Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Penang: Perak Lane Ceramah 7th March 08

After spent some time in Ayir Putih Operation Center in Ayer Itam for briefing, we went straight to Perak Lane to listen the ceramah held by DAP, the last ceramah in town.

Few DAP candidates were there, including Jagdeep Singh (Dato Keramat state), eldest son of Karpal Singh, Karpal (Bkt Glugor Parliament), Jeff Ooi (Jelutong Parliament) and Law Heng Kiang (Bt Lanchang state).

In the speech, Karpal endorsed Jeff Ooi as new Tiger of Jelutong ans asked for support from rakyat of Jelutong, and i guess you all know the results!

I was lucky as well able to meet Jeff Ooi face to face while he walked through the crowd toward the stage, shake our hands and he hugged me. What a surprise!

By midnight, FRU drove by...... and Jeff asked rakyat not to afraid, we are the boss! and time to vote......

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