Monday, December 28, 2009

Bt Ferringhi Cemetery Saga - Perda does not plan to disturb graves at temple

At least no need to relocate the graves, hope so!

UPDATED: News from The Star

GEORGE TOWN: Descendants of those buried outside the century-old Chinese cemetery at the Tang Sang See Temple in Batu Ferringhi can rest easy.

The Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) said on Monday that it does not plan to disturb the graves on its land.

Perda chairman Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said they were willing to overlook the encroachment on humanitarian grounds.

“Our purpose of erecting the steel fencing rods is just to demarcate the land. But we hope people would not bury their dead on our land anymore,” he said.

Perda had put up the rods last week to demarcate the 2.7ha land belonging to it after realising that some of the graves had encroached into its property.

On Sunday, some 60 people held placards to protest Perda’s action of putting up the rods at their ancestors’ graves.

They had claimed that there was no notice to inform them of the matter.

Azhar, however, had said that Perda had sent a notice to Persatuan Kwang Long over the encroachment but since there was no reply, it went ahead and put up the rods.

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Ally said...

Miscommunication la. Perda should've sent out a second notice or CALL this Persatuan Kwang Long. In this advanced telecommunication age, simple issues like this could've been solved easily. If Kwang Long still ignore, then it is trying to cari pasal saja.
Tsk tsk tsk... making a mountain out of a molehill.