Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Everywhere also get Cold due to the sneezes by China and Jeffooi had this story!!!

From Kwongwah:

From Sinchew:

From TheStar:
Malaysia's key stock index plunged 6 percent at midday Wednesday, its biggest single session drop in nine years, as foreign funds cashed out amid jitters over a slowdown in China and Wall Street's drop overnight.

Sinchew even has the special report column on stock market.

Dow Jones - Also Big Bear

Even Dow Jones also affected by China?? It closed 416.02 points lower yesterday!!! Becareful today!!!

Update 10am:
KLSE today drop almost 100 points in 10 min trading!!!

All markets in Asia turn Red today!! Check it out here at Bloomberg

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bear Day

Wow!! today stock market drop 35.79 points (lowest 1220.19 points, drop almost 53 points) with only 42 Gainers, 60 unchanged and 1123 losers. Volume traded at 36993464 lots with the value of RM 4,293,430,986. All red, blood flowing here and there, everywhere.......

Steam Boat - Chap Goh Meh?

KJ, BK, wanna have steam boat this Sunday 4th March 2007? Peanuts, Shandy, buah-buahan supplied by me and also foods.

Birthday Boy

Celebrate birthday in Penang for HH. So happy.... because can eat again.... very tam chiak!!!

CNY 2007

Ah Cho

Ah Kong, Ah Mah

Ah Cho


All red in colour for this Chinese New Year 2007.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hair Cutting

After almost a year, his year not longer than 2". So we decided to have another hair cut and apply some whisky on it. Hoping it will grow more and faster.... The good point is HH is saving my money.


Two shots from my cousin using his D200 during CNY. Nice shot!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. For those who drive, becareful on the road. For those who still receiving ang pow, please la, shang seng ti. People always say, give is better than receive, so stop this "act", ok? Just a joke la... don't take it serious.

Me, my wife PL and HH will be in Penang from Saturday till Wednesday morning. Then back to KL to visit my wife side.

祝福大家新年快樂, 在新的一年裡百尺竿頭!財源廣進!年年有余! 最重要的是身体健康,不要像文杰的黏黏有遗。  

Battle of Penang (2)

Now want to build a by-pass road to avoid BORR and it take 3 months (here too). During this 3 months of waiting, the toll collection should delay till the by-pass road complete.

"The state government's hands are tied as the decision to impose toll was the prerogative of the federal government and the BORR concessionaire, Lingkaran Luar Butterworth Sdn Bhd.

"The only thing we can do now is to appeal to the federal government and the concessionaire to defer toll collection at the plaza until the free alternative route is ready," said Teng.

Why when this issue affect local resident, the state government can't make a say in it? the project suppose to benefit Rakat, not burden Rakyat. There should has a public consultation before proceed with the project, not after the people opposed to it. Why all the main road being converted to Highway then leave no road for us to drive FOC although we pay our road tax every year. Why must we use by-pass road which wasting our time turn here & there and creating another hell of jam and affecting the livelihood of those residents like Taman Kimsar, etc?

Tai Chi

Now the former and current Home Ministers are playing Tai Chi.

Quote fro The Sun:
In the interview, Azmi said that in February 2006, he was moved to his present ministry but he and the ministry staff forgot to inform Radzi about it.

Forgot? come on, if this the decision made at that time, don't tell me it's not taken down in minutes, only verbally agreed? Bull shit!!!

Also from The Sun:
On Radzi's harsh criticism, Azmi said: "At the outset, I wish to stress that Radzi and I are old friends. We discussed the matter after the cabinet meeting, and he told me not to believe all that was written in the newspapers."

Is that means the mainstream newspaper that we are reading is spinning the story??

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pre-10th Year B2K Gathering

So, just can't wait for the actual 10th Year B2K Gathering that going to be held in Ipoh this coming 20th Feb 2007, 3rd day of CNY.

Some politics chit chat, girls, gossip, money, life...... Conclusion: Talk Kok la.

We chat till mamak close shop... siao knia betul.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Battle of Penang - update

The Battle Continue. More protests coming up. 1st Toll highway in Penang besides Penang Bridge. After BORR, next is PORR. So are you all fellow Penangite wake up now?

Read here and here. But do you think they care? Now they touch the sensitive nerve of fellow Penangite, watch out BN.

Disposal Diaper

















* 以塑料包装的外层将压缩混合尿液里的阿摩尼亚与细菌从中滋长,加剧贴身敏感部位的痕痒。


* 美国环境保护局已把二恶英列为致癌相关的化合物之中,最危险的一种致癌物。据动物化验报告显示,即使是计量微小的二恶英成份,都足以导致生育畸形和缺陷,伤害皮肤或肝脏的病症,压抑免疫系统,破坏基因。


* 这种凝胶状聚合物,可能把婴孩生殖器官也一并凝结起来,导致过敏症的现象。美国曾有一名4个月大的女婴阴道就被特强凝胶吸干而造成阻塞现象。其他后遗症包括导致严重的皮肤发痒、婴孩下部出血、身体发烧、呕吐及其它传染病。


* 据瑞士研究报告指出,通常配合粘胶采用的松树脂会引起敏感,这些化合物成份不断渗透导致发痒,接着可能面对皮肤炎的风险。


* 香水某些成份会对一些人引起不良影响,如周期性偏头痛和哮喘病。因此,面对那些浓缩的香水成份时,呼吸率较高和皮肤较嫩弱的孩子也会面对较高的风险。


* 世界卫生组织把三丁酯化合物(TBT)列为近日世界消费物品中可能隐藏最毒的物质之一。它是一种杀虫剂的化合成份,主要用来消灭细菌或防止细菌繁殖;因此对人体来说,即使微小份量的TBT都可能损害我们的免疫系统及荷尔蒙系统。


新年快乐,万事如意,还是, “辛年快了”, “乱世如遇”,又或者正面积极点, “辛年能快乐”, “乱世都如意”?

Positive Vs Negative.

Silly Decision

Very interesting at yesterday news. Current Home Minister said former Home Minister's decision of having lucky draw to encourage Rakyat to apply MyKad was Silly. But as far as i still remember, no one, i mean no Rakyat of Malaysia asking that "silly lucky draw". So 1st thing, our Home Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, you should apologies to all Malaysians by naming us, Rakyat, IRRESPONSIBLE MALAYSIANS. As for me, i got my MyKad before Aug 25 2005 and most of my family members too.

You should apologies to the Cabinet too (2005 aug). It was a cabinet decision. So are you saying all these dead woods also made a "silly decision" at that time? Maybe yes with that kind of mentality. On the positive side, maybe you are having a higher level of mentality compared to the others cabinet members. A "good" sign for Malaysia!!!

And when promised, whether is former or current, promise is a promise, don't simply cancel it, then you are cheating!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Battle of Penang

Penang lost the front line battle at Seberang Perai, the Toll prirate has successfully conquered SP through BORR. So we must defend Penang Island now, the last battle to prevent Toll Prirate coming in.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Le Tour de Langkawi - Stage 8

Photo from Le Tour de Langkawi Official Website

It is Jose Serpa win again this year at Hors category Genting Highland stage 8!!! Bravo!!!

For more info, visit to get latest story.


Quote Sinchew:

Shake head.....ish ish ish ....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Zero Squatter

Another sad story of so called Developed Selangor State Government.

Probably for the first time in their lives, the Kg Berembang villagers saw with their own eyes the government and its agencies siding openly with a private developer. There was no mercy from the government that had always claimed to be caring. The kris-kissing, self-proclaimed champions of the Malay race were not there to defend the homes of the villagers, all of whom are Malays, and until the demolition, UMNO stalwarts.

Read more at ALIRAN.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Malaysia Boleh

In Boleh-Land, everything is Boleh. You Boleh keep everything secret, you Boleh arrest people who protest, you Boleh sue whistle blower that did nothing bad to the society but infact help the society, you Boleh do everything Lah!!!

From Kwong Wah:

From The Star:
The four opposition officials being investigated under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) over the disclosure of a toll concession agreement were questioned for three hours at Bukit Aman yesterday.

From The Sun:
It is time for the Official Secrets Act (OSA) to be reviewed since it is "now being used for purposes that have little or nothing to do with the safety or interests of our country", Asli's Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) said.

You need more photos? Visit LensaMalaysia. I believe no media coverage on this event

Photo from LensaMalaysia - Chinyankeat

1 Year Old

Happy Birthday to you, son.

Photos of Miri Trip

Strong wind & coconut trees

Famous Amos at Miri Airport

Sunset at Anaerobic Pond

Reflection at Sungai Miri

Houses along the river

Relection of Coconut tree

Sunrise at horizon

another sunrise shot

Clear Blue sky

Man at work