Friday, October 17, 2008

New Blog for Penang Tourism

Penang Government is introducing new blog to promote state tourism industry.

Besides manufacturing, tourism is 2nd important income for Penang, especially for my family as their livelihood are depending on tourism industry since before i was born. The place where we stay (even though i am only stay few days in a year),
Batu Ferringhi, is one of the hot spot for tourists with hotels situated along the coastal starting from Rasa Sayang to going-to-open-soon Hard Rock Hotel (used to be Casuarina Resort) and Bayview.

Life not just stop when sunset, its continue with
night market. I still remember, it was the idea of getting extra income for villagers from tourists as they have nothing much to do after sunset. A quiet small pekan now have some night life out of no where. Soon it developed into a night market where you can get what ever things you want. Of course, please bargain ........

Parent of my freind from town used to prevent their children of going to Shnua Teng (Batu Ferringhi) (means top of the hill). And people like me who live in "shnua teng" used to tell my parent that i will "lok po" (go down the hill, means town area). That is what i don't understand why parent from town so afraid of Batu Ferringhi, as i used to travel everyday to school since primary school. I think kampung boy like me, parent used to be more "pang sim" kuah....

We do have a waterfall at Batu Ferringhi, the entrance is on the left (from Bt. Ferringhi toward Teluk Bahang) after Bayview Hotel. Drive in slowly on laterite road then you can park your car after crossing the bridge. Becareful when raining, water current is very strong, not advisable to jump into the river...... lots of death cases happened before. The place is quite nice which a temple Tua Pek Kong at the bottom. You can hike up and explore yourself (not when rain please).

Batu Ferringhi also has a Reservoir. Actually you can walk or jogging up the hill. It is just opposite Holiday Inn. The road take about 2km from the coastal road till guard house. From guard house you can walk up till water treatment area (used to be allowed to go up, it is under care of PBAPP). From the treatment area, you can further jog for 3-4 km (my best guess based on the time i ran when i was Form 4). From there, you can enjoy the view of Batu Ferringhi beach stretch from Rasa Sayang till Bayview. I guese not many Penangite or villagers from Bt. Ferringhi itself climb up to the level, it is almost half the height of the hill. In fact, you can see the "drainage" system (white in colour) at the middle of the hill while you driving on the coastal road. You can see how they collect the water from the streams, hill etc and channel to a "drainage" system where this water will carry to the treatment area and most of it will further channel through a man-made tunnel till Tg Bungah reservoir. I was learnt that 30-40 years ago, my kampung neighbours used to sampan through the tunnel till Tg Bungah Reservior!!!

Swimming is part of the leisure thing we did during weekend, either at the beach or river near the Reservoir. This is the place where i learn my free-style, in the river! and till now i still prefer to swim in the river, few spots to choose from, from shallow to deep.

However, things changes a lot since 20 years ago, more concrete buildings now, high rise towers. More bungalows, Semi-D and terrace houses now which cost hundred of thousands to millions. Lesser trees as to compared last time, river not that clean anymore.....

Maybe i should bring my son and wife to walk up to treatment area this time around if allow to do so when i am going back to hometown. Got to let my son feel it, the kampung-boy-style. Got to let my wife relax from the tense of KL life. Got to release myself as well from hell-of-work!

Time to back to work.......

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