Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Had my knee physiotherapy this morning at HUKM.

1st - they pour cool water into a water pack that wrap my knee for 15 minutes.

2nd - weight lifting of both legs, after that left leg only for 40 x with each time last for 10 seconds to get my muscle stronger (i think is C).
3rd step is side lifting my leg with weight for 30 x each time hold for 10 seconds.
Finally cycling for 7 minutes.

The physio shall continue next month 15 Feb 2007. Mean while i will carry out the physio myself at home, gym room till next appointment.

By the way, i met 2 other people who did operation on ACL at HUKM. Conclusion: 2 weeks still need to use stretches, 1 month you can walk with knee guard. 4 hours to carry out the operation. SCARY!!!

Miri Trip Again

For your info, i am flying to Miri this Friday (2 Feb 2007) and will be back to KL on Monday (5 Feb 2007).

You can always contact me at 014-876 9719 (Celcom, Sarawak Line). Just SMS me.

31 Jan 2007

Happy Birthday to you, may you always stay healthy.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Le Tour de Langkawi

The tour is back after a lot of issues at last season. Forget 2006. Now is 2007.

Picture from 2006.
The event will kick start at Langkawi Island, Kedah on 2nd February 2007 and will finish on 11th February 2007 at Kuala Lumpur with a total of 1,374 km. To know the route, click here.

More details, click here.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Toll Prirate 大盗

Another disappointment!!! What the hell is that mean? We, rakyat are not allow to know how the hell our sweat earned tax money paid to the Government all the while being spent? Really suck!!! Everything sampah, dirt, secret la keep under OSA!!! Toll, really the Un-Toll secret.

From The Sun/Malaysia Today:

The Cabinet is not prepared to make public the toll agreements inked between the government and highway concessionaires, says Works Minister Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

"It is classified secret ... a restricted document of the government. It has been stolen by some people and we have suggested we are going to ask the Attorney-General's office to take appropriate action against those who stole the document and exhibited it without the authority, and they have to pay for it," Samy said.

read this from Sinchew:





又是那个骄傲自信心爆满的巫青團副團長, KJ在自言字语。等着瞧!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Handicap Match

A Giant against the dwarf, a Handicap Match like those in WWE. Or maybe you can say:"hey, no need to kill the ant using stone la". For me, it is a waste of money for BN (maybe tax payers, dunno, only God knows). From the other angle, maybe you can say BN is helping local community as well as cronies to get buisness, helping more people. Whatever is it, make transparent the account book after finish the by-election.

From Malaysiakini, thanks JiaRen for full text.

The independent candidate for the Jan 28 Batu Talam by-election has urged the Election Commission (EC) to disqualify his Barisan Nasional (BN) rival Abdul Aziz Kiram.

Ng Chee Pang, a 22-year-old trader, vowed to stop campaigning as a sign of protest if the EC fails to act. Contacted yesterday, the budding politician said he had filed two complaints with the EC that Abdul Aziz is abusing government machinery in his campaign.

In his second complaint filed yesterday, Ng furnished photographic evidence. He has also filed a police report on the matter.

“EC said they had warned the BN candidate but we don’t want a warning, we want him to be disqualified,” he stressed

According to him, BN has gone overboard in abusing government machinery for the campaign.

“This is like using cannon and fighter jets to destroy us when we only have three people,” he said in reference to his father and brother who double as his campaign manager and photographer.

“After nomination day (Jan 16), the BN candidate and his election workers could have gone home to sleep or watch television.

Ng explained that his complaint was based on a provision in the election code of ethics distributed to both candidates on nomination day.

He said the provision prohibits candidates and their party or election workers from using government buildings for campaigning unless written permission has been obtained. They are also barred from using ‘community vehicles and communication devices’.

“I have photos. For instance, a Chinese school hall was used, BN flags were hung all over the place for Dr Ng Yen Yen (BN Raub MP and deputy finance minister) to campaign for the candidate,” he alleged.

He also claimed that police and local council trucks were used to transport chairs and other items for the BN campaign.

Asked if he had checked whether his rival had obtained permission to use the facilities and vehicles, he replied: “It is obvious BN has breached the election regulations.”

Contacted later, EC secretary Kamarulzaman Mohd Noor said he was not aware of the complaints, while returning officer Abdul Kadir Awang Bakar could not be reached for comment.

The by-election, called following the death of BN incumbent Tengku Paris Tengku Razlan last month, has been boycotted by the opposition in order to press for electoral reforms.

The Malay-majority seat is a traditional BN stronghold.

According to EC, they cant act against BN candidate. Why? Why? Why?
Full text:

The Election Commission (EC) today said it cannot disqualify the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Batu Talam by-election because it has no power to act on complaints based on its election code of ethics.

“The code of ethics is just a guideline for candidates contesting in the election, we can’t disqualify anyone based on that,” returning officer Abdul Kadir Awang Bakar told malaysiakini when contacted today.

Nevertheless, Abdul Kadir said the EC has acted on the complaint by independent candidate Ng Chee Pang against BN’s Abdul Aziz Kiram for allegedly abusing government machinery in his campaign.

“Our enforcement team has taken down posters (of the BN candidate) that were hung at the fence of a government school,” he said, while confirming that the EC had
received Chee Pang’s written complaint.

Explaining why no further action can be taken, he said: “The posters were not put up by the (BN) candidate himself... perhaps it was ‘accidentally’ put up by his supporters and not everyone knows the law.”

Since the posters have been taken down, Abdul Kadir argued “the case is closed”.

Contacted for immediate response, Chee Pang’s campaign manager, his father Kwi Ling, disputed the EC’s decision.

“If we had been the ones to breach the code of ethics, we would have been disqualified. We were told by the EC during a briefing with candidates after the nomination that we have to adhere to the code or we would be disqualified,” said Kwi Ling, a former state DAP leader.

He reiterated that his son will discontinue campaigning if the EC does not act
impartially in dealing with the complaint.

In his second complaint lodged with the EC yesterday, Chee Pang said he has furnished photographic evidence to show that the rival camp was using a government school’ facilities, as well as police and local council trucks for campaigning.

Chee Pang had quipped that was tantamount to using “cannon and fighter jets” against his three-member campaigning team - his father and brother who double as his campaign manager and photographer.

The election code of ethics prohibits candidates and their party or election workers from using government buildings for campaigning unless written permission has been obtained. They arealso barred from using vehicles or communication devices belonging to the state or government.

However, the code also clarifies that it is a guideline and that its provisions are subject to existing laws and regulations, pointed out activist Wong Chin Huat who has studied the Malaysian electoral system.

This renders certain provisions in the code as not enforceable whenever the law is silent such as on the abuse of government machinery, added Wong - a research fellow with the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Institute of Malaysian and International Studies.

“Under our laws, abuse of government machinery during an election campaign is not criminalised. The need to make it an offence has been emphasised time and again by electoral reform bodies,” he said.

While the code spells out the do’s and don’ts for nomination, polling, counting and tallying of votes and announcement of results, Wong pointed out it does not touch on expenditure by candidates.

When contacted, Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections chief Abdul Malek Hussin said the EC enforcement team is duty-bound to monitor activities throughout the
election period and act immediately when complaint is made.

“The enforcement team should be translating the do’s and don’ts into action, it can’t be sleeping on these matters,” he said.

Blogger Legal Fund

Something big is coming to Malaysia. A new era for bloggers in Malaysia, a new Hope. Bloggers United, No Fear.

“The proceeds would not only be used to protect bloggers against suits but also to provide training workshops in the field of investigative journalism for bloggers – subject to the approval of the trustees.”

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MUET & Jobless

Read today TheStar on Varsity students do badly in MUET:

In fact, 29.2% of the 120,000 graduates scored Bands One and Two in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), which identifies them as “Extremely Limited User” and “Limited User” respectively.

Then read Sinchew: 扶持單一族群政策錯誤



The Sun:

Then back to TheStar again:

Mustapa said the vice-chancellors' committee had recently recommended that the ministry make it compulsory for students to score at least a Band Three before they graduate from university.

“We have turned down the request as this would not be fair to students, particularly those from rural areas,” he said.

Now, you think yourself, is there anything wrong with our education system as well as our minister's mentality?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Free Fish

On Wednesday, a lot of people gathering along the big monsoon drain at Palace of Golden Horses at Besraya Highway. You know what they did there? They were fishing fishing not the accurate word to describe it... should use the word: catching. Ya, using hand and the net.

The water is damn smelly, yes, it is still smelly until now. According to one malay chap, the ikan Pengsan. After i heard the word, i also pengsan. So smelly, if the fishes were pengsan, for sure there is something wrong to the pond water and yet people still rushing to get the pengsan fish. For syok sendiri or sell it to open market or cook, saya tak tau lah...

Oh dear......

I just visited orthopedic at HUKM this morning. Hai...really big time now!!! It is confirm, my ACL is partially torn as suspected at last inspection!!! Now i got 2 options:

1. Is to carry out only physiotherapy, to make my muscle stronger, in another word, make my leg muscular la.

2. Has operation called Knee Autroscopy, ACL reconstruction KIV and Meniscal Repair. But before i carry out the operation, i also require to do physiotherapy for about 6 months because right after operation, my muscle will shrink. So need to "create" a bigger left leg now.

How the operation being carried out? Check it out here yourself. But roughly in this way:

The patient, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist select the anesthesia used for surgery. Patients may benefit from an anesthetic block of the nerves of the leg to decrease postoperative pain. The surgery usually begins with an examination of the patient's knee while the patient is relaxed due the effects of anesthesia. This final examination is used to verify that the ACL is torn and also to check for looseness of other knee ligaments that may need to be repaired during surgery or addressed postoperatively. If the physical exam strongly suggests the ACL is torn, the selected tendon is harvested (for an autograft) or thawed (for an allograft) and the graft is prepared to the correct size for the patient.

After the graft has been prepared, the surgeon places an arthroscope into the joint. Small (one-centimeter) incisions called portals are made in the front of the knee to insert the arthroscope and instruments and the surgeon examines the condition of the knee.

Meniscus and cartilage injuries are trimmed or repaired and the torn ACL stump is then removed. In the most common ACL reconstruction technique, bone tunnels are drilled into the tibia and the femur to place the ACL graft in almost the same position as the torn ACL. A long needle is then passed through the tunnel of the tibia, up through the femoral tunnel, and then out through the skin of the thigh. The sutures of the graft are placed through the eye of the needle and the graft is pulled into position up through the tibial tunnel and then up into the femoral tunnel (Figure 11). The graft is held under tension as it is fixed in place using interference screws (Figure 12), spiked washers, posts or staples. The devices used to hold the graft in place are generally not removed. Variations on this surgical technique include the "two-incision" and "over-the-top" types of ACL reconstructions, which may be used because of the preference of the surgeon or special circumstances (revision ACL reconstruction, open growth plates).

Ok, after talking long on Curing Options, now we talk about COST.

Knee Autroscopy - RM 500
ACL reconstruction KIV - RM 1,000
Meniscal Repair - RM 500 - 1,500 (not confirm yet, but in this range)

Total Cost - RM 2,000 - 3,000, at Government Hospital. No insurance coverage yet for Hospitalization, even if i get one right now, it will not cover also. So, it means "makan sendiri" lah

Luckily, i am a regular blood donor. Therefore is FOC except for those additional equipments that required in the operation, not cover. Let me remind you, even if you are regular blood donor, it is only FOC within 4 months time from your last donated date. Which mean i need to continue donating my blood, anyway i am doing that every 2 weeks or month, not a problem for me.

The conclusion of my Medical MRI Report:
Features are compatible with a left medial meniscal tear involving the posterior horn as well as the body and associated partial tear of the ipsilateral ACL.

My MRI Report

Part of My Knee MRI

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Perak Bota & Trong

I am going to Bota and Trong, Perak tomorrow. So, just call or sms me la if you looking for me. I will buy my hand free device later, lost mine at last trip to johor.

Till then, see ya on Friday. Oh Friday afternoon as i am taking half day leave morning to see doctor at HUKM for my knee.

Bankrupt Soon?

I wan really shock when i read JeffOoi (also here) and Kit Siang Blog on USD50 billion story. True or not is up to you to justify. But in Malaysia Today's Raja Petra Kamarudin posting, all the relevant letters were attached.

Click here, here, here, here, here and here to read the letter yourself!!!

Batu Talam - A New Hope?

Just see what happen at end of the day of 28 Jan 2007. Will Independent win some votes?

Barisan Nasional (BN) is to do battle with a fresh-faced 22-year-old independent candidate in Batu Talam, a by-election that PAS and Keadilan have boycotted and the DAP has no interest in.

In The Star, big title Unknown youngster to take on BN, hope this unknown youngster will win more than 30% votes la...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sour Water Deal

Headline in The Sun and also The Star where CAWP (Coalition Against Water Privatisation) goes to court for an order to make public the audited accounts of Syabas (Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor). Walk The Talk, Mr Government !!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, January 15, 2007

Kwang Hui Wedding

Here are some photos took on his BIG day on Saturday 13 Jan 2007.
Our Motto:
No Vomit No Stop Drinking.

So prepare yourself, dude, start training from now on...... And pity TBK needed to drink on behalf of Mok, Chyan Leong and Yang Ping. And Ah Mok don't forget to cash in RM 200 to my account, the money including penalty for not attending the dinner.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

阿都拉游艇 & 纳吉潜水艇




Crude Oil Price

Today the Nymex Crude Future drop to USD53.29 /bbl. So when are Government going to reduce the petrol price after so many country reduced it??

Previously when crude oil drop to US$57.24 (RM210) a barrel, government said still had to subsidise petrol to maintain the present price.

Quote Thestar:
“With the lower crude oil prices, it means the Government will spend less on petrol subsidy. We hope to accumulate some savings and make up for the loss in income when the oil price shot up early this year,” ...........

In March, the Government decided to increase petrol price by 30 sen a litre after the crude oil prices soared to US$62. 91 (RM232) a barrel.

Increase 30 cents when USD 62.91, maintain it although now is USD 53.29. What is the logic? You tell me Lah!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tolls - The "Un-Toll" Secret

So many secret behind the bushes at the expenses of Rakyat. I think it is time to reveal the un-toll secret!!! Do not ever use OSA to avoid the issue again, we are getting tired to listen those bull shit story.

There is a Toll Hike protest recently held at Sunway. But i dun think main stream media cover the story. Never mind, Rakyat will spread the story. For photos, refer here.

More info and updated news, click here.

No Worries

See how happy the children living in the estate, without worries.

Miri Trip

Here are some of the photo i wanna share. Enjoy!!

CPO Tanks

Miri River Mouth

Mee Kolok, RM 2

Super Polluted Miri River flow toward South China Sea

With Street Light

South China Sea

I Am Back

Finally came back to KL to meet my wife and my son after there is a "plot" to prevent me from coming back this week. Damn TL!!!

Anyway, i was able to fly back......

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 - A New Hope

A new year, a new Hope, a new beginning. I should think positively although too many negative impact started on 1st day of 2007 and i can only think one right now.

Oh ya, a new year mah, so me and PL ordered new furnitures for our house...... come and visit us and you shall know what is that......

Now Miri

FYI, i will be away from KL and office from 4th Jan till 9th Jan 2006. Wait for my photos......

I am taking MAS anyway.