Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Candies!

It is a good news for Chinese school. But with RM10m, what can you do? The money can't even enough to build a school. Some more it is for many schools.

Why out of sudden, the money flow in to chinese school almost daily in every corners announced by UMNO-led-Government? If this is not candies, then what it is?

Why only announced when approaching General Election or in another word every 4 - 5 years? Even with this additional allocation, the amount is still small compared to Sekolah Kebangsaan. We paid our TAX every month to country, this money suppose to distribute and develope to all sectors fairly! We are NOT beggar that keep on asking for this and that! But this is the right of every Malaysian living on this piece of land, MALAYSIA. This is our right as Malaysian, protected under Constitution of Malaysia.


We, as boss of this country, MUST DECIDE!

If we, boss, know that the current "management team" is weak, under perform, We, as boss, must sack them, and "hire" a ne group of "management team".

Time to think, to analyze, to judge!

Time To Change!

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