Tuesday, February 05, 2008

14 days in HUKM (Part 2)

DAY 2:
7.00 am: Wake up & ready for my knee ops.

7.30 am: A group of doctors including my surgeons came to examine me again.

7.50 am: Final call for me to get myself ready to OT. Have to naked myself and put on the ops' shirt. Kaw Lat. Some more need the help from the nurse to tie the strings of the shirt for me.

8.00 am: Climbed up and laid down on the bed that transfer me to OT, of course the nurse covered me with a blanket lah, or else sure "expose" one! The journey from Ward to OT was really like i was acting in ER. Reaching OT complexe about 10 min later. After confirming my name and i/c, i was transfered to OT 14, the number really sial! No wonder i needed to stay for 14 days.

Approx. 8.20 am:
Dr Salmah, the anesthesiologist, injecting the drug into my spine, it is epidural, like what my wife experienced during giving birth of HH. Pain like hell! And you know, i can't even sleep after took the sleeping pill, Dr Salmah need to further put in extra doses to get me sleep. However, i wake up about 2 hr later.

Approx. 8.30 am:
A group of five (5) ( i think so as i was almost fall sleep by that time) came in and prepared themselve for the ops. The OT was damn cold! Damn cold! I can't move my legs now, what ever they want to do on me, i can't stopped them.

Approx. 11.00 am:
I wake up after 2 hr plus of sleeping. Start to chit chat with Dr Salmah on every topics. What to do, too boring listening the sound of plyer, cracking sound, drilling sound, knocking sound, etc. The topics involved on personal life, on medical, on politic. I even asked her why she looks like chinese and i found out that she has 25% chinese blood. Her grandmother is chinese.

At one point, she offered me wanna to see what the surgeons were doing on my knee, therefore, from the small TV, i can see clearly what they did to my knee. Lasering, drilling, knocking, pulling using plyer, screwdriving. Seem like they were installing a mechanical knee for me. Haha.

Untill about 12.40 pm, my waist was pain like hell as i was not moving myself for more than 3 hr.

12.40 pm - 1.10 pm:
Ops was done, pushing me out from OT14 and rest for 30 min while waiting for report. Maybe due to the epidural, i felt very cold. Now i wonder why my wife had that effect also previously. Luckily, HUKM has the warm air blanket, kheng.

1.10 pm:
Transfer me back to Ward. Haiyah, can't move myself, the nurses did whatever they want to do on me, motionless. They help to change my shirt and covered my privat part with a sarung, luckily they never help me on that! Or else, fully expose!

When i thought the worst has gone, i was damn wrong! In fact, it was the beginning! The pain gradually came back and tortured me kaw-kaw. I had to keep my left leg straight till Monday, that was 3 days, to prevent i got the shorter left leg. For the record, i laid on the bed for more than 72 hr without leaving the bed! Another record breaking for me. I need to take pain killer, plus another 2 injections then only i was able to sleep at night!

Due to anaesthetic, i can't felt that i want to pee until i felt very pain near my abdomen. I thought i want to pangsai, but the nurse did not allow me to move around to prevent the new joined ligament putus. They suggested me to do it on bed la, use pamper la, etc. Really siao, on bed! So finally, i choose to pee, and one thing the surprised me was that i can keep approx. 650 ml of urine in my body.


Anonymous said...

hello... i'm the medical student who in charge of you in HUKM.. haha.. you really geng.. can remember everything in so detailed... ;-) looking forward to your ghost story in the ward oh..!!

KEAN HONG said...

u r ms Tiong.

KEAN HONG said...

u r ms Tiong.

Anonymous said...

yes i am.. ;-)

KEAN HONG said...

sorry, Part 3 will take some time to come as now is Election Mania.

Switch to G. Election topics 1st.

stay tune

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