Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nikon D60

From Nikon Malaysia:

One of the smallest Nikon digital SLRs ever, the D60 makes it fun and easy to take breathtaking pictures while also offering plenty of features for those who want to deepen their interest in creative shooting.

With a split-second shutter response, the D60 captures pictures that cameras with longer time lags miss. Ease of use and creative options both come standard with the D60, whose exclusive Nikon technologies help deliver high-quality pictures with vibrant color and stunning, edge-to-edge detail. Such superior results are achieved through a high-resolution image sensor utilizing 10.2 megapixels, world-famous NIKKOR lenses delivering razor-sharp pictures, and many cutting-edge Nikon features to further enhance your picture-taking experience.

More Sweets, soon

As usual, you only will get sweets, yes SWEETS only, before Buy-Election or General Election, as it has been practice by BN, always, never failed!

If Rakyat ask for something for years, you will never get it for the 1st 4 years untill GE. Or if you are "lucky" enough due to some representative die or "resign" half way and yet still less than 3 years, then you can have all your demands fulfill in just 10 days or less. Thanks to Buy-Election.

Now the question is, do you want SWEETS at last minute just to please you or contant supply of SUGAR? Or in another word, are you type of short-sighted or look for long term (future)? Ask yourself and cast your vote wisely in another 1 month plus.

Anyway, I hate BN-sweets-style. Is an insult for me.


Another B2K Marry Soon

Guess who? Is SHE! She will get marry in this coming end of March 2008. When i thought YP will be the 1st B2K to get marry this year in May, suddenly she want to get marry in March.

The guessing game started now. Please guess it! Closing date is before CNY 6 Feb 2008.

Birthday Boy

KH jr is two (2) years old today!

Happy birthday my son, don't be so naughty.

Back to Work

Finally i am back to work using crutches after 27 days of MC. I am still not able to bend my knee to the max yet and my quad muscle is still weak!

5 more months before i can cycling, 11 more months before i can fully active in outdoor activities.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My 14 Days in HUKM

It took 14 days for me to discharge from HUKM which normally 4 - 5 days for ACL Recons. Why? I got infected with bacteria.

In this 14 days, i suffered pain, experiencing the ghosts, seeing things that i bet you will never ever see it outside the hospital ...... In this 14 days also, i have new friends, from the nurses in Ortho Wad Lelaki, doctors, future doctors (all ladies, hehehe), physiotherapists (also all are ladies). Too many of them, i shall name them in another blog later, from my Day 1 till Day 14.

I experienced two OT in 1 week. Going through hell pain in 2nd OT! And i was thinking, when the animal is being slaughtered without anaesthetic, how the hell they are suffering.

As currently when i am blogging it, i can bend my knee to about 90 degree. Hopefully by next week, i can achieve 120 degree and then 140 degree.

So many people to thank. Speechless! Of course must thanks my wife and my family members!

And lastly, TIME TO CHANGE!! I even changed my ligament, why can't you make a change also in another 40 days time!!! Think now, think ahead!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Off to HUKM

Hello all,

i will be away for few days and stay at HUKM till maybe next week Monday for my knee ops, having my ACL change!

Till then, i will not blog, checking my email, chit-chat, read blog and lots of thing......

Good luck to myself. Hopefully no ghost and does not need to strip off to let nurse bath for me!

Life .......

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Grandpa New Home

Lastly, before i drove back to KL. I took my dad bike and speed off to cemetery to pay a visit to my grandpa.

Penang New World

Nyonya Baba Cuisine
Can't even wait for the food
Penang New World
Another View
PL & HH on trishaw
Another view
Eng Hong - Still available!!!!!

Later at night, we went to New World, near Jalan Burma and Nagore Place for dinner. We had our dinner at Nyonya Baba Cuisine and later go to Steam Boat next door at Nagore Street.

And we ate till 11 pm something. The steam boat is RM19.90 per pax and unlimited. Please do not waste the foods, else you need to pay RM5 per 100g of wasted foods!

The Nyonya Baba Cuisine - the cook is the old Ah Mah. I think she is the real Nyonya kot? Anyway, a lot of foreigners there to try it! For us, Penangite, it seem like just ordinary hokkien foods cook by my grandma and mohter. No offence!

1st Time using Ferry, Penang

This is the 1st time my son taking ferry to go to Penang Island! But somehow i did not know that the fare for ferry increased to RM 7.70. RM0.70 more expensive compared to Penang Bridge yet still make a big loss for 2007, but somehow you save on petrol that will definitely cost you more than 70c.

But using the existing road that so called "upgraded" claimed by one indian miniter really pissed me off. Not because i can't afford to pay RM0.50, it is just because that road been existed for n-years! What the HELL!!! This is part of BORR highway.

That toll if i am not mistaken called Sg Nyior! Damn it, do not introduce toll in Penang Island, else......... wait and see!

Chee Ang Wedding Dinner

Attending my school mate and Form 6 friend wedding on 28th Dec 2008 with PL and HH.

See, how enjoy he was on that day! Food is everywhere! His number 1 hobby!

Batu Ferringhi before Eve 2008

Some photos to shares of Batu Ferringhi, Penang, my home town.

Chua Quits!

he quits!

New Year, New Beginning

New Year (2008), a new beginning and also new ligament for my left knee!

New Year New Hope!

A shocking beginning for 2008 in Malaysia!