Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fund Raising for DAP's Wei Aik

Everybody know that opposition candidates fight in the battle under handicap condition. Not enough fund compare to mighty BN with full mass media support day and night broadcasting twisted facts and figures about oppositions.

Therefore, it is time for you to come forward and contribute what ever you can, energy, your brain, your money.......

Our brothers in Penang and other states need more fund to campaign in this general election. Time for you to show support besides your very important votes!

From Ng Wei Aik's Blog:

I do really need your help. Please feel kind to support my election fund by banking into Maybank account (No.:112232163057). For every single cent you donated for me, please acknowledge me through email (nweiaik@gmail.com) and I will issue the receipt for you.

我非常需要你们的协助。若蒙俯允,敬请汇入马来亚银行户头(号码: 112232163057)。凡汇入的款项,敬请通过电邮(nweiaik@gmail.com)告诉我,而我将在稍后寄上收据给你。

Time To Change!
50 years is enough!

GOD Bless Penang & Malaysia

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