Thursday, February 12, 2009

AB Blood Group Not "Selfish"

All the while people has this perception that AB blood group people are "selfish" as they only donate thier blood to AB group. Unlike O group where they are the most "generous", giving to all A, B, O and AB group.

As one of the 5% population in this Malaysia, i need to clarify to all people that AB blood group in fact are very "generous" as well.

Type O negative blood is called the "universal blood type" because it can be transfused to people of all blood types. Type O positive can be given to anyone with a positive Rh factor.

Type AB plasma has been considered as the universal Blood plasma type, and therefore AB plasma is given to patients with any Blood type as AB Plasma does not have both anti-A antibody & anti B antibody.

Plasma is use for transfusion or manufactured into medicines. AB Plasma that is use for transfusion is prepared into small aliquots an dgiven to neonates who require multiple plasma transfusion. Besides, many medicines are manufacture from plasma such as Coagulation Factor Concentrated VIII & IX, IgG, 20% Albumin, etc.

Plasma can be donated through the process called Ahperesis and every 2 weeks up tp 25X a year, each time 600cc. Compared to whole blood donor, they are only able to donate 4X a year each time 450cc.

So, donate more to help when you are able to do so!

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