Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hisham Apologises

Finally Hisham apologises to all Malaysian for his acts of keris waving during UMNO assembly for the past 3 years. An apologise that we have waited for 3 years. At least he has the gut to say sorry At last he got to say Sorry after pressure from various parties. But sometime you will wonder, what make the Government so difficult to apologises to the Judges during 1988 crisis. Is sorry so damn hard to say by a Man?



kean-jin lim said...


KEAN HONG said...

after under pressure from various parties, in order to gain back the votes, he got no choice. But importantly, it was recorded in all mass media as a prove. He got to think twice when he wish to wave again. And also due to his apologises, he is under fire from his own UMNO. UMNO is cracking into more than 2 teams. Race based party will not survive long, not anymore in Malaysia.

KEAN HONG said...

I should not use the words "he has the gut", in fact to use the words "apologises after pressure by various parties...", that seem more logic.