Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Full Moon Celebration - Penang

Saturday, 25 Feb 2006.

On Saturday we drove back to PG to celebrate Full Moon, actually we celebrate few days earliar. Stated our journey 7.38 am from Pudu, KL. Stopped twice for breakfast and lunch (baby) and also make "kuih" at Tapak R&R and Sg Juru, PG.

When reached house, very kan cheong, ah chor grab the baby from PL... touching here and there, check out the private part la, face la, ear la, eyes la, everything ......

then all relatives, friends come and visit baby Khang Henn... among them are Aiwah and Soon Yim. My grand ma asked when are they going to marry.... hahahaha... what to say? tak tau la, i dun even know them ada tak ada "jalan underground"..... how to know bila mereka nak kahwin?..... haha... SY you answer yoursekf to my grand ma.

On 26 Feb 2006, Baby become botok head.... shave all the hair... according to grandma, by doing so he will has nicer hair in the future.... and i shall keep his haor forever........ very fast, baby is full moon.... very fast, i crossed the 30 year old time line..... everything very fast.... so dun waste time, sleep less, like me, 4 - 5 hours a day. Maximize your life... Man wasted on sleeping about 1/3 of the lifetime.... just calculate back......

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

After Milk - 15 days

Baby Khang Henn Update 14 February 2006 , Jalan Pasar, KL:

Baby Khang Henn got his own birth cert and MYKID I/C number already. The MYKID will be ready somewhere August this year. Today the efficiency of JPN is very good, in less than 15 minutes, i got the birth cert. This is because i am the 1st one who reached there and got the number 1001.

This photo was taken after i came back from JPN and he is on his way to meet "zhou gong" (after having his milk milk). i quickly snap the photos as a lot of pakcik pakcik, makcik macik, kakak, abang, adik, grandma, grandpa, grand grandpa, grand grandma, god grandpa, god grandma, B2K, colleague .... bla bla bla want to know his latest development.

Monday, February 13, 2006

F1 Kancil

This is the super F1 Kancil that i drive back to Penang on Chinese New Year eve, and fly the car back to KL early morning about 5 am from my house, 2nd day of Chinese New Year to accompany Pui Ling. With only 3 stops for petrol and toilet, i reach the hospital at 9.30 am. Total distance about 380 km.

Not even able to visit SY, AW and EH and give them ang pow, sorry la lady and gentleman, next year la.... actually they going to visit me...

For your information, i will be back to penang again this coming 25 Feb 2006 to "pai chor kong". But this time around i will not drive my F1 kancil anymore la......

Smile .....

The photo was taken about a week later... black eyes with sikit sikit hair... Current milk consumption rate is 500++ ml per day compared to 1st week of 350 - 400 ml per day. Ada improvement. But like to awake from 3.30 am till 7.00 am, dunno why ler ???

Thursday, February 02, 2006

View from Gleneagles

Scenery from Gleneagles Room 307. The photos were taken early morning and this is the Great Eastern Building, just opposite Gleneagles...

Our Son_Sim Khang Henn

Hello, finally my wife delivered on 31st January 2006 (3rd day of Chinese New Year)... check out his photos..... photos not so clear as i am not using flash to take his photo, eyes still developing, not safe to use flash.....