours (midnight), but when come to decrease the price, they claim facing difficulty, the so called technical problem. Today Crude oil is fluctuating at USD113 - 114 per barrel......

"We will see how it (the monthly review) goes first and if we can settle the technical problems and we are comfortable, can go for a fortnightly review," Shahrir said after attending the 12th Malaysian Consumer and Family Economics Association conference in Bangi.

ISA against BAR

This UMNO is really use this issue to woo support from Malay and muslim. They and their controlled-mass media keep on reporting the issue and Najib even goes one step ahead, threaten to use ISA against BAR. If there is no solution for this converting issue, Malaysia will forever never ever unite!

This guy from Kulim Bandar Baharu (PKR) is just another racist. During 2008 GE, KL Chinese Assembly Hall issued a statement urging rakyat not to support UMNO's racist Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir in Kulim Bandar Baharu, and he lost! Now this PKR MP just another dissapointed MP, useless guy .......

Means while, as reported, this MP Kulim Bandar Bahara MIA!

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is a special day, i am sure a lot of chinese couple going to register today. Today also marks the beginning of BeiJing Olympic 2008 - One World One Dream. Go Malaysia, strike the 1st Gold!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Road Block

Blardy road block by POLICE in Klang Valley, again & again. What the purpose when the road block is just to block certain lanes and create hell long of jam for people who rush to work in the early morning and the police just sitting there and talking?

Go and catch the thieve la......

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Permatang Pauh: 16th & 26th Aug 08

16th will be the nomination date while 26th will be the polling date for Permatang Pauh by-election, 10 days of campaign.

In the same time, Anwar was served a
notice to appear in court tomorrow. Is it an attempt to stop him from contesting? Only BN know!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boon Siew Honda

The brand that all Penangite will know, Honda. All my family members use only honda, considered to be most reliable, tahan lasak, fuel saving, no emission of white-smelly-like-heck smoke, less maintenance cost (4T bike). I also own a EX5 100 cc Honda bike.

Since Loh Boon Siew passed away years ago, his empirer built since 1957 gone part by part. From his Honda car sole distributorship to recently
Honda bikes which cut by half to 50% of equity left.

Every empirer has its beginning and its end. Seem like the history can tell us that. What about BN?

Monday, August 04, 2008

1st Buy - Election of 2008

People like general election, because all your wishes will come true after 5 years of waiting. People even like more to by-election, because it is like you hit the SUPER Jackpot of TOTO, the cash will "flow like river" into that area. Wether you requested or you are not, the things will kaw-tim within 24hr, an good example is Ijok in 2007.

For Penang with 3 mega project put on hold, will this buy-election bring in some hope, at least
hundread of million into the state? We shall wait and see.