Monday, November 23, 2009

Work from Home?

Can you work from home without going to office?

For me no different, as i am heavily depends on the internet connection to do my work. In fact it would be nicer to be at home, save time on travelling and expenses.

Just plug to the internet, connect to the server, on the SKYPE to communicate, to call and finish the work before due date. Unless need to travel outstation or other country to work, then just bring my notebook and follow me.

It is just the matter of discipline...... work from where, not a matter la......

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MCA Saga - Cry + Sandiwara

Sandiwara...these are the group who acted behind to remove OTK. Padan muka....cry some more, malu. From OTK vs CSL, it is now becomes OTK+CSL vs Liow Gang.

Funny trilogy. 1st Part finished. 2nd part on-going. What is end of the 3rd part then? OTK out?

Country Heights - After Heavy Rain

Heavy rain jnust now and within minutes, the pond water is overflow and flowing towards the houses. The water is currently "Vortexing" in the pond. Kheng!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

F1 - Next Season

After Honda left the F1 end of 2008, now we saw Toyota, BMW and Renault did the same in end of 2009. And Bridgestone, the tyre supplier, to quit F1 also end of 2010.

Of course there are new teams coming in including our Lotus F1 Team. Just hope that they are able to score some points.

Mercedes is selling their stake in McLaren and buying over Brawn GP.

Drivers moving here and there......

Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Dragon Joss Stick

This is the normal size joss stick burnt during 9th day of 9th Lunar month in Kepong. Few days ago, Discovery Channel broadcast the Penang traditional joss stick maker in George Town, 12ft in height. Quite interesting to see this strong old man made the dragon joss stick......and eventually his last big joss stick he made, claimed the old man. I guess he is too old for this giant joss stick.

MRT Singapore

Took MRT for the first time. At least it is not that pack compared to KL LRT. Sound wise, same same lah, noisy also. The system is far more complete than KL, linking all the different line. In KL, rain is ok. Rain? Than good luck lo.

One thing i like Singapore is there are a lot of trees planting along the road. Making the city not so hot. That is what KL needs to do, at least place some trees on the big pot if there is no "soil" for planting. Green makes eyes feel better.

1st Hair Cut at shop

Having his first hair cut not by his mother...... paiseh a bit.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Soi Lek is Deputy President, still

Soi Lek is still a deputy president of MCA, then what about appointed Dep President Liow?

With more heads rolling by the order of OTK and appointing son of Soi Lek in the committee, it seems like the days of Liow in MCA are numbered, maybe it is the curse for Minister of Health.....

Anyway, with all the big time sandiwara, now it is back to square, where both OTK and CSL are still President and Dep President, now the danger one is Liow. Question is, what is his position now? What about another 2 jokers, Wee and MEi Fun?

What a joker party!!!


Upgrade version of D3 with estimated price at RM17k. Design for pro and very high ISO camera.

See the comparison.

Key Features:
-ISO performance: ISO 12800 as standard, expandable to ISO equivalent of 102400 (Hi 3)
-Large pixel pitch: the 12.1-megapixel FX-format advantage
-New and improved D-Movie function
-Image sensor cleaning: assured protection
-EXPEED: Nikon’s comprehensive approach to quality digital images
-Lateral chromatic aberration reduction: edge-to-edge sharpness
-Active D-Lighting: rescuing tone in highlights and shadows
-Picture Control: custom-tailored tone and color
-Speed and readiness throughout the workflow
-9-frames-per-second* shooting rate in FX-format, 11 fps* in DX crop
-Scene Recognition System: enlightened accuracy and intelligence
-51-point AF: fast and accurate subject acquisition
-Sophisticated AE with highlight analysis
-Informed auto white balance
-Approx. 100% frame coverage
-Superior durability
-Twin CF card slots
-Long-life battery
-Easy-to-access Live View mode
-Quiet Shutter-release mode for nonintrusive shooting
-3-in., approx. 921k-dot color, 170º viewing angle LCD monitor