Monday, April 14, 2008

Centralize Pig Farm: Sandiwara Kaw-Kaw

Recently goreng hot issue, the centralised pigs farm, that Utusan Melayu and other Governnment controlled papers keep on talked about, is just another sandiwara.

Oscar should award these
UMNOs & ketua kampung some best actor and supporting actor to them. We called them 2 heads snake. Or TUHAN & HANTU.

These are the most hated people we have in the world. Hoping one day they will realiase that thier acts are idiot and an insult to our intelligence.

This project will once for all solve the pollution issue, of course the system need to be maintained all the time to achieve its optimum condition. High organic strength pig waste will be anaerobically decayed and produce biogas which is a source of green house gasses that being indentified under UNFCCC. By trapping the biogas and further clean it, channel to biogas engine or to boiler to generate eletricity, it will reduce the consumption fossil fired electricity from national grid, it is also fall under the 9th Rancangan Malaysia where Malaysian Government targeted 350 MW of total power produced is Renewable Energy (RE) (Teras 19). It will indirectly reduce the foreign exchange loss due to import of fossil fuel plus contribute to better world.

The Project able to considere under CDM as well if we can determine the baseline of how many head of pigs. If the current pig farms is located everywhere, then it is not feasible to invest all the set-up and gas engine to capture and generate RE. Only by centralise them, then project only feasible. Of course, if the project can considere under CDM, then sales from carbon credit will add into revenue.

I don't see why the project should be rejected? Tell me one reason please!


Kean-Jin Lim said...

They are a group of superficial people. They said they care about Nation, Environment, is that so? If they are, we don't have so many flash flood happening in many areas. My foot.

Wong Soon Yim said...

I got a reason... they scare that the electricity produce by the pig waste is non-Halal... Oh my God!!

Their mentalities are like that... thinking of the un-thinkable issues... they are the best politician who like to manipulate all issues!!

KEAN HONG said...

we heard before halal conveyor belt, now this is new to me, halal RE that u proposed.

Out of my imagination now!