Sunday, December 20, 2009

BN in Penang, another fight, no hoper

Just when everybody thought UMNO and Gerakan "no more friend" after the incident of "Pendatang" and the latest drama happened when the Ahmad Ismail is reinstated just after 1 year plus instead of 3 and demanded Gerakan to appology to him.

Now, after gaining the 1st momentum, the never-will-change-UMNO again request for more (chinese says, give you one inch you want one feet), they want the Penang BN chief post from Gerakan. UMNO is still UMNO, though Gerakan not so relevant anymore in Penang, but the lcly mentality of UMNO must be stopped and ended in Penang.

I think Dr Ahmad Zahid should stop thinking of Penang BN chief post and concentrate on the RM50mil jet engine missing incident including Najib who was the miniter of defence when the engine gone missing. If such an important, bulky and damn heavy engine can just dissappear from Malaysia, what about a 50-60kg Ah Tan and C4?

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