Monday, August 10, 2009

Lord Sidious and the Apprentice

The power of dark side is trying to seize the power again after they have successfully taken over the Perak State from the PR. Remeber the last time when Lord Sidious was the head of UMNO in Perak, Perak fall into the dark side with weeks. After the UMNO party election, Lord Sidious become the head of UMNO for Selangor. The same tactic begins..... in fact it has been begun.

Recall your memory:
1. Teresa Kok in ISA
2. Nude photo attack
3. Lembu and Kereta issues
4. The death of DAP's Teoh

What ever is it, we must not let it happen again. Kita hanya boleh bodoh satu kali, jangan bodoh dua kali!! So, all component parties in PR have to work together and fight the enemy, not within PR. Unless they have their own agenda lah...... human greed is the dark evil!!

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