Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better Than Ah Long

Our banks are actually better than Ah Long, they get more money compared to them, legally!

I have a simple Test:

1. If i used RM 3,365.99 for last statement date (28 Dec 08).
2. I paid RM 1,600.00 on 5th Jan 09
3. I paid RM1,410.00 on 15th Jan 09
4. I paid RM360.00 on 21st Jan 09
5. My statement due date was 17th Jan 09.

What is the amount that logically and supposed to be charged for finance charges (or interest)?

The ANSWER is RM3,365.99 starting from 28 Dec 08 till 21st Jan 09, a TOTAL of 24 days!!!!! Eventhough i cleared all my RM3,365.99, just because i paid the last RM360 4 days after the due date, i will be charged for 24 days interest based on RM3,365.99. Such a fair system imposed by our
BNM. They never appreciate early payment, but they penalty you all the way back to Statement Date if you paid 1 cent less! As i have the habbit of not paying the few cents, no wonder i always kena "extraordinary" interest some time!

Please read carefully what has written at the back of the statement you received every month. It says that interest will only be calculated based on the balance that is not paid after the due date and will calculated from the PAYMENT DUE DATE until FULL SETTLEMENT.

So, in your next statement, please see and read carefully, if you are not fully paid the transaction by Due Date! Anyway, i will officially write an email to the bank and CC to MP to voice my dissatisfaction eventhough the poor customer lady told me she will convey the complaint to the bank. By then, this will be my 3rd official complaint letter to the same bank!

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