Monday, August 31, 2009

RON95 not RM1.75 starts 1st Sept 09


The price of RON95 as announced in May 2009 was RM1.75 and to be sold in all station start from 1st Sept 2009. While the currently most use RON97 will increase from RM1.80 to RM2.00.

But not even it started to sell in all petrol station, the price will be increased to same old RON97 price, RM1.80. LPPL we called it. The reason given is the same: World oil price increased!!!

So, when we called it LPPL, it means no extra saving for us. I pumped full tank today at RM55 for RON95 compared to RM63 for RON97, saving of around RM8/full tank. And am i considere to be lucky, at least got it pumped at RM1.75 for once.

What a PERFECT Merdeka Gift. Kekekeke.

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