Friday, April 18, 2008

14 days in HUKM (Part 4)

Day 6 (Tuesday):
Early morning, the doctors came back and informed me that they will perform the
Aspiration in ward, not necessary in OT again as my knee is swollen, full of liquid in it.

Doctors cleaned the area around my knee, inject some drug (
local anesthetic) so that not that pain. But somehow it was pain like hell especially when the long needle touched my joint! A total of 85 ml of fluid was removed and sent to lab for analysis (swab & culture).

Day 7 (Wednesday):
Just after a day, the knee swollen back again. Today student cum future physiotherapist, Isniza or "Is" came and taught me some techniques to strengthen my muscle. I think she is from Johor as her IC show 01 code. I never asked anyway. Today also my parent balik kampung as i can't dischardged from HUKM yet.

Day 8 (Thursday):
Today was Public Holiday, no specialist around. A quiet day for me.

Day 9 (Friday):
The common thing in all government related organizations - WAITING. I was still waiting for the lab result of my knee's liquid sample. The doctors came in the morning and decided to carry out another aspiration on my knee. It is local anesthetic again and drug was injected into my knee. But this time around, only 5 ml of fluid removed after "searching inside out" my knee like treasure hunt. Imagine the hell pain! The drug only worked on the surface of the skin, not in the joint!

At 3.30pm, Dr Shaidi came with a shocking news, the fluid sample that was sent earlier detected with bacteria culture. I need to go through another OT and was asked to sign the letter of consent. The operation was performed by the final year master student from Arab & assisted by a local student.

Waited till almost 10pm, the nurse asked me to get ready and i was pushed into the OT again. With nice music was on, nurses and doctors around me, considered in naked, the hell pain process begun. The cold like hell OT was just another damn hot hell for me. I was sweating from the moment they inserted the needle into my knee due to pain. The doctor even ask me to get ready for another OT as they can't find the fluid, asked me to get ready for full anesthetic, luckily they succeefully cleaned the infected knee. The painful process took almost 40 minutes. The pain just can't be described in words. I never suffered such a long period of continuous pain before. The ops finally ended in 10.50pm and I was finally sent back to ward at around 11.20pm.

FYI, my MIL went to seek some advice from "ang kong" regarding my story of ghost disturbing me. The "ang kong" did tell something to my MIL, that i will need to undergo another OT before i can be discharged and they never told my wife. Kheng! It had happended finally.

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