Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A(H1N1) 44 deaths now

What the heck now? 44 deaths now including 10mth old baby. How come the fatality rate in Malaysia is so high, near to 2% compared to the world of 0.1 - 0.4%?

Come on, wake up MOH...... more actions please. People awareness is damn low on the flu!!! If the school need to be closed then it has to be closed...... even 1 confirmed case. How come the guideline only in drafting stage instead should do it when H1N1 1st entered Malaysia soil few months ago? This is what we called short-sighted lah, wait till wanna shit then only dig hole. The problem now is when can the vaccine ready or is Tamiflu able to fight this H1N1 virus? Where to get this Tamiflu if it can fight the virus for some degree? How much? Knn, all these info not available one..... all miniters related still concentrating on power grabbing instead of live and dead of the people.... nia mah!

Currently, i am not bringing my son to shopping mall anymore, instead i bring him to hiking, cycling..... to avoid crowded places. Even the nursery he goes to, is wearing mask now. What the heck MOH did in the past? not even asking people to wear mask especially those schools with few hundred and up to thousand people staying in the same area.

the lesser people you talk to, the safer you are now. At least wash your hand more often after meeting up with people.... Maybe you should wash with Listerine now after talking to people, who knows, Listerine can cure the flu???????

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Ally said...

This is very serious indeed.