Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A New Hope Please ......

Too bad for these frogs, jumping around and caused instability to the Perak Government. End of the day, the Perakians who suffer the most! If BN really able to form the "new government" soon, what will happen to the new policy that PR had announced, such as Free Hold title for New Villages, lands for Chinese private school to self-sustains, and etc. Furthermore, the "new government" only have 2 non-bumis Adun, can they representing the Perakians that having almost 55% of non-bumis?

Sad to see DAP's
Hee defection. As she sound so firm that she will not defect. Seem like it was all a big time kaw-kaw sandiwara. But, can you see her face during the Najib's PC, look so tense & sad. Not even a word i guess. Anyway, she is buying time for Najib. She won't appeared if not Lim Guan Eng warned her that day. Such a lame excuse given. Then these 2 missing-in-action EXCO PKR suddenly appeared in Najib office and giving a lame excuse of sick. Therefore can't be contacted by the whole world even thier family members. But Najib able to contact these 2 guys. Amazing! Of course, the main joker of the whole incident is Bota Adun, it seem like "now you got me, now you don't". I was wonder whether this Bota Adun was a bait sent by Najib to Anwar. I wonder how these frogs would face the Rakyat who voted them?

I have to salute PAS as they are very firm on thier stand! After a by-election was held in PAS ruled Kelantan during 2004 - 2008 where the existing PAS seat was lost to UMNO and PAS only had
one seat different in DUN, they did not defect too no matter how bad the situation. Unlike DAP and PKR or PBS, many frogs were there and continue to have from time to time. That is why DAP is very much hoping for the Anti-Hoping Law. That is why also BN never want to push for it, as history tells us that they were benefited all the while.

Then come to this
EC pulak, another joker of the day. They decide not to call a by-election, an act of unconstitutional. For me, EC is helping Najib to buy time, at least to drag after Silver Jubilee of Sultan Perak on 3rd Feb 2009.

I do hope Sultan Perak will let the Perakians to decide again who should lead the government through the ballot box, not by jumping frogs. As the "boss" of the state, they should have the right to choose.

And finally, if the wish to have a fresh state election is granted, i hope all these frogs will disappear from the political arena forever. With this election also, once for all i hope Najib and UMNO will lost in coming GE.


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KIAN MING said...

I'm really feel angry and disappoint.