Saturday, February 02, 2008


More sweets given out!

1. BN big guns roll into Penang to hand out goodies
PENANG: The big guns from the Barisan Nasional descended here yesterday, giving away millions of ringgit in aid to Chinese schools, the poor and non-governmental organisations.

2. More pocket money for disabled

3. Indians promised jobs in Government

4. Boost for Chinese education with new and relocated schools

5. Chinese schools in Penang get RM3.8mil

From the news published by MCA owned The Star, you will come to a conclusion, BN are targeting Chinese and Indian votes as they know chinese and indian have decided to make a change!

Sweets we still take it, votes still giving to DAP/PKR/PAS, so that more allocation will be provided to non-bumi, the so-called pressure by the votes!

Time To Change! Don't ever con again by the lousiest PM in the 50 years of Malaysia history! As Penangite, i feel ashame!

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