Friday, February 06, 2009

China is Leading in CDM projects

Last week, China finally over take India in term of number of registered CDM project activity. Anyhow, all the while since 2-3 years back, China has the highest number of estimated CERs as China has project activities with > 10 mil CERs per project. Ever wonder why China has the most CERs and number of Projects? Answer is simple, China is the 2nd most polluted country after USA. But lucky for China is, they are caterogorise under Non-Annex 1 country (or developing country). So no commitment to reduce emmisions but can carry out voluntary.

As per today (6th Feb 2009), China has 404 registered projects, India has 392 projects.

How about Malaysia? We are currently ranked no. 5 with 37 registered project activities and FYI, i have one project registered!

How about the smallest CDM Project? It is also from Malaysia with only 173 CERs per annum.

For those who need to understand what is CDM, click here.

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