Friday, March 07, 2008

War Zone: Penang - Battle of Century

Rocket at Wet Market nea "Jalan 7th"

Pulau Tikus, Burmah Road

Back to Penang on 1.30am, 7th March 2008. And from time to time, received news on Han Jiang High School DAP ceramah from my friend. The crowd hit 60,000 people with collection about RM 123k. Imagine the football field packed with people from all races until another 10k people stand outside the school compound.

courtesy TV Smith

Tonight will attend another briefing at Ayer Itam for Ayer Puteh state seat at 8pm. Then we rush to Perak Lane to listen to Jeff Ooi's ceramah. At 10pm, we will drive north to Fettes Park to listen to Anwar's ceramah.

The day has come. We shall cast our votes wisely.

Time To Change!
Time To Vote!

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