Friday, February 27, 2009

Paying Higher PCB Secretly

The new PCB reduction effective since 1st Jan 2009. Compared to 2008 (old contribution table) and Feb 09, i am paying 23% more PCB tax to Government.

While at one side, they are asking Rakyat to spend more, reduce the OPR 3 time in 4 months, asking you to reduce EPF contribution, prolong repayment period for your loan by reducing monthly payment (end up you lose more money as interest to banks), reduce credit card charges, etc.

But the truth is government is taxing us more by reducing the EPF contribution, now even worst paying higher PCB tax even most of us contributing 11% EPF. For richest person in Malaysia, they are in fact paying 1% less.

So conclusion is, since majority of Malaysian don't bother about the "compulsory" reduction of EPF contribution that started since 1st Jan 09 that allow government to tax you more (in another way), government now tax you higher in PCB even though you are paying 11% EPF so you can't escape from it.

Bravo BN government! You succefully rob the poor for the rich again.

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