Friday, August 21, 2009

New house in Bt Ferringhi

Never reliase that it is so peaceful in the early morning at Batu Ferringhi. Never felt it when i stayed here in my 1st 21 years. Maybe this is the feeling for a Penangite who come back to Penang especially Batu Ferringhi, my kampung, for certain event that i needed to come back.

Sunrise from behind the hills and the cloud (or mist) then disappeared, no sound of cars or bikes, only sound of birds and chickens from the nearby kampung. Yes, this is the new house bought by my parent and eventually the old ah kong house will be in history, soon or later, this 1-2 years. I went back to old house, i need to get closer to the plants, soils, flowers, birds, dogs and even old rooms of mine, to feel it. So pityful to see it "abondon" now. Feel so sorry as well only coming back to Penang (Bt Ferrnghi) for 2nd time in 2009. This time around, i don;t even have time to go to the stall outside and have a walk. Everything was so rush!

I need to back to Batu Ferringhi again this year, hope so. Problem is my daughter still young and the fear of AH1N1...... My grandma still prefer to stay in old ah kong house. She will only move to my parent new house after the old house gone in history. I can guess her feeling..... she stay there for decades, that house age about 100 years old since my great grandparent stayed there. All her memories are coming from that house......

Life i guess is like this and will end somehow like this, you watch your kids grow up and soon you will missing them one day, cause they are forming thier family....... Provided husband and wife stay together till old, if not, the one who "go" later gonna be lonely...... and i shall let my wife "go" 1st as i guess she can't live alone without me. But that shall happens after we were 90 years old, hope so lah.

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KIAN MING said...

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