Monday, June 30, 2008

Full Payment, please......

Bank Negara criticised for abolishing 20-day interest free period for credit card holders


Bank Negara has been criticised for its decision to abolish the 20-day interest free period for credit card holders.

Bukit Bendera Member of Parliament Liew Chin Tong said the move would add to the financial burden of the people.

He said it will also dampen the retail trade, which has already been weakened by poor consumption after the fuel price hike.

Liew said the Bank Negera's move would only benefit credit card providers as they will reap massive profits at the expense of card users.

Under previous arrangements, credit card holders enjoy a 20-day interest free period on their new retail transactions.

However, beginning July, only those who make full payments before the due date will be entitled to the interest free days.

Those who make only partial or minimum payments will be charged interest on the day the new purchases are posted to the card's account.

Same Tactic, Same Result?

Unless we all have no logic in thinking. Else, how on earth can the human believe that when he is almost reaching the top and trying to do that?

Sometime same tactic can use twice, but not in this case where even 1st try failed.

greatest shows ever presented by Government of Malaysi from The Land of Boleh!

Appeal To Reduce Interest Rate

I spent 1 hour at one of the branch to fill in the form asking for reduction on housing loan interest rate due to the current package offered by the bank herself as well as other local banks.

I waited for another 2 weeks before i lost my patient again and called the Customer Service asking for the status of my appeal and she promised to look into it by sending the request again.

The next day, HQ sent out the "Offer Letter" and i received it 2 days later.

Total of days required:
17 days.

The Result:
I am able to revise my interest rate from BLR + 0.35% to BLR - 1.25%. Great? I can save more money (or settle the loan in shorter time). Why not? Only an hour and less than RM 1 to call. Of course some processing fee (my case RM50).

for those housing loan package that more than 2 - 3 years where the package is still with BLR + something, i am advising you to appeal to your bank to reduce the package, you might not able to obtain the best rate, but you will definitely get what you can get in the same bank. Unless you refinance ....... after the lock-in period!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

RM2,000 is minimum?

According to Amirsham A.Aziz (Minister of Prime Minister's Department - EPU), those earn less than RM2,000 considere low income group. It is also means that most of the fresh graduates are low income group as thier average starting pay is less than Rm2,000/mth.

During my father time, his pay was RM2/mth back in 1963. Of course the things were cheap as well during that time. By the time i was in primary school, my mum salary around RM 800 - 900, considered average salary. Still sufficient for the whole family after with my father income plus some saving. By the time i finished my study and started working in 2002, i got ~ Rm1,800 / mth. Masih ok lagi that time, petrol still cheap what, things still cheap as well. By the time my sister able to find a job in this 1 -2 mths i hope, she only able to get about RM2,000.00. The different of RM200 in six year period, but with highest inflation ever recorded, it is like nothing and in fact the money is shrinking. Two kids - still can la, One Kid - comfortable, No kid - at least one la. Go for two la, boring mah my son.

Conclusion: Work harder to get more money la.

Monorail & PORR Gone!

Both projects on hold as the fund for the projects relocated to other projects. I thought the money save from the subsidy of petrol should channel back to inprove the infrastructure of transportation? If the money save from petrol is being used at other area, then we are suffer 2X. One is pay more for petrol, second we have no choice but to continue using private vehicle.

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

10 More Days To Go ......

Soon ...... 4th of July 2008!
Soon, will have the "license" to ......
Soon, can contribute again ......
Soon, six months since ......

Friday, June 20, 2008

Full Moon

It has been a month working in this new environment. Damn fast! One month plus since i left my previous employer, lagi damn fast! And many things had happended since i left. Of course the greatest (shocking for them) news was yesterday. So sudden.

Anyway, life have to go on, fight till the end. Life like a circle, it's the end, it's the beginning.

Master Obi Wan Kenobi: "The force will be with you, always......"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fuel: Automatic Pricing Mechanism

Read more to understand the mechanism. Price of petrol should increase (no subsidy) in the long run, but after all the Malaysian are ready for that, with proper transportation system available.

Conclusion: Malaysia is Net exporter of Crude oil, Net importer of refined oil. In 2011, Malaysia will become Net Importer of Crude oil.

SAPP Quits?

2 pm, we will know!

In another related issue, a MP from PBS quited the party!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bank Charges

Want to know how the banks charge the fee whenever you are performing some transactions?

For example, the biggest bank in Malaysia will allow you having four (4) times FOC ATM withdrawal in a month, after that, RM 0.50 / withdrawal unless your account has more than 5k. It is indeed earning from the poor!

Click here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Higher Interest Rate in July?

Updated 4pm:
I just called one of the bank in KL, the official said that there are rumours in the market saying interest will be increased. Personally he think that it is not likely to increase in the near future, however he warned me one thing.

"Even what the ministers said also can not take it as final!"

He try not to use the words "can't be trusted" and he laughed!

Malaysia is indeed famous with liars & lying.
Another Damn!

Older Post:
If that is true, i think many people will die standing especially with the old housing loan package that still charge at BLR + 0.xx%. With current package of BLR - 1.45% (some up to 1.65% or 2%), the old package that happended 4 years ago seem is very high (in fact can "kill" you).

Since the new petrol price took place, banks have been revised their package, for example revised their rate from BLR - 1.65% to BLR - 1.45%. If in August 08 that Government again increase the petrol price, i believe the rate will further adjusted below BLR - 1.45%. Although Pak Lah won't increase in this year anymore, but can they be trusted since they lied to us, not once but many times.

Last week, actually i learned from my sister in-law who work in bank that interest rate might increase in August. But seem like Bank Negara most likely will do it in July 2008, next month as the way to curb the inflation, according to her.

For my housing loan at BLR + 0.35%, i am currently pay my installment at Rm792/mth with monthly interest being charged back at ~ Rm 720/mth. What will happen if BLR increase further, will the interest that charge back is more than what i pay monthly? Of course i knew this problem since last middle of the year, and i have started to pay more since than, few hundred a month extra, to race against the interest as well as time (to shorten it). My 2nd option is of course appeal to my bank to change the rate to current rate or refinance to other bank with penalty RM8k (breach the lock-in period of 5 yr). If my bank refuse to reduce, i will tell them to fly-kite lah.

Is Malaysia ready for high inflation and high interest rate? Most people will suffer kaw-kaw i believe! Damn!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Claim you RM625 / RM150

Rebate in 3 minutes and up to 5 vehicles that renew road tax from 1 April 08 till 31 March 09. That's it. Simple & clear, at last! Starting 14 June till 30 June 08.

> Go in person to any of the country's 683 post offices,
> Bring your identity card,
> Provide your car registration number, and
> Fill a money order form.

1. 携带正本大马卡前往邮政局
2. 填写表格,填写的资料为:名字、新身份证/军人证/警察证号码、交通工具的车牌号码
3. 审查合格条件
4. 成功符合条件,拇指打印
5. 领取现金回扣

Monday, June 09, 2008

Penang Hill Climb - 28th July 2008

Have you all ever try to climb (infact is run) to the top of Penang Hill in less than 50 min? And do you know that this even normally "controlled" by chinese and not our indian brothers & sisters?

The even will start from Youth Park and run to Botanical Garden, then follow the tar road to the top of the hill. I ran once or twice, can't really remember back in 1991/92.

For more information, click here for Entry Form.

Cash Rebate

All cars & bikes that renew thier road tax in this period will be able to enjoy the cash rebate under the new fuel scheme according to Shahrir.

Motorists who renewed their road tax before April 1 and therefore fail to qualify for the cash rebate need not fret. Their next road tax renewal would qualify them for it.

Means while, Shahrir also assured that no further fuel increase untill next year March. Can we believe the government?

Historic Win Kubica & BWM Sauber

1-2 finished for Kubica and Heidfeld at Canadian Grand Prix. Kubica is leading the championship points by 42, followed by Hamilton & Massa at 38, Raikkonen 35. The race also saw the stupid Hamilton knocked at the back of Raikkonen during the 1st pit stop after the end of 1st SC.

Means while, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Williams’ Nico Rosberg will drop 10 places on the grid at the next round of the championship in France as penalty for their
pit-lane incident in Canada.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Penang Govt to take over bridge marathon

Good news for you all who love to run. Penang Bridge Marathon is back this year!

News from The Star:

GEORGE TOWN: The state government is planning to take over the organising of the Penang Bridge Marathon this year following its cancellation by the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM).

State Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law Heng Kiang said the state had sought permission from the LLM to hold the event.

"We have yet to fix the date as we need to liaise with the International Marathon Council first so that it won't clash with other events," he said Friday.

Malaysian Highway Authority director-general Datuk Mohamad Razali Othman had on May 11 announced that the run was cancelled due to financial and manpower constraints.

A week later, Law told reporters that Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said expressed her disappointment with the cancellation of the event, as it had been successful in attracting both local and foreign participants in past years.

Law was speaking at a press conference to announce the sponsorship of A Cultural Charity Night with Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas in conjunction with the governor's birthday.

He said E&O Penang and Hunza Properties (Penang) Sdn Bhd were each sponsoring RM300,000 for the event, organised by Taglink Group.

He said the state hoped to raise RM2mil in aid of the TYT Disaster Relief Fund, several charity organisations, the 6th International Dragon Boat Federation Club Crew World Championship (IDBF CCWC) to be held in the state from July 31 to Aug 4, and the Penang Bridge Marathon.

For details on the dinner, call 04-538 1110

Why only 1st Apr 2008 till 31st Mar 2009?

I quite don't understand the condition of only cars and bikes that renew their road tax from 1st April 2008 till 31st March 2009 able for "rebate" RM625 and RM150 respectively?

Is that means those cars that renewed their road tax early this year are not able to enjoy the rebate, even though they paid the income tax, road tax, what ever blardy taxes?

Anyone can explain?


Bayaran ini meliputi kenderaan dengan cukai jalan yang berkuatkuasa 1 April 2008 hingga 31 Mac 2009.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Tariff for Electricity

News from Bursa Malaysia:

Type : Announcement

- New tariff structure to reflect and recover the increase in fuel prices
- No increase for domestic / household consumers whose monthly usage is up to 200 kWh (Lifeline band)
- Lower percentage increase for low voltage industrial and low voltage commercial consumers with monthly consumption of up to 200kWh, compared to consumers in their respective categories
- Effective 1st July 2008

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) wishes to announce that in line with the Government’s decision to review the gas price to the power sector, TNB has received the Government’s approval for a new tariff structure that is to be effective from 1st July 2008, which will allow TNB to recover the increase in gas and coal prices.

The price of gas to the power sector has increased by 123% from RM6.40 per mmBTU to RM14.31 per mmBTU, whilst coal price has risen by more than 170% since 2006. Gas and coal currently constitute 68% and 26% respectively of the total generation mix in Peninsular Malaysia. TNB has been purchasing gas at the subsidised price of RM6.40 per mmBTU from Petroliam Nasional Bhd (PETRONAS) since 1997. The relatively low tariff currently enjoyed by customers was partly due to this highly subsidised gas price.

Fuel cost is the main component in TNB’s operating costs and as a company, TNB could not continue to absorb the rising costs. The new tariff structure is necessary in view of the high fuel prices to enable TNB to continue to provide sustainable and reliable power supply for the country.

TNB will maintain the lifeline tariff rate for household consumers whose monthly electricity consumption is up to 200kWh, thus there will be no change in their electricity tariff. This group of consumers represents 59.1% of household consumers. Household consumers with monthly consumption of 201-400 kWh representing 26.7% of total households consumers are expected to experience between 1% to 10% increase in their monthly bill. The new tariff structure for domestic/household consumers has been designed to encourage large users to consume electricity more efficiently.

Commercial and industrial consumers are expected to experience an average increase of 26%. However, low voltage commercial and low voltage industrial consumers consuming up to 200kWh per month will experience a lower average increase of 18%. This lower increase will benefit small traders / retailers / shops / eateries.

The 10% discount for Government schools, Government institutions of higher learning, welfare homes and places of worship is maintained.

For more information on tariff please refer to the TNB website or New Tariff Booklet.

马力二千及以下汽车获回扣 午夜汽油起78分柴油起1元

for you to understand how the system work. for cases like my wife, both cars also under her name, when she renew her road tax, got cash rebate or not?

Merdeka Review:






首相的宣布证实了国内贸易与消费人事务部长沙里尔(Shahrir Abdul Samad)较早前发出的消息,惟首相指出,政府将津贴直至(sehingga)马力2000的汽车及吉普车,换言之津贴机制将包括马力2000的汽车。


车主更新路税时,将可得到每年马币625元的现金回扣。现金回扣将以汇票(money order)发出,今年7月1日起政府就会开始发出现金回扣。所有车辆的路税有效期介于2008年4月1日至2009年3月31日,都可得到这项回扣。









沙里尔今午宣布,政府将向棕榈油提炼厂和独立发电厂征收暴利金(windfall tax)。他也同时宣布取消边境外国车禁添油措施。






After General Election, Now is General Erection

All prices of goods, foods, utilities and everything are increasing. Electricity up 18% for domestic users (unless you are using less than 200 kWh a mth) and 26% for commercial & industrial effectively on 1st July 2008, transportation charges also will increase and passing all the cost to end users. Will roti canai end up selling one piece at RM1.50? Broiler chicken ceiling price will also remove soon......

Question is, does the market ready for this changes? According to Pak Lah,
inflation expected to increase to 4 - 5% and an impact on the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

Pak Lah also asked the rakyat not to demo on the street. Do you think so? One of the proposed location by Kit Siang is very near to my office and my MIL house, Jalan Pasar.
11.30am today, infront AM Bank and RHB Bank, near the traffic light.

News from Malaysiakini:


6月5日 12点43分


民主行动党中央政策与策略委员会主席兼怡保东区国会议员林吉祥(Lim Kit Siang),昨日晚上在其部落格宣布,这两场示威行动将分别在怡保和吉隆坡举行。


第二场示威在吉隆坡,则会在早上11时30分在富都的巴刹路(Jalan Pasar,Pudu)前举行。




Liar Always Is Liar!

Do you still remember what Sharir said few days ago that petrol only will increase in August. But our PM increased it immediately after announcing the new scheme for fossil fuel.

Do you still remember that on 12th Feb 2008, PM said the Parliament
won't dissolve on 13th February 2008 and Parliament eventually dissolved on this "unlucky" day for BN.

Conclusion: Liar is always a Liar.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Midnight onward RM 2.70/liter

News from NST:

The new price of petrol is RM2.70 per litre beginning midnight tonight, it was announced a moment ago by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad. Diesel will go up by RM1 per litre while the price for ULG 92 per litre went up by 74 sen. The 78 sen hike or 40 per cent increase for the ULG 97 petrol is still below the antiticpated RM4 per litre price projected earlier and among the cheapest in Asia.

News from The Star:

All internet media jammed up, can't access! I read from the title in the Star, that RM2.20 per liter after midnight.

Which one is correct? MalaysiaKini reported RM2.70 effectively tonight!

RM 2.70 per Liter Petrol

Damn, RM2.70/liter petrol, up 78c and we do not know when will it implementing. After tonight or August 08?

Time to cycling, really. It is carbon free and "changing" life style!

Harga petrol dijangka naik 78 sen mulai Ogos
Jun 4, 08 5:04pm

Harga petrol dijangka naik sebanyak 78 sen Ogos ini - satu pertambahan besar dari RM1.92 sekarang kepada RM2.70.Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dijangka mengumumkannya hari ini.

Sidang akhbar dijangka bermula sebaik sahaja perdana menteri tiba di pejabatnya di Putrajaya.

Bagaimanapun, belum diketahui bila skim harga baru itu akan dikuatkuasakan.

Kenaikan harga itu adalah sebahagian daripada langkah kerajaan untuk mengawal subsidi bagi menampung kenaikan petrol, diesel dan gas, yang dijangka berjumlah RM56 bilion tahun ini.

Kerajaan juga mengumumkan pemberian rebet kepada pengguna kenderaan.

Mengikut skim tersebut tersebut, kenderaan di bawah 2000cc akan menerima RM625 setahun - rebat bagi 800 liter di bawah harga baru.

Pemilik motosikal pula akan diberi rebet RM120. Bayaran akan dibuat melalui wang pos.

Difahamkan rebet teresbut akan dibayar apabila pemilik kenderaan memperbaharui cukai jalan kenderaan mereka.

Kerajaan dijangka menjimatkan RM4 bilion di bawah penstrukturan semula skim subsidi tersebut.

Jika harga petrol dijual mengikut harga penuh pasaran, ia boleh mencecah setinggi hampir RM4 seliter - naik 100 peratus.

Bagaimanapun, kerajaan dijangka menuju ke arah memansuhkan terus pemberian subsidi pada masa depan.


【本刊记者撰述】国内贸易与消费人事务部长沙里尔(Shahrir Abdul Samad)宣布,每公升燃油将暴涨78分!




沙里尔也表示,政府将向棕榈油提炼厂和独立发电厂征收暴利金(windfall tax)。




New Scheme for Fossil Fuel?


6月4日 下午2点15分



(一)当国内油价高涨时,直接派发现金给电单车和小型轿车车主。这些现金将会透过汇票(Postal Oder)发出。



Motosikal, kereta kecil dapat duit
Jun 4, 08 2:24pm
Jawatankuasa mengawal inflasi, yang bermesyuarat semalam, telah mengemukakan sejumlah cadangan kepada jemaah menteri pagi ini bagi mengawal kesan kenaikan harga bahan api dunia.

Cadangan-cadangan tersebut:

1. Bayaran tunai secara langsung kepada pengguna motosikal dan kereta kecil apabila harga minyak meningkat. Wang itu akan dibayar melalui wang pos.

2. Tiada peningkatan harga gas memasak dan gas untuk kegunaan teksi.

3. Subsidi gas untuk sektor industri penjanaan tenaga akan dikurangkan perlahan-lahan.

4. Tenaga Nasional Bhd dibenarkan menaikkan tarif elektrik, kecuali di Sabah dan Sarawak.

5. Cukai tambahan ke atas pengeluar tenaga independen dan pengilang minyak sawit.

Kabinet dijangka mengumumkan saranan tersebut 5 petang ini.

Langkah-langkah yang diperkenalkan ini dijangka meningkatkan inflasi dan mengurangkan pendapatan negara kasar.

RM 4/liter by August?

If the new subsidy scheme implemented by August 08, then i am considering of using back my bike or to be more environmental friendly use my mountain bike to work subjected to the condition of my left knee of course.

Imagine RM4 per liter of petrol, more than double. Meaning from RM 130 to more than RM 260 and my wife from RM 200 to RM 400. As we all still not sure who and who are entire to enjoy part or full subsidy of fossil fuel. I guess government will based on IRB to decide who are eligible to enjoy the subsidy.

Then you also can imagine what is the price for a roti canai, foods, transportation, utilities........ all interlink to each others.

We have 2 more months to think and figure out how to "change" our lifestyle. But should the government first stop all the corruptions which Malaysia loss more money than subsidies? Then what about the huge profit gain by Petronas due to the skyrocketing fossil fuel price? Why still sudsidy IPP?

News from The Star:

Shahrir: New fuel subsidy scheme only in August

KUALA LUMPUR: A new fuel subsidy scheme will be fully implemented only in August and today’s announcement is only one of the steps in the revamp, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said.

“Any announcement by the Prime Minister (today) should be seen as a part of the implementation and not the final step,” he told a press conference after opening the 1st Malaysian Construction Summit 2008 at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday.

He said a full subsidy system could not be immediately decided on now, as the Finance Ministry was still evaluating proposals.

Shahrir said he did not think his statements contradicted those made by the Prime Minister.

On Monday, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Cabinet would decide today on a new fuel subsidy scheme and that it would be implemented immediately to prevent speculation.

Shahrir said the subsidy revamp could result in petrol pumps selling fuel at market prices.

However, he said it was impossible to have a price increase without some way of helping the lower income groups.

“The idea ultimately is to increase the pump prices according to the market prices. At the same time, we need to deliver subsidy to Malaysians,” he said.

Shahrir said that there must be a system to the subsidy mechanism, which would either be in the form of cash income subsidies or a quota system effected through the MyKad or car registration number


【本刊陈子莹撰述】甫在昨日放话在八月公布的新燃油津贴机制,将会使到国内的零售燃油价格会调高,国内贸易与消费人事务部长沙里尔(Shahrir Abdul Samad)今天再透露,在新的燃油津贴机制下,新的燃油价格将反映出国际原油价格的走势。






据《Financial Daily》财经日报的报道,完整的燃油津贴机制不仅针对国内燃油的零售价格,同时也包括了给予发电厂的燃料津贴。发电厂的燃料成本,就直接影响了国能向人民征收的电费机制。




Monday, June 02, 2008


A new world record for 100m sprint. What a powerful run by 21 years old Jamaican, Usain Bolt. No one will dare to imagine that human on earth can run that fast when Carl Lewis broke 9.86s in 90s. Even Ben Johnson only can ran 9.79s with the help of drug in 1988 Olympic!

Will Bolt also break
200m world record set by American Michael Johnson 19.32s?