Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My 14 Days in HUKM

It took 14 days for me to discharge from HUKM which normally 4 - 5 days for ACL Recons. Why? I got infected with bacteria.

In this 14 days, i suffered pain, experiencing the ghosts, seeing things that i bet you will never ever see it outside the hospital ...... In this 14 days also, i have new friends, from the nurses in Ortho Wad Lelaki, doctors, future doctors (all ladies, hehehe), physiotherapists (also all are ladies). Too many of them, i shall name them in another blog later, from my Day 1 till Day 14.

I experienced two OT in 1 week. Going through hell pain in 2nd OT! And i was thinking, when the animal is being slaughtered without anaesthetic, how the hell they are suffering.

As currently when i am blogging it, i can bend my knee to about 90 degree. Hopefully by next week, i can achieve 120 degree and then 140 degree.

So many people to thank. Speechless! Of course must thanks my wife and my family members!

And lastly, TIME TO CHANGE!! I even changed my ligament, why can't you make a change also in another 40 days time!!! Think now, think ahead!


Weng Wah - 荣华 said...

glad to see u r back again.

chongwah said...

hope u get back well very soon.

aiwah said...

get well soon oh!

aruri said...

HEAL! Well, imagine doing all the activities you loved doing if you had good knees... after you recover, you can do them all! Isn't that motivating! Mount Everest here i come!

Weng Wah - 荣华 said...

dragon, why bo blog

Kenny said...

i think 140 degree is the limit. try not to exceed or else kepiak...liau

KEAN HONG said...

now i can achieved 100 - 110 degree. But mu Quad is weak still!

more training require!