Thursday, March 06, 2008

2 Months after My Knee Ops

Wanna see my knee after operation? Here you are...... swollen at top left corner of this picture and scars all over my knee. Did 4 times of aspiration to suck out excessive fluid that accumulated in my knee, a painful process.

I am still using one crutch although i am able to walk without it anymore because some how i am not able to walk for long distance. When i said long distance, it is about 200 - 300 meter.

My knee is able to bend up to 120-125 degree at this moment without additional force. If with "force", it can bend to the maximum (140 deg), of course pain like hell...... It is very pain, can't describe by words....... imagine during our Jasmani class in school where teacher asked you to bend your body to measure how far you were able to touch your toe (one of the activities to get some marks for Jasmani class), it is actually strecthing to loosen up the ligament. My physiotherapist without mercy push my leg, degree by degree inward and hold it for 10 second, and repeat it for few times.

My quadricep still very weak. I can't straighten my leg yet using my quadricep muscle power. More exercise require ......

But one good thing is: I got privilege when going to banks, parking. They treat me as OKU. Of course i do not want it forever. Will keep the crutches in "muzium" soon......

4 more months to go before i can cycling......

10 more months to go before can fully active again in sport!

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