Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coal is Renewable Energy?

Since when coal become a renewable source? I think those who think coal is renwable can only happen in BolehLand, since we are the BolehLander

The state government of Sarawak put coal mining under SCORE which SCORE supposed is meant for RE - Renewable Energy.

Those who has slightly knowledge on RE will know coal takes million of years to form. If they are so dumb, please visit IPCC website and check the Emission factor (EF) of coal/lignite under the IPCC 2006 guideline, Vol 2, Chapter 1, Table 1.4.


KJ Lim said...

More Co2, ada.
Renewable? Abu boleh guna untuk tanam pokok bunga.

Ally said...

In BolehLand, chocolate is a renewable source too. LOL