Thursday, August 27, 2009

Soi Lek was sacked!

Will this prompted the birth of Rebellion MCA portion or the previously history cracked team called TEAM A & B? Time will tell. But one thing that definitely will happen is the big protest from the Soi Lek supporters across the nation. This is not a good timing for the struggling MCA to gain more support from the Chinese especially after their huge humiliation during the 308 GE last year.

Even ex-miniter Chan also voiced out his concern to the MCA president that MCA not even has the capability to crack at this moment when most Chinese discard MCA.

Now for sure, the Rebellion is fighting back with the campaign to remove the president of MCA through EGM. And for sure, MCA is cracking due to the acts of Tee Kiat.

So, in fact, Tee Kiat is fighting internally and externally. Not a good way to deal this situation huh?

GOD BLESS MCA lah.....

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