Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anti ISA

Both ISA and Isa.

At the same time, hope this PAS candidate can level the number of votes. To win, almost imposible. Of course we always look for an upset.

Nightmare just begun for Petronas

If a person that can't even feel ashame by not paying his loan they obtained from Petronas even though it is thier responsibility to do so (though he may pay up by now after all Malaysian knew that he is loan defaulter) and he is being appointed as Director in Petronas now, what else the worst things you can think of for Petronas?

If a commercially run big corporation,
top 500 in the world, has someone from political background just because he is linked to no. 1 man in Malaysia, has joined the board of director, what is the disaster to this Malaysian own Petronas?

Is his appointment as director is so coincidently link to the
sponsorship of 1Malaysia F1 Team when the team is actively loooking for financial support?

Or Najib's administration is so deperately needs money to fund his financial stimulus package as well as his RM1b/mth spending budget?

New Spec with Transitions lens

Obtained my new spec with Essilor Transitions lens. Just lens itself cost me RM430.00. Nice spec but price not nice.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Not above Politics?

I thought Sultan or Agong should above politics? This is what i read before. Hmmm.....this is BolehLand!!

TEMERLOH: Sultan of Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah has called on the people to continue supporting the Barisan Nasional Government to ensure the long- and short-term development agendas will continue to benefit them.

The construction of the RM64mil Kuala Krau bridge across the Pahang river, for example, was one of the sustainable developments that would benefit the people living along the river banks, he said.

I thought all those development is the duty of the rulling governmnet and not we Rakyat has to beg for it!!!

Loan defaulters

Problem with the loan collection especially the famous PTPTN?

Learn from Kuok Foundation Bhd lah, asking them with humble how they do it with almost 99% collection rate!!!

anyway, shame on them who choose not tp pay back, this is in fact their resposibility to pay back the loan that you were used to complete your study!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Problematic Hassan Ali

This PAS exco is the problem guy in Selangor PR. I think he is still dreaming of becoming MB of Selangor. Maybe he should go back to Kelantan and try to eye that post should one day Nik Aziz step down. Hopeless pro-UMNO PAS exco. No room for this type of politician in PR.

The latest attack on PR Selangor was on SELCAT. Before that on banning of bir selling. He should spend more time of raising the standard of living in Selangor instead of shooting his own team mates.

5 years and still counting ....

It was more than 5 tears ago we decided to
on 18 Feb 2004. We planned our
then and fixed on 23rd Sept 2004 to have the dinner in KL with more than 3 tables of B2K, seniors and OX.

We have our 1st
on 31 Jan 2006, 3rd day of chinese new year month, when i was still in Penang while PL in KL. Then we have our 2nd on 09 July 2009 this year.

Today is our 5th anniversary of marriage. I have to thanks my PL for her sacrify.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Renault F1 team banned

Renault has been banned for race fixing in last year Singapore night race for 2 years. The team admitted that the team had conspired with its Nelson Piquet Jr. to cause a deliberate crash at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

So, 9 teams left for this year......

Saturday, September 19, 2009

20 09 2009

Tomorrow we will have this number appear in the calender: 20 09 2009. Besides the super favourite number 09 09 09 which fall in 7th lunar hungry ghost month, i think 20 09 2009 is a better choice, fall in 8th lunar month, moon cake festival month.

Next October we also will have a important event of 10 10 10. EGM of MCA to settle the fight between No. 1 and No. 2 man in MCA.

Numbers, they are lucky numbers for certain people. Hhmm, I like number!!!!


Najib hails Utusan Malaysia

Welcome to 1Malaysia ..... A papers that stirred the racial tension is good in the eyes of PM.

I am speechless, Happy Malaysia Day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team

It is good to have that dream and go for it. But spending 200-300 mil USD per year for development and not yet includes salaries, others that might come to more than 300mil USD per year, can Malaysia bear for it?

Remember Minardi? Our Alex normally ended with last group of finisher. I remember my housemate called it: sweeping the stones in order to clear the track for other big cars. As last time, during the Qualifying day, the slower cars normally come out 1st for time qualifying as during that time, 4 time qualifying round is allowed.

We do not want Malaysia to end the season with last group finisher. Unless they can find a good combination of drivers and car (not only engine).

Anyway, it always to have own Malaysia Team like India, etc.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today is 09.09.09 where hundred of couples rush to get register, though it falls on lunar calender's Hungry Ghost Month. Who is care now in the modern day.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dialogue Section 23 - KECOH

One word, uncivilized!

Words such as "Khalid babi", "MB bodoh" were used by the angry "residents".

Mean while, the relocation of temple is put on hold, searching for a better area to relocate, maybe a place where the Malays, Chinese, Indian and others can tolerate much better than residents of Section 23?

At the same time, 16 person mainly from Hindraf were detained by police for candlelight vigil at KL tonight.

When can Malaysians grow up and live in harmony? Is the Pendidikan Moral that we used to learn in school fail to teach Malaysians to behave morally? Maybe the policy that UMNO always fight for, especially after GE12 308, has been effectively stirred the emotion of the Malaysian, not only Malay but also other races, to fight for their own rights. And that is what has been happened to Cow Head demo.

Friday, September 04, 2009

9th by-election: Bagan Pinang

by-election again, this time at Negeri Sembilan's Bagan Pinang reps from UMNO. In the 2008 general election , Azman defeated PAS’ Ramli Ismail with a majority of 2,333 votes. He polled 6,430 votes against Ramli’s 4,097.

Will PR continue their unbreakable results so far in Peninsular Malaysia by winning this seat as well. Currently, BN has 21 aganst PR 15. If PR able to win this seast, then it will become 20 Vs 16. BN lead government will be in trouble then.

Anyway, may the UMNO reps R.I.P.