Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Birthday Wish

I am 32 years old now! Getting older again, or wiser. This year no celebration of my birthday anyway, maybe when people get older, the mood to celebrate become lesser until when you really get old, i mean when you have grandchildren...... Hope to wait for that moment! I think the same apply to Chinese New Year, my mood to celebrate CNY is getting lesser. Maybe also due to "pressuring environment"!

My birthday this year is a bit different as my birthday is fall in this general election, "battle of the century". So, my birthday wish also different.

I hope all my family members always stay healthy, happy most importantly. Besides, also wishing oppositions can deny 2/3 majority in state and also federal government. Finally, hoping Penangite can cast their votes to deny 2/3 majority and take over state government!

My simple wishes!


kean/jin lim said...

Hyvaa syntymapaivaa! 生日快乐! Happy Birthday!

May your wishes come true!

KEAN HONG said...

Thanks. This is everybody hope!

Wong Soon Yim said...

happy birthday to u...
and deny BN 2/3 majority.
Just Change it! 改国运,你决定! Jom Ubah!